5 Common Long Distance Relationship Problems and How To Fix Them

by Ben Danor

Every long-distance relationship comes with its own challenges and problems. Sometimes, they differ from person to person. This means that Mr A might be in a long-distance relationship and not experience the challenges Mr B faced in his long-distance relationship. 

However, there are certain long-distance problems that most distant couples face.  Some long-distance relationship problems are quite universal and experienced by most long-distance couples.

If these challenges or problems are not well taken care of, they could end the long-distance relationship untimely. Many long-distance relationships have ended because they neglected little things they needed to work on. Unfortunately for some people, they still hold on to a long-distance relationship that shows no signs of surviving.

For example, let’s take jealousy; although jealousy has been proven to be a sign that someone loves you, however, if jealousy is not adequately dealt with in a long-distance relationship, it will put an end to the relationship.

Unhealthy jealousy would make you think your partner is cheating when you call them, and they miss your call because they are busy at work or unable to pick up the call. Instead of asking them why they didn’t pick up your call, jealousy could make you conclude that they were too busy to have time because they were with someone better than you. Unhealthy jealousy is like a time bomb; when the time hits zero, it will  blow up your relationship.

Long distance relationship problems

Problems are meant to be solved, while challenges are meant to be faced and overcome. These long-distance relationship problems are meant to be solved long before they become strong enough to make things go wrong in your relationship. 

Here is a list of common long-distance relationship problems you’re likely to experience and solutions. 

1. Lack of Trust/Trust Issues

Trust issues are no doubt a major problem long-distance couples deal with. They are uncertain about how their significant other would behave where they are. They don’t really believe in their Independence. 

Will he look for another lady where he is? Why is he not picking up? Is he with someone? How confident am I that she’s not in talks with other guys? Why does she always talk about her new neighbor? 

These thoughts would run through your mind when you don’t trust your long-distance partner. The irony is that they might be doing something entirely different from your imagination. Now imagine a relationship where both parties think this way, A thinks B is cheating and vice versa. Such a relationship is close to shutting down. 

How Do I Fix This?

The best way to handle trust Issues is by building trust before embarking on a long-distance relationship. 

The role trust plays in a long-distance relationship can never be undermined. A long-distance relationship with trust has a high chance of working out. Even if you can’t reach them for a while, you’re confident that they are not betraying you wherever they are. Even when things get tough, you trust them and their decisions; this will keep you going. 

2. Poor Communication and Miscommunication

Most long-distance relationship breakups are a result of poor communication and miscommunication. For some long-distance couples, the time zones are not favorable. For some, communication is challenging due to the geographical location of a party; maybe the place has a poor network.

For some couples, loss of their communication medium, probably a party lost their phone and couldn’t reach the other. Regardless of whatever category you fall into, communication problems can be solved. Miscommunication can be caused by frequent texting; texts can make you misunderstand your partner’s point.  

How do I fix this?

To fix communication problems in a long-distance relationship, make communication a priority. Many long-distance couples don’t see communication as a priority; they then complain that the relationship isn’t working. How do you expect a long-distance relationship with little or no communication to work? 

You’re miles away from each other; only effective communication can fill that gap so you won’t feel the distance. If in your case, the time zones are not helping out, study your schedules and compromise on the best time to communicate. Regarding miscommunication, always ask for clarification when your partner types something you don’t understand. Texts can be so confusing; instead of concluding this is what they meant, ask them for clarity. 

3. Absence of Physical Intimacy

Like they say, out of sight is out of mind. However, in your long-distance relationship, they need to be on your mind even if they are out of sight; this is the only way it can work out. Some long-distance couples can’t deal with staying apart from their significant other for a long time. They miss their touch, smell and energy—almost everyone misses their partner.

I believe you shouldn’t have entered a long-distance relationship if you can’t deal with their absence. However, since the deed has been done, let’s focus on the solution.

How Do I  Fix This?

To solve this long-distance relationship problem, schedule physical visits with your partner from time to time. It could be once in 6 months; just make sure you meet once in a while. 

If the transport fare is much, you can decide to meet halfway. You come halfway, and they do the same. This should save you some money.

4. Cheating and Infidelity

Cheating and Infidelity is a problem long-distance couples have always faced. This is what many are even scared of. Some long-distance couples cheat because they think their partner was doing the same and don’t want to be a victim to show how bad this is. 

Some people ask, is a long-distance relationship possible without cheating? Yes, it’s possible to be in a long-distance relationship and not cheat. If you are in a long-distance relationship, I am sure thoughts of your partner cheating on you must have crossed your mind. 

If you both are serious about the long-distance relationship, cheating will not occur. You can only be tempted to cheat but won’t succumb. Long-distance couples are usually tempted to cheat since they feel the chances of being caught are low. According to Research, the chances of cheating in a long distance relationship is 25%

How Do I Fix This?

The first thing to do is ensure you meet your partner’s needs. People cheat because some of their needs are not met. If there are some needs of theirs that you can’t meet due to the distance, look for an alternative and reach a compromise. 

Meeting their sexual needs is usually hard in s long-distance relationship; you can settle for other options like frequent sex chats or phone sex. 

When the temptation to cheat comes, do not yield. Remind yourself of the bigger picture and that the wait is worth it. Why should you ruin a long-distance relationship you’ve been keeping for years? 

You owe yourself and your partner loyalty and commitment. However, this is based on your conclusion while starting the relationship. If it’s an open relationship since it’s something you’ve both agreed on. 

5. Loss of Interest

You can quickly lose interest in them since you don’t see them around. This has ended tons of long-distance relationships. 

They still love the person in some cases, but they have lost interest in the long-distance relationship. You shouldn’t lose interest in a relationship because of the distance; you should take it as a learning phase. 

These experiences you are accumulating might be of help in the future. Regardless of how intimate both of you are in a relationship, there will surely be a moment when things would look bad, and there might be a slow drift. 

Another reason one can lose interest in a long-distance relationship is when the relationship is a boring one. There’s nothing intriguing about the conversation. You don’t even look forward to seeing them or reading their messages. 

Sometimes, excessive communication could be the reason your relationship is boring. You talk too much till there’s nothing to discuss anymore. 

How Do I Fix This?

It is hard to fix this particular long-distance relationship problem. Getting someone to get interested in something they’ve lost interest in is no easy job. Ensure your relationship doesn’t get to where you’ll lose interest. 

When you see that you are starting to lose interest, talk it out with your partner. Make sure there are things you look forward to in that long-distance relationship; it could be a physical visit, picnic or even a date with your partner.

If a long-distance relationship is boring, spice it with innovations! Bring new ideas into the long-distance relationship. Set boundaries and agree on how often you communicate daily; if there’s nothing more to say, round off the discussion and end the call. There’s no point in both of you keeping quiet for some minutes while still on the call. 

Long distance relationship problems

Final Thoughts

It’s normal to experience long-distance relationship problems; those who live together have challenges they deal with. Communication should be prioritized, and physical meetings should never be belittled; physical intimacy matters in a long-distance relationship.

Once you start noticing these long-distance relationship problems, put your best to make sure they are curtailed before they eat deep into your relationship. Some are hard or can’t be solved once they’ve eaten deep into your relationship. Remember, you can still fix a relationship that is falling apart.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced in a long-distance relationship? How did you work it out? Have you ever been cheated on in a long-distance relationship? Feel free to share your story with the mildstrings community. Email us directly if it’s personal or you don’t want to put it out here. If you find this article helpful, please do well to share. 

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