5 Clear Signs That She’s Madly in Love With You

by Ben Danor

How do you see the signs a girl is madly in love with you? Is it just your instincts that tell you, or do you discover through her body language? We all have different ways of discovering someone loves us or is crushing on us. The irony is that some guys don’t know that someone is crushing on them or madly in love with them. At the end of this article, you’ll be able to spot signs that she’s madly in love with you.

Regardless of how hard the lady tries to show them the green light, they still don’t get the gist. I use to be like that until I learned more about the female gender and their behavior. I didn’t know the difference between someone who wants friendship and one who wants a relationship. Knowing the difference is very important.

When a lady is madly in love with you, she would show signs of being madly in love with you but still, she may not show many signs because society has taught girls not to appear cheap. However, this depends on the nature of the lady. On the flip side, some ladies will flash their green light strongly that only a blind man won’t notice. Some ladies are very courageous; if they like you and want a relationship, they tell you point-blank. However, not all ladies do this; most of them give you signs and expect you to take it from there. 

When she shows you these signs, what should you do? If she’s your type, you can decide to take things further. Trust me, dating a woman who loves you more than you love her will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. I’ve seen people make that decision, and they enjoyed their relationship; some even took a step further and got married. 

If you are a guy who finds it hard to know when a lady likes you, this article is for you. I’m sure after reading this, you will start to remember ladies who have wanted you. I’ve learned that ladies get frustrated when they show you all the signs in the world, but you don’t look at their side. This constant frustration will lead to a loss of interest. They start to lose interest in you. One day, they stop crushing on you.

Signs That She's Madly in Love With You

Some of you have lost good women because you took her greenlight for friendship. Here are some signs that a lady is madly in love with you:

1. She’s Always Available When You Need Her

Anytime you need her to help you out, she’s always available. She will be glad to help you out and would request nothing in return. 

Sometimes, she would do things to her detriment just to please and make you happy. Anytime you need her around, she is always happy to come over. Even when her schedules are tight, she finds her way to your side. If you work at the same workplace, she will always be willing to help you out with your work even if she has loads of work to attend to on her table. 

If she is your boss at work, she would always cover up for you and give you preferential treatment. She sides you in the presence of everyone and will never fault anything you do. If you see any of these signs from a friend, colleague, or boss, they indicate that she is madly in love with you. She’s always available anytime you need her; you even notice that she is thrilled to help. 

2. She Wants to Know if You’re Single

If a lady is hell-bent on knowing your relationship status, it is a big sign that she is interested in you. This is something the majority of us have done. When we see a guy or lady we are interested in, the first thing we want to know is their relationship status. Am I right? 

She wants to know if the spot has been taken or is still vacant; this will help her plan the next step. Keep in mind that she won’t ask you about your relationship status directly; there are other ways of asking. She doesn’t want you to know she’s interested, so she will ask you the question indirectly, and you might even give out the answer without knowing. 

She may say something like “my regards to your girlfriend,” “I hope your girlfriend won’t fry me for always chatting with you,” or she may say “your girlfriend is happy to have you” How many of you have used this line or a similar one on someone? Or has anyone used them for you? Any answer you provide to these questions would tell them if you are single or not. 

Come to think of it, if this lady is not interested in me, why does she want to know if I’m single or not? Why is she so interested in my personal life if she’s not interested in you? Some ladies are brave, they will ask you directly and save you the stress, but only a few do that. 

3. She Gets Jealous

Jealousy has been researched to be proof that someone loves you. I’ve seen ladies get jealous of men they are not in a relationship with. When they see those guys with other ladies, they start to grumble, and you can easily tell from their looks that they are very Jealous. Now let me ask, why is a lady jealous of someone, not her boyfriend? It’s because she loves the guy and already sees herself as his boyfriend. 

They don’t feel good when you leave them to talk to other ladies. Even when you post random pictures of ladies, their replies tell you they are jealous. If a lady you are not in a relationship with gets Jealous when you are with other ladies, it’s a sign that she is madly in love with you. Not all ladies can hide their jealousy; some display it for you to see. 

4. She’s Always Happy When Around You

How do you feel when you are with your significant other? Happy right? This is the same way she feels anything she’s around you. Her mood changes anytime you come around; she won’t be able to hide her joy. This is why she would always do anything to be around you. If she’s a neighbor, she would always come to you to help her fix something in her room. It could be something minor or something she can call a more qualified person, but she will always choose you. She would come to your apartment at any chance she gets. Another sign you’ll notice is that she stares at you every time. You would have caught her staring at you many times. It’s a sign that she loves you secretly.

5. She Gets You Gifts

When you love people, there’s always this urge to buy things for them. Do you agree with me on that? If a lady gets you gifts on no occasion, chances are high that she is in love with you. 

Since she loves you, she would want to do anything to stay in your good book. Getting you a gift is an excellent way to achieve this. She could get you a vintage tie on a random day and present it. If she’s into crafts or sells something, she would give you what she sells for free. Let’s assume she sells perfume; she will present you with a perfume spray at no cost. These are things we do for love. Have you done crazy things for love? What’s that crazy thing you did for love? Share it with us in the comment section.

If any lady has shown you any of these signs, hands in the air. If you have more to add regarding this topic, you can share it with us in the comment section.

Final Words

Like I said earlier, dating someone who loves you is a good decision. If you are single and have someone who is dying to have you, why don’t you give them a chance? That could be your choice of finding true love.

This has worked for many people, and I believe it will work for you. Why don’t you change the narrative? Instead of chasing someone who treats you anyhow, why don’t you give that person who has been chasing you a chance? Sometimes, the solution to our problems is nearby.

Date a woman who is madly in love with you and see how she will shower you with love when you are finally hers. She will know your worth because she went through a lot to make you hers. If you have tried this and it worked, please indicate it in the comment section so others can learn. 

Have you ever dated a guy you were crushing on? What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done because of love? Have you seen signs she loves you when making love? If you are a woman, have you seen signs he is madly in love with you? Do well to share them with us in the comments section or email us directly!

If you find this article helpful, please share it with those around you, and anyone you feel needs to see it. 

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