8 Signs That He Wants a Relationship With You

by Ben Danor

If you just met a guy and have been talking for a while, you’re confused as to whether he wants a relationship with you or otherwise. This article is for you. There are some signs he wants a relationship with you that you should observe.

If you like him and want to take things further, study him well to know if he just wants a fling or truly wants a relationship with you. A man will always show signs if he wants a relationship with you or doesn’t. It is now left to you to be sharp enough to pick up those hints and know where you belong. 

Sometimes, when you meet a new friend, and you find out you’re already getting emotionally attached to him, you would want to know if he wants a relationship or just friendship. If it is the latter, you have to clear any emotional attachment you have to him; the earlier you do this, the better. 

It is usually painful to get emotionally attached to him only to find out that he doesn’t want a relationship. It takes a whole lot of time to heal and get over him. To save yourself from all these, assess him and know if he wants a relationship before you start getting emotionally attached. 

We understand you don’t want to ask him directly so you won’t look desperate; this is why we have come up with a list of signs that shows he wants a relationship with you. 

Signs he wants a relationship with you

Before we delve into the signs that he wants a relationship with you, , we would like to chip this in. 

Does He Want a Serious Relationship?

Here’s the first question you should ask yourself if you are in the talking stage with a guy. You should be able to study him and figure out his stand. You don’t need to ask him; his reactions would tell you if he wants a relationship with you. 

The mistake ladies make is believing a guy who has been on their matter for a long time wants a serious relationship. You need to understand that the way a man thinks is quite different from how a lady does. 

Please don’t conclude that he is the serious type, do some research; this will save you from disappointment. 

With his conversations, you should be able to figure out if he wants a relationship. If all he loves to talk about is sex and nothing about the future, this should inform you that he’s not in the relationship for the long-term purpose. 

7 Signs That He Wants a Relationship With You

Are you uncertain about your relationship’s future? Do you want to know if that new guy truly wants a relationship or a fling? If the answers to these questions are affirmative, don’t stop reading. 

Here are some signs that a man wants a relationship with you:

1. He’s Had Long Term Relationships in The Past

Does he have a track record of long-term Relationships? You can’t expect him to give you what he doesn’t have. If his relationships end after a couple of months, this should tell you that he hasn’t experienced any long-term relationship. 

The truth is some people don’t know how to handle relationships for years. After some months, they get tired and leave. If your boyfriend or new guy is someone like that, don’t expect yours to be the first. 

According to research, young adults in their 20s have longer relationships that may last up to four years! If that new guy has had long-term relationships in the past, it is a sign that he wants a serious relationship with you. 

2. He is Consistent

If you have a guy you are in the talking stage with and you notice he has been loyal and consistent since the first day you met, it could be a sign that he wants a relationship with you. 

He is always available during the good and bad days. An easy way to spot a guy who doesn’t want a relationship with you is his inconsistency. He might not chat with you for weeks, but he messages you and hits up a conversation when you post a new picture. 

He disappears and shows up as he wishes; this should tell you he doesn’t mean business. If you have one who has been consistent, he could be your soulmate. 

3. He Asks About Your People And Disturbs You About Meeting Them

Is he interested in meeting your parents? Or does he change the topic when you bring up that discussion? When you invite him to a family gathering, does he come, or does he give an excuse? If a man is genuinely interested in meeting your parents, he probably wants a relationship with you. 

A man who doesn’t want a long-term commitment won’t disturb you about meeting your parents and you meeting him. He would even do all in his strength to avoid such a meeting. 

It is not rocket science; people are only interested in other people’s families when they are serious about something. If he is not interested, he won’t pester you to introduce him to your parents. 

Even if you haven’t started dating, he would still want to meet your parents or siblings and would be glad to introduce you to his parents. 

4. He Chases after you

If a man wants a relationship with you, you don’t need to do the chasing. You don’t have to be the one to message him first, propose to meet, call him at the end of the day, etc.; he would do these. 

Don’t get it wrong; it is not bad if a lady does this. However, a man should always be the one to initiate them at the beginning, and the lady shouldn’t be the only one doing it, especially when they haven’t been on a proper date. 

If he pursues you, calls you every time, wants to meet you, and schedules visits or dates, it could be a sign that he wants a relationship with you. 

Keep this in mind, if a man wants a relationship with you, he will show you, and you won’t have any reason to doubt because it will be apparent. You don’t need to ask the ‘Does he want a relationship’ question. His actions would go with his words, leaving no room for doubts. 

5. He Respects Your Boundaries

If the guy you are talking to respects your boundaries and still desires you, it is a big sign that he wants a relationship with you. 

He is ready to make some adjustments to be with you. This should tell you that he will be a great partner. He won’t mind experiencing little discomforts for your sake. 

He is ready to take things slowly with you and move at your pace. This is because he sees your future together and won’t rush you into making a decision. 

6. He Has You in His Future

Does the guy you are talking with tell you plans about the future? Are his talks not restricted to the present but the future also? Does he tell you about traveling to some beautiful cities in the world together with you? 

If the answer to these questions is positive, it is a sign that he wants a relationship with you, not a mere relationship but a long-term one. 

He has you in his future and can’t wait to make exploits with you.

7. He is Always Honest in His Dealings With You

When a guy opens up to you, it is a psychological sign that he likes you. He tells you everything about his work, business, career, or academics, telling you the good and the bad days. 

He’s ready to share his bad side with you even though he knows he might get a rejection from you. You get to know many things about him, if not everything.

He can be other things but not a dishonest man; his yes has always been yes. He will show you his universe, share his wins and losses, strengths and weaknesses, and even mistakes because he wants you to be a part of that universe. 

Also, he doesn’t pretend to be who he is not; he shows you his imperfections. He goes as far as sharing intimate secrets with you. This should tell you that he wants a relationship with you. You trust him since he has always proven himself. 

8. You Sense Commitment

If a guy you are talking to loves you, you will notice some commitment. He shows some little signs of commitment even though you haven’t told him you will date him.

Let’s assume he has girls he casually sleeps with; he starts to get rid of them. If he is the type who flirts a lot, he reduces the way he flirts with other girls. 

This is a sign that he wants a relationship with you. If you notice these things, it’s probably time to tell him yes. 

Signs he wants a relationship with you

Final Words

Before you get emotionally attached to that guy, ensure you are both on the same page (you both want a relationship). Take your time to see if he genuinely wants a relationship or is just there for benefits. And don’t forget to ask questions to be sure of an official relationship. 

Aside from that, are you enjoying the talking stage and the friendship? If the talking stage is already a toxic one, the relationship too will be toxic. 

However, if you feel at peace when you talk with him and the friendship has been the most peaceful you have ever experienced, it could be a sign that he is the one. 

How do you know when a guy wants a relationship with you? What are the things to look out for? We don’t mind learning from your experiences, don’t hesitate to share them with us below. If you find this article helpful, please share. 

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