Can AS and AS marry each other? YES THEY CAN IF THEY DON’T DO THIS.

by Onyinye Ogbuka
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Can AS and AS marry each other? Most times, it’s advisable not to embark on a journey when the odds are generously stacked against you. If your heart is intent on beating those odds then you have to beat them strategically. Fola and Shola are intent on beating those odds but did they do so strategically?

Can AS and AS marry each other? Obsessive distraction

The moment I laid my eyes on him, I knew he was the most beautiful man I was ever going to meet. He was tall with a slight bow to his legs that screamed sexy imperfections. His chiseled face, thick eyebrows, and plump lips sent a line of chill down my spine. It was obvious he was fit because he filled out his shirts and his trousers. He could easily replace Adonis, I would gladly throw Adonis and crown him the king of male beauty.

I was shifting uncomfortably in my seat as his gaze fell on me and he made his way towards me. He asked if I was here for the job interview and I replied in the affirmative. He asked me to follow him.

I got into the interview room. There were 4 people seated and he was one of them. The interview just lasted ten minutes. I blasted my interview because I was busy looking at God’s most creative specimen. I could not even blame myself. How were all the women in this room not licking his feet?

I didn’t try to beat myself too much. I had another job interview tomorrow at another company. It’s a company I have always looked forward to working with. I slept with thoughts of the beautiful man I met earlier in the day.

Can AS and AS marry each other? Dripping chocolate

I set out the next day for the job interview, there were loads of people but I got the job. Nothing has made me more ecstatic in life. I branch into a restaurant to eat and I meet the guy from yesterday. This has to be fate because his gaze fell on me. He walked towards me and damn, all I felt were palpitations. I can’t recount what happened but all I knew is that we had exchanged contact.  

It was crazy how I felt because I was excited for the remainder of the day. I have never reacted to someone in that way before. Physically, he was my type. 

I could not get him out of my mind. He called two days later, and within the first hour of our conversation, I knew I was going to be snacking on this big specimen of chocolate forever.

This was my man and nothing was going to ruin it.

Can AS and AS marry each other?/pinterest/mildstrings

Can AS and AS marry each other? Overdose me

We had our first date and it could be likened to two long-lost friends meeting each other for the first time. In one word; electric. Our date was seasoned with so many flirty looks here and there. Lasting gazes that had me shifting uncomfortably and consistently hurling my mind out of the gutter.

This was one of those rare times I thanked God for generously gifting me these boobs and ass. I had never been the type to play dress up but the man before me was worth it, completely worth it. He stole my breath away without even trying and I made sure to steal his away even if it meant wearing skinny jeans that showcased the glorious abundance of my ass and wearing a corset top that flaunted an alluring portion of my breast. At intervals, I ensured to put my hands below my breast and my efforts paid off because his eyes would sometimes linger on the revealed portion of my breast. I loved the effect I was having on him and I basked in the glory of it. God knows I am not like this, but this is the way I wanted to be for him. 

A furnace of desires

Our first date extended to his house, I knew what he wanted and I was not going to allow any moral inhibitions to stop me. 

Yes, we made love. In one word; explosive. No one had ever made me feel like this. 

I spent the night at his house, we talked about the most mundane things and had the time of our lives in each other arms.

Give it all to me

Shola looked at the girl sleeping in his arms, shook his head, and smiled. He had woken up before her. There was another body with him on his bed, one he wanted to marry. He had never rushed into anything but he already loved this girl and he cherished her. 

It hadn’t been up to 72 hours since he met her and he had made up his mind to make her his. She had the wittiest mouth, the purest heart, and a banging body. It was all a glorious combination of beauty and brains. This was the kind of woman he needed in his life and Shola was going to marry her. It’s too early, some part of his mind thought but he ignored the warning. She was the one woman that ever since meeting her, she had him tied up in knots. He liked that she was insanely attracted to him. He confirmed her attraction to him with her mindless display of passion on the bed. 

Say yes to forever

She woke up with a smile and looked into the eyes of God’s most creative creation. No words were needed, they fell back into bed and continued having the fun of their lives. 

Fola smiled at her computer, she had difficulty concentrating. Today would be the day Shola would officially propose to her. Three months was just like yesterday, it’s been a ride she thought. 

At the beginning of their relationship, she thought the fire in her would fizzle after a few bouts of sex but she was wrong because the fire blazed hotter. Now, she didn’t want to imagine life without him. It had been three months of bliss and comfort. She loved Shola with every fiber of her being. He was everything that she wanted in a man and some more. Fola did not doubt in her heart she was going to have the best marriage. She groaned, she didn’t want an engagement party but Shola wanted it. He said it had always been his dream to propose to the woman he loved in front of friends and family. She didn’t like the attention but as far as she was with him, she certainly did not mind.

Fola could swear that the most romantic engagement party she had ever attended was the one Shola had organized for her. If she was in love before, with his thoughtfulness, she was buried in love already.

Seven mountains and seven seas

Two months after the engagement, discussions surrounding the wedding had begun in the earnest. Both families had met each other, the necessary background checks were conducted and the relationship was approved.

Shola and Fola decided to have a white wedding. They had to find a church that would join them. When they found the church of their desire, they had to submit their compatibility test.

Both lovers went for the required test.

They went back a week after to get the results of their tests. To their utter pain and disappointment, they were not compatible, both of them were AS. On her drive home, Fola was numb. It was the worst news she had ever heard in her life. When she got home, she sat down and cried for hours. She cried so much that she was unable to go to work the next day. When Shola came to visit her, his eyes were bloodshot. The sight of him comforted her and she fell into his arms. They both cried in other’s arms. 

Can AS and AS marry each other? Romeo and Juliet

“Fola, let’s get married, I can’t bear to lose you”, Shola pleaded.

Fola disengaged herself from Shola, “what did you say? 

“I said let’s get married I cannot bear to lose you. Fola, I love you. People believe say there is only one love in some people’s lifetime and Fola, I am one of those people. You are the only woman I can ever love. I don’t believe we are going to have SS babies. Fola please, I have faith in us let us get married.

Fola was torn, Shola was here crying in her arms and she did not want to hurt him

She loved Shola but she wanted to do the right thing. It had to be Shola or there would be no other.  Fola decided to take a chance against the odds stacked against them. She said yes and Shola was beyond the moon. Both lovers agreed to keep it between them, so they decided on an outdoor wedding without the church. 

The wedding ceremony was everything the lovebirds could have ever dreamed of. Romantic, joyous, and one to remember. Fola was glad she said yes, she loved Shola with everything she had in her.

Can AS and AS marry each other? What do you call foolishness

Six months after the two love birds got married. Fola found out she was pregnant. She was worried and Shola assured her that their first baby would be AS. During the term, Shola proved himself to be every inch a father and Fola had a cause to thank God that husband was the most caring man she had ever met.

Can AS and AS marry each other?/mildstrings
Can AS and AS marry each other?

Fola had her child, with Shola. It was a beautiful experience being a mother. After a week, to their dismay, the couple found their female child was a sickle cell carrier

Fola cried more than she could ever thought possible. This time she could not listen to Shola’s assurances. 

Shola and Fola worked hard towards taking of their child. Despite her illness that left her in the hospital more than half of the time. They loved their child and gave her the best life they could afford. They made sure to document every part of her life, her first walk, her first unintelligible words, the first time she said dada and mama, and her first time in school.

Can AS and AS marry each other? Grief did us part

Five years into their marriage, their child died due to complications. Shola and Fola were both grieved. Fola sought to find comfort in her husband’s arms but her husband wanted to grieve alone. It remained like this for one year. Fola had gone to seek comfort in the hands of another man till she cheated on her husband, she could not hide it. She was tired of their marriage and she served Shola divorce papers. Shola wasn’t concerned neither could he blame her. They sought comfort from strangers, he thought he could make it work, he though he could beat the odds but he could not. It was best they ended their marriage. He would hold on the good memories and move on.


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