8 Signs That Your Relationship is Beyond Repair

by Ben Danor

One hard truth you need to accept is that some relationships are beyond repair. If you ever find yourself in such relationships, it’s best you call it quits. Over the week, we have been getting tons of questions like, are some relationships beyond repair? Is my relationship beyond repair? Can a marriage be broken beyond repair? How do you know when a marriage is beyond repair? So in this article, we are going to be revealing signs that your relationship is beyond repair.

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Of course! You might want to give it another try or devise means to make sure it works, but the relationship still won’t make it. If you keep getting signs that your relationship is beyond repair, the best option for both parties is to break the union. 

signs that your relationship is beyond repair

Although love is a beautiful thing, it is also very complicated. It hurts when we can’t spend the rest of our days with that person we want because the relationship is not working out even though we are putting in our best. 

The bitter Truth is that the solution to some relationships is to simply break up. This is because the relationship has gotten to a stage where it can’t be repaired. But we could ask, how did you let your relationship get to that stage? There are some things you should curb at the beginning of a relationship. 

Do not try to ignore the signs that your relationship is beyond repair if not, you will only be beating a dead horse. Many of us ignore these things until it has eaten deep into the relationship and can’t be cured. It’s like an untreated wound.

Let’s assume someone got a severe injury in the leg but refused to see a doctor and managed to take care of the wound all by himself. One day, the wound got severe, and he was rushed to the clinic. After conducting the necessary tests, the doctor declared that the only solution was to amputate the leg as it had been damaged beyond repair. 

You must have heard of a similar case, right? This is the same way it works in relationships. If some things are not attended to and eat deep into the relationship, they could make it irreparable.

Here are some signs that your relationship is beyond repair: 

1. You Keep Breaking Up and Reconciling With Your Partner

Anna, 23, “I knew my relationship won’t make it ever since my partner and I had been breaking up and reconciling. We would reconcile this week and break up the next week. It was as if we didn’t know whether we wanted to stay together or apart. We didn’t even know if we were together or apart. Eventually, we went our separate ways since it all stopped making sense.”

According to research, it is likely that you would reconnect with your ex. One of the significant signs that your relationship is beyond repair is constant breakup and reconciliation. If your relationship is undergoing this, the chances are high that it will end soon. It is a sign that both of you are confused about the relationship; you don’t know if staying together will bring peace or staying apart. I am sure many of you can attest to Anna’s claim; it’s something many relationships experience before breaking up. 

 2. The Relationship Brings More Tears Than Joy

Relationships are not easy, and they tend to bring tears to our eyes. Many of us reading this have cried because of their relationship at some point. It’s inevitable in some Relationships. However, if you are in a relationship that brings tears to your eyes every time, something is wrong. A relationship that takes away your joy every time is no doubt one of the huge signs that your relationship is beyond repair. When it gets to a stage, you’ll prioritise your well-being and mental health over the relationship and quit. Why should you repair a relationship that brings tears only to your face? A relationship that takes away your joy and peace is not worth being repaired. 

3. You Don’t Trust Your Partner.

Do we all agree that trust is a must for a relationship to work out? If trust has been broken, do you think it will work out? When you start doubting your partner’s honesty and faithfulness, it’s an indicator that the relationship is beyond repair. You just feel that they are no longer loyal and might be seeing someone else. It gets worse when the feeling is mutual. You think your partner is cheating; on the other hand, your partner also thinks you are in love with someone else; this shows a lack of trust in the relationship. A relationship that lacks trust won’t make it. 

4. You fight over Every Little Thing.

It’s normal to occasionally fight and have tough arguments in Relationships. However, if you and your partner fight every time over little things that aren’t worth it, it means the end of the relationship is near. Sometimes, your partner would pick fights on little things because they want you to get frustrated and quit the relationship. 

Soon, emotional and verbal abuse would set in, and if care is not taken, physical abuse. It is advised you quit such relationships before things get so complicated. 

5. Nobody is Putting effort to make it Work

If your relationship has gotten to the stage where nobody is ready to put effort into making it work, your relationship is beyond repair. Neither of you wants to put effort because you both don’t see why you should. In a situation where a party wants it to work, but the other party doesn’t, the relationship will never work. Both parties must be actively involved for a relationship to work out. If you are putting in efforts to make the relationship work, but your partner doesn’t see the need to, it’s high time you stopped. You need two to tangle and not one. Accept your fate, move on and heal! If both of you feel saving the relationship isn’t worth it, it’s time to go your different ways. 

6. You Are Considering Cheating on Your Partner

Instead of cheating on your partner, why don’t you just quit the relationship? If your relationship has been damaged to the extent that you are considering cheating, it has reached a stage where it cannot be repaired. The irony is cheating on your partner won’t give you the result you want. Quitting the relationship is better than cheating in the relationship. I understand that there’s a point in a relationship where you will feel cheating is the best option, but it isn’t worth it. Some of you think cheating on your partner is better than leaving them; nobody would choose being cheated on over being left. The fact that you are considering cheating shows how damaged your relationship is and that you don’t believe it can be saved. 

7. You Are Afraid of Your Partner

To start with, you should respect your partner and not fear them. Why should you be in a relationship where you can’t talk freely with your insignificant other? Suppose you are in a relationship where you are always afraid of how your partner would react when you tell them something. In that case, it’s a sign of an unhealthy relationship or even a toxic relationship! In a genuine relationship, both parties understand each other and have no reason to fear a party.  

8. Poor/No Communication

If your partner can stay for weeks without communicating with you and they don’t find anything wrong in that, something is definitely wrong with your relationship. Poor communication would make it difficult to repair your relationship. If you do not communicate properly, there will be difficulties resolving issues affecting the relationship. What’s left in a relationship where nobody wants to hear what the other one says? Eventually, both parties would resort to going their different ways since they are not ready to hear each other out. 

signs that your relationship is beyond repair
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Final Words

Hey there, you need to accept that some relationships won’t work out regardless of how much effort you put into them. They have been damaged beyond repair; it’s better to leave them broken than repair them. It’s hard to accept this, but that’s the reality sometimes; we don’t get to decide what life throws at us. 

Also, the way conflict is resolved in relationships differs. Some Relationships have experienced challenging situations, yet they found their way around them. In contrast, some only experienced little discomfort and ended. What matters is how willing both parties are to make it work. 

Take good care of your relationship so it won’t reach a stage where it can’t be repaired. When you see a weakness in your relationship, don’t ignore it; work on them. If you don’t, the weakness you didn’t attend to could eat deep into your relationship, and by the time you realise your mistake, you won’t be able to repair it.

If you ever find yourself in a relationship that you know deep down cannot be repaired, take the bold step of quitting the relationship. However, if you feel you want to give fixing it a trial, ensure your partner wants that too. 

You are wasting your time if your partner is not on the same page with you. If you are trying your best to repair it, they will be pulling you back. Regardless of whatever decision you make, I wish you the best. 

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