Ask Your Girlfriend These Questions To See If She Loves You.

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questions to ask your girlfriend to see if she loves you

you have just started a new relationship with a new girlfriend and you don’t want to waste your time again, you want to be sure she loves you and she is the right person. In this article, I wrote a list of great questions to ask her to see loves you

Have you ever experienced a breakup in a love relationship before? When you have the opportunity to connect with your girlfriend do you ask a question about your relationship, to know if she loves you? If Yes, which types of questions or how do you ask about your love?

If I was given a topic to write about on the saddest day in my life, I’m going to talk about this.

First Relationship Experience Of 5 Years

I was 20 years old when I first experienced breaking up in my life, that is when my relationship with my first ex-girlfriend lasted up to 5 years. I never imagined such would happen to me because I was totally in love.

I don’t see what she asked from me that I won’t offer my girlfriend even if I can’t afford it, I will make sure I use a tricky way or steal from my parents’ pulse to satisfy my ex-lover, surprisingly, if I gave her what she wants, she won’t say where did I found or how did I look for it and she knows I’m still a student.

For the 5 years of my relationship with my ex-girlfriend, she never introduced me to her friends or I should come and take her for a visit even if she is not well.

We only talk on WhatsApp or call. I spoke with her to get me to visit to know my parents if she was afraid of what her parents or younger or older sister or brother could say.

She refused, saying that she was feeling shy. It is not yet time to show our relationship in public but confidential.

Whenever she is doing a birthday or any festival I’m the one that will cater to all her needs. When it comes to my birthday, she will just send me a birthday love message without any gift. If she gives me a simple small gift to wish me I will be appreciative of it, but nothing to surprise me.

My life was like a parasite then but I didn’t make an analysis. To my surprise, if I called her at times she wouldn’t pick it but when she picked if I asked what made her not pick up the call she would retort that her schoolmate called her then. I wasn’t paying attention.

I fell into this trap 3 times with a Longtime Relationship but at last, The relationship fell through. I was hoping in my mind that I would not date anymore or get married.

A lot of ideas came into my mind, thinking of should I start playing women, or just be a player with multiple girlfriends? Or should I stay single like Catholics?

questions to ask your girlfriend to see if she loves you

Later I learned that for every problem that happened you are not the first person that it will happen to, so I need to be seeking relationship advice. which I got some quality tips and questions to ask my girlfriend to know if she loves me or is just interested in the benefits she’s getting from me.

How To Know if She Truly loves You

I will give some tips for guys who are seeking a girlfriend or are in a relationship.

Make use of this information for your relationship in order not to be regretful in the future.

You need to know there is a difference between true love and fake love. Fake love usually happens in an amateur relationship, where either of the party is after money every time but that is not how your girlfriend who truly loves you would do.

You need to take time to understand your girlfriend, and know What makes your girlfriend happy most? When your girlfriend is unhappy? You need to know all these questions before you can propose to your girlfriend the questions that will help you to know if your girlfriend loves you before your relationship has gone far which you will later regret.

Mind you, Never ask your girlfriend the questions when she is angry Because, if she loves you truly, it may turn to the other side which may eventually break up with you immediately.

10 Best Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend To See If She Loves You.

1. Ask your lover, Where do you see our relationship 10 years from now?

This is a very deep question that can determine if she loves you enough to see a future with you, Although 10 years is a long time.

It is a short time to have kids, raise kids, travel the world, build homes, switch careers, and even live a loving and sweet life together, if she really has great images of the future with you, these questions will make you see if she loves you or not.

2. Can you let me marry you as a wife if I proposed to you right now?

They say love is blind and unconditional, regardless of your state or status at the moment if she says yes she would marry you, without telling you to wait until you have a car or can afford to buy a house then she loves you.

3. What were you taught about me the first time I met you?

Although this is very relative, the goal is to see that she thought of you as a cool or kind person when she first met you rather than an annoying person whom she was only pressured to be with

4. What do you think is the purpose of our relationship?

Every relationship has a purpose, it could be to see how it goes by just having a companion to while away time. Or a real relationship to build a future

5. Why did you pick me out of the crowd of guys seeking a chance?

6. Would you spend the rest of your life with me or do you have other important plans for your future?

7. If you could change any of my improper habits, what would you change?

8. What do you miss about me when I am far away from you?

9. What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to tell me about our love life but couldn’t?

10. If I had an accident and my body part was damaged and cannot be balanced forever, would you still love me?

I will advise you not to fall into my trap, life is full of learning, see for advice, take the right steps, and don’t rush yourself into a relationship. because it is like a school you need to learn and apply because there are different types of females out there, you may be lucky to get the right female to connect your relationship with, don’t maltreat them, watch them wisely if it seems is above your experience please seek for an advice.

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