Can a narcissist be cured with therapy?

by Onyinye Ogbuka

Can a narcissist be cured with therapy?

Therapy cannot cure a narcissist rather the aim of therapy is to help a narcissist regain his low self-esteem and make him or her more conscious of other people’s feelings and actions.

A narcissist is someone who believes that they are extremely important and should be treated that way without regard for the feelings of others or empathy for others.

Sign of a Narcissist

  • Unhealthy sense of importance
  • Sense of entitlement
  • Exploits others without feeling
  • Bullying
  • Lack of empathy

Unhealthy sense of importance: narcissist has an unnecessary sense of importance and this is reflected in their relationships with other people. Most narcissists believe that they are unique and they are special and most times, they only seek to associate themselves with people of the same breed. When narcissists talk about themselves, they tend to exaggerate themselves and they tend to exaggerate the role they played in doing something making every other person look like they didn’t do anything.

Entitlement mentality; narcissists are an entitled set of people who believe that they deserve the best. Regardless of the situation at hand, they believe that they deserve the best treatment or the most favourable option even when they don’t deserve it. They try to ensure that they get the best treatment and will go to any length to ensure that they get it even if it means bullying the person who is to give them that kind of treatment.

Can a narcissist be cured with therapy?

Exploits others without feeling: narcissists will go miles to ensure that they get what they want even if it’s to the detriment of someone close to them. By nature most narcissists are goal-oriented so when they set their mind on achieving a particular goal, they are most likely going to run roughshod over others without putting into account the feelings of others or what it will cost to get what they want. Even when someone is complaining about the attitude they shut the person up without filling without feeling guilty or without apologizing because already they have a sense of entitlement.

Bullying; narcissists are abusive and are bullies by nature. When a narcissist notices someone better than they in a particular area, they are most likely going to try to intimidate the person. They will bully the person without putting into account the feelings of that person. Most do this, most times, just to make themselves feel good or feel more superior to the person in question. In some cases, some are abusive verbally and in some cases, they are abusive physically. Narcissists are also fond of bullying someone just to get what they want and they do it by giving the person cold shoulders or abusing the person verbally or physically.

A lack of empathy; narcissists are most times insensitive to the feelings of others, they are insensitive to how much of an effect their words have on other people or how much of an effect their actions have on other people. Most narcissists do not like to associate with the feelings of others because already they live in their own fantasy world where everyone is expected to do their bidding without question.

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What are the positive aspects of a narcissist?

A narcissist’s positive attributes are mostly attributes that an average human is attracted to; narcissists are outspoken, smart, romantic, generous, intelligent and ambitious.

However, most narcissists use this quality to bring someone who they feel they can control or who they want to control closer to them.

How does a therapist work with a narcissist?

Therapists apply talk therapy to help narcissist to help minimize the dangerous traits that a narcissist might have.

How to deal with a therapist?

  • Learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of a narcissist. This will help you know how to deal with them. When you learn about them, you are not just dealing with them based on your emotions, you are seeking with them based on your knowledge of who they are and what they are.
  • Speak your mind; it’s okay to speak up when you a narcissist does something you don’t like. They will try to downplay your feelings and bully you into silence, do not fall for it. Your opinions are valid. Creating boundaries is important because narcissists are likely to run roughshod over you if you give them the chance to.

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