Can Depression Cause Memory Loss and Confusion

by Onyinye Ogbuka

Can depression cause memory loss and confusion?

Yes it can.

A state I would not wish for anybody. My friend experienced depression for a while due to her dwindling business. Opposite her shop, another business selling the same things as she sold opened up. The other business had better brand products and a livelier setting. 

Before her eyes, her thriving business began to dwindle. As someone who has always prided herself in being self-sufficient, she had to ask her husband for some money to revive her business. Truly, her husband did not have enough money to give out. He was also going through some tough times. Her business was going down before her eyes and she could not take out a loan because the bank did not want to give out money to someone who did not have enough as collateral.

Can depression cause memory loss and confusion?

I did not know when my friend fell into depression. I noticed she had lost her smile but I didn’t think it was so bad that it had to be depression. An optimistic person, I believed she would get her smile back in no time when she is adapts to the changing situation but she did not. I became worried.

Sometimes, on my way back from work I stay in the shop with her. Staying with her previously was always fun because we always had a good time together. When she slipped into depression, it became a chore because she had issues appreciating life. She was always complaining and nothing ever seemed to satisfy her, even when her husband provided half the amount she needed to revive her business. 

Can depression make you confused and forgetful?

At some point, she became confused; it became difficult to remember when something happened. It was so bad that someone came into her shop and duped her with some of her goods. She thought the person had paid whereas the person did not.

I was not happy the day we planned a date and she stood me up. So many things we planned to do together and she would forget.

I thought she was doing these intentionally until I decided to Google it and I found out she was suffering from depression. I did not know what to do but I could not abandon her. She had been with me through thick and thin so I was not going to give up on her. I searched online for how I could help and found out I could get her a therapist. Another friend recommended Mildstrings to me, he had been to mildstrings and they had helped him overcome his alcohol addiction. I booked a therapist for my friend and forced her to honour the appointment.

Can therapy cure memory loss and confusion

She started taking the therapy sessions, it was slow progress. I intimated her husband who is also my friend about what was going on with his wife. He was sad that his wife was through such a crisis and pledged to support her.  It was touching to see because he became more supportive of her and my friend confessed that her husband’s gesture warmed her heart. 

In six months, she had begun to come out of her depression.My friend was happier and her countenance brighter. 

In a year, she has been able to overcome her depression. She was happier, her old self had returned and it was a beautiful sight to see. She no longer had memory loss nor was she confused. She knew what she wanted to do and no longer forgot our dates.

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She added three other different products to her business with the money she got from a friend. It took some time for her business to get back into normal shape but it did not daunt her. She was determined to be happy. She confessed that depression was not a good place.  I am happy that Mildstrings helped her get better.

What can cause memory loss and confusion?

  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Dementia
  • Concussion.

Can being depressed cause memory loss?

Yes, being depressed can cause memory loss. However, in most cases, being depressed can cause short-term memory loss.

Does depression give you major memory loss?

In most cases no, memory loss is usually short-term.

Does depression affect your thinking?

Yes, depression affects your thinking. It can affect your information processing abilities and decision taking abilities.

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