7 Signs He Doesn’t Want a Relationship With You

by Ben Danor

Let’s say you’ve been hanging out with this great guy but you are not sure if he wants a relationship with you or not. He’s unstable and this is making it hard for you to figure out if he wants a relationship with you or doesn’t want a relationship with you. The truth is, according to study, Today, he behaves like a perfect gentleman, tomorrow, he ignores you. I am sure you must have seen a couple of signs that he doesn’t want a relationship with you. 

Signs He Doesn't Want a Relationship With me

You have fallen in love with him and you’re always happy thinking about him. But on the flip side, you’re frustrated because you don’t know where he stands nor his intentions. Does he want a relationship with me or he doesn’t? — You must have asked yourself this question several times. You both have been acting like love birds for a couple of months but he always finds a way around defining the relationship. 

If things continue this way for many months, he would not be bothered about it. You on the other hand, wants to know where you stand — sadly, this is something a good number of ladies experience. So, we have researched five clear signs that he doesn’t want a relationship with you. Here are some signs that he doesn’t want a relationship with you:

1. He Doesn’t Value Your Presence

A man who sees your presence as a burden, no doubt, doesn’t want a relationship with you. If a man loves you and wants to take things further, he would always crave your presence. A red light could be that anytime you tell him you are coming over, he won’t be thrilled.

He gives you excuses that he’s busy or isn’t available. Even when you visit him, it’s written all over his face that he wants you to leave soonest. He only wants you to come over when he wants to satisfy his sexual pleasure. Hey! That’s a red flag that you don’t mean much to him. He only needs you to satisfy his wants at that moment, nothing more. 

Don’t think a man as such would change, he will remain like that since he doesn’t rate you high on his scale of preference. If a man wants you, he will never see you as a burden. He will always look forward to the next time you’ll be meeting. 

2. You Initiate Conversations Every Time

He doesn’t see the need to bring up things to talk about. You’re always the one bringing up conversations. Even at that, he would hardly reply to your messages or reply late. The irony is that many ladies are facing this and they still prefer to stay in such a relationship. 

When he eventually initiates conversations, they are not reasonable things. He doesn’t talk about the future, your relationship, achieving goals, etc. His conversations would probably base on sex and naughty chats. This is enough proof that he wants you for fun only and not for a relationship. He doesn’t picture himself in a relationship with you. 

He also doesn’t call you except it’s urgent or he needs you to come over. You do the calling every time just to keep the relationship on track. To be honest, it’s very easy to figure out if a man is not interested in you. Many Ladies have seen these signs but refused to leave due to one reason or the other that could be personnel.

3. He Has a Non-challant Attitude Towards The Relationship

If a man is not interested in you, he would always have this nonchalant attitude towards the relationship. He’s not thrilled about what’s between you two and doesn’t care if things go well or not. For instance, you fought with him and you threatened to keep your distance and stop being friends with him, he is not bothered at all. He’s not scared to lose you, he’s ready to leave at any chance he gets.

He doesn’t care if things work out or not. This means he doesn’t even want it to work out initially. He only doesn’t want to tell you point-blank.

4. He Doesn’t Want to Introduce You To His Friends

Has he introduced you to any of his close friends? When a guy is interested in you, he will introduce you to people he values and cherishes. This could be his parents, close friends, mentors, etc. You don’t even have to tell him before he does that.

If in your case he’s always giving you one excuse or the other whenever you tell him you want to meet his friends, he is not serious. To be frank, if a man hasn’t introduced you to important people in his life, it means he doesn’t consider you as someone important to him. Only a guy who doesn’t want to commit will hide you from his friends and family. If this is your case, he isn’t worth the time and energy, move on!

5. He Doesn’t Want to Define The Relationship

Is your relationship defined? If your man wants the relationship to remain undefined, that is a huge red flag. A man who doesn’t want to define his relationship with you is telling you indirectly that he doesn’t want one with you. He dodges any conversation that entails defining the relationship. Anytime you ask, he gives you a vague reply and would give out nothing specific to hold on to. He gives excuses like ‘he wants to take things slowly’ and, ‘has a lot of things he’s trying to figure out.’ The issue is that these replies don’t solve the problem. He’s not talking about staying committed nor is he talking about not being committed. 

You shouldn’t be the only party who wants to know where the relationship is leading to. If he’s not bothered about that, it’s probably because he’s not interested in the relationship leading somewhere. 

6. He is Still in Talks With Other Ladies

If you have been hanging out with him for months and he’s still checking out other ladies on social media and dating apps, it means he has already decided that you are not the woman he wants. Why is he still keeping you in a relationship? 

If a man is into you, he won’t be checking out other ladies leaving your relationship with him undefined. The sad part is that you can’t accuse him of cheating if you eventually find out; the relationship is still undefined. If you want to know if he’s still checking other ladies out, ask him. 

7. He is Not Interested In Meeting Your People

Has he ever talked about meeting your people? Have you ever talked to him about meeting your family? What was his reaction? If he is very quick to dodge meetings or hangouts with your family and friends, chances are high that he doesn’t have you in the long-term plan. Since he knows your relationship won’t make it, he doesn’t see why he should connect with your people. If a man mean business, you don’t need to tell him about meeting your family and friends. He will keep disturbing you about meeting your family members. 

Signs He Doesn't Want a Relationship With me

Why Does He Keep Me Around if He Doesn’t Want a Relationship?

You need to understand that not every man wants to be in a romantic relationship with you. Some enjoy your presence and your vibes and want to be around you because of that. They don’t have any other motive.

On the other hand, he could be keeping you around because you give him access to sex, flirting, etc and that’s all he wants from you. Since you are always available to give him these, he doesn’t see a reason to be in a relationship. In a nutshell, he wants you to be a friend with benefits and nothing more.

Can a Guy Love You But Not Want a Relationship?

Yes, it is possible for a guy to love you and not want a relationship. He could love you truly but is scared to enter a relationship due to hurt from past relationships. However, if a guy claims he loves you but doesn’t want a relationship yet — he wants you to be intimate and have casual sex, he wants you to satisfy his urge — then, he doesn’t love you.

Final Words

I’m sure most ladies reading this would have encountered a man who has shown signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you but wants you to have naughty chats with him. You can share your experience with such a guy in the comments section. 

If you are in a relationship where your partner shows signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you, take that bold step and leave! There’s no point in staying in a place where you are not appreciated. Trust me, there are better guys out there who will treat you better. Even if you love the guy very much, leaving the relationship is your best bet. He would continue to take advantage of you. 

Make sure your relationship is official and ensure it is well-defined. Don’t be a dumping ground for a man who can’t control the below-the-belt region. If he’s showing signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you, do not give him more than he deserves. If you a man who is not committed more than he deserves, you won’t see why he should stay committed. 

Do have any experience you feel we can learn from? Please do not hesitate to share them with us. If you find this article helpful, kindly share it with anyone who needs to read this. 

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