Can one-night stand turn into relationship? I’m in love and do not want to let go.

by Onyinye Ogbuka
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Can one-night stand turn into relationship? Life they say is unpredictable. I had always wanted to get married to the man of my dreams and have children. Well, after a river of tears had been shed, I discovered life does not work that way. Cupid shot all the wrong arrows to my heart and yanked them out each time leaving heartbreak behind. I had closed my mind to love until Cupid shot another arrow this time and here is how he shot it.

Can one-night stand turn into relationship? I met you in the dark.

“Damn, he is hot, I say to myself. I scan him over and I bob my head in approval because I like what I see.

Maybe I can get him to come home with me, I thought to myself. 

I check myself using my phone and push up my breast, baby girl gast look breathtaking.  I dust my face afresh, reapply my lipstick then even it out with the smack of my lips

Can one-night stand turn into relationship? To save a prince in distress

I walked toward him and smoothly lift myself to sit on the barstool beside him. I consider myself lucky when he spares me a glance and looks away. There are no drinks before him.

I laughed inwardly and thought, “did he come to the bar to think?

I signal to the bartender and ask him to give me a drink; something light. I have never taken the time to know the name of whatever I drink. I just say something light.

I give Mr Handsome a long look, his neck is bent and his eyes are boring holes into the bar top before him. 

“Hey handsome”, I greet lamely. I chide myself, there is no energy in my voice.

He looks at me and greets, “hey beautiful”.

“What has you so melancholy? This might sound preposterous but you can share your problems with me over a drink, so what do you say?

He smiles, I take that as a cue to signal the bartender who comes to attend to him and he orders what he wants.

He says he has nothing on his mind, he is just taking time to chill his mind after a stressful week but since there is a beautiful lady before him who wants to save him, he guesses he can relax. He ended his statement with a dashing smile.

Up close, he is so beautiful. Wow, handsome does not qualify him.

Thirty minutes later, I am holding my stomach from laughter.

Can one night stand turn into relationship/mildstrings
Can one night stand turn into relationship

Let me lay you down.

After two hours, it’s time for him to go. He says he wants to go home so he can have enough time to relax and sleep. He has an early day tomorrow at the gym.

Oh, he works out. Damn.

I persuade him to stay awhile and dance with me. He declines because he does not know how to dance and I tell him it does not matter. I want to take him home but I have work to do. He doesn’t look like an easy catch.

We go to the dancefloor and I engage him in every way possible. I place his hands on my waist and move in slow rhymes with him. When the DJ changes the music to a more upbeat sound, I turn my back to him and grind on him for a long time, he just stands in shock holding my hips while I grind into him intensely. I feel his growing bulge through my skin-tight gown and decide to stop.

I place my hands on his shoulders and stand on my tippy toes to whisper into his ears an offer to follow me home so I can relieve him.

I am nervous and I hope he says yes. He looks skeptical at first then says yes. 

I came in my car and he came with his. I drive mine to my house and he trails me with his. I thank God, Grandpa, my neighbor is not at home today.

We park our cars and I rush to open the door. He follows behind me and locks the door. We fall over ourselves in a frenzy. He kisses me, wow, he is good. I swoon for a minute and hold on to him.

We end up going at it in my living room. I have never felt so satisfied in my life. He is definitely worth the shot.

After thirty minutes, we go into my bedroom and ravish ourselves over and over, and kept reaching out to each other till daybreak.

Tender loving care

When I wake up and he is not on his side of the bed, an alarm goes off in my head; this is Lagos!

I quickly run out to check my phone and bag. I do not see the shirt on the floor when I trip and fall with a loud thud and cry out in pain. My hands are on fire. I see him rush out of the kitchen. He is on his boxers and I am naked. 

He helps me stand up and when he sees I can’t walk properly, he scoops me up and sits me on a sofa. I scan the room with my eyes and see my phone and bag resting on the small table beside the entrance door. 

I breathe a sigh of relief. I don’t trust all these Lagos guys, dem fit run person street.

Can one night stand turn into relationship/pinterest pin/mildstrings

He apologizes for my fall saying he did not see the cloth lying on the floor. Truly, I see my clothes and his arranged on the sofa to my right.

He asks me to wait for a while as he gets me breakfast.

When he leaves for the kitchen. I amble towards my bag and check it. I breathe a better sigh of relief, my money is complete.

I scan my sitting room to make sure everything is in place. 

Fifteen minutes later, he comes out with breakfast and I gasp at the feast he cooked up. He serves me and orders me to dig in. While eating, we talk for a while and we laugh at each other. I eat to my heart content and belch happily. He tells me about himself and I do the same.

He is beautiful and I can’t take my eyes off him.

After a short period of seductive smiles here and flirty smirks there, we go at it again. All we use Saturday for is sex, sleep, eat and talk.

Can one-night stand turn into relationship? And I am wanting more

Life could not be more beautiful and satisfying.

I decide that I like him and would want to keep him; keep having sex with him.

I propose that we become bed partners; friends with benefits and he agrees. We agree on some rules which include; no feelings, absolute freedom to walk out at any time, and freedom with other people.

It’s perfect and we seal it with another round of sex.

I don’t need marriage to enjoy my life because I have given up on the idea of it. Having tried several relationships, I ended up heartbroken more times than I deserved so I decided to just enjoy my life without all the strings involved. I don’t care what people think, when it’s time to have kids, I will adopt one. This is a good arrangement for me.

The next six months are what I can’t describe; Samuel as I would later get to know is the most caring guy in the world. What we have is beyond sex, it’s more like companionship. We are as close as thieves. We spend the majority of our time together. 

When we fight, he is usually the first to apologize. We hang out a lot and we practically live in each other’s houses. He is such a focused guy and I love his zeal for excellence, maybe that is why he is one of the top players in his field. I trust Samuel to always give me good advice and tell me the truth I need to hear without mincing words. His ability to see straight past me is frightening and maybe that is why I enjoy having him as a friend even though we are just bed partners.

Can one night stand turn into relationship/mildstrings
Can one night stand turn into relationship.

Can one-night stand turn into relationship? It’s not enough

I meet another guy I like. He is cool and nice. We start hanging out, and even though he is not as funny as Samuel, I still enjoy his company. Samuel finds out about him and he is upset. He says I am not supposed to be hanging out with him. I tell him he has no right to dictate who I see because what we have is just sex and nothing more. He looked hurt at that statement and stormed out.

I wonder why he is acting this way.

Exclusively mine

A few weeks after, Samuel came to my house and confessed his feelings. He said he loves me and he wants us to get married. I was floored, I certainly did not expect that.

I am skeptical and I think it’s because of the sex. I tell him the sex is going to his head and he refutes my claim. We decide to stop having sex for a while so he can be sure of his feelings.

I don’t know what happened or how it happened. It seemed as though his love for me had multiplied by ten

 I am being choked with love without any form of sex involved. I conducted my checks on him and decided to give him a chance. This proves to be the best decision I made.

He is everything I want and more and did not imagine I could ever have. Sometimes I look at him and feel like I am not worthy. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me I am glad I met him. After I had given up on love.


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