Can postpartum depression cause memory loss

by Onyinye Ogbuka

Can postpartum depression cause memory loss.

Thoughts of being a mother are beautiful but it’s funny that we think it’s an easy process. Little wonder why when women say they don’t want to have children, we have difficulty processing that little piece of information because we think being a mother is an easy process.

Just like the way getting married comes with its responsibilities and downsides. Having a child comes with its responsibilities and downsides. 

Postpartum depression is a variant of depression that is experienced by new mums. Sometimes, it overturns the old way of life of the newborn mom and she has to learn to adapt to it. The new way of life most times is not the way most people imagine it, bloated stomach, painful sensations around the vagina, and the one not talked about, postpartum depression.

Several people have talked about experiencing postpartum depression and this is what they have to say about their memory loss.

Can postnatal depression cause memory loss

Woman A;  I remember forgetting my first son’s name for a couple of minutes. I had to wait a while to remember my son’s name. It was an experience that left me annoyed. I have also been forgetting things that are of utmost importance.

Woman B; I went for registration and you won’t believe that I forgot my date of birth and my phone number. My husband had to step in to help me out, he had a puzzled look on his face until he realized that I was experiencing postpartum depression.

Can postpartum depression cause memory loss?

Woman C; When I had my son, depression dealt with me. I appreciate my husband. My baby was always crying most time. I would always feel like breaking his neck. At some point, I considered dropping him off by the roadside but I was too scared to carry it out. I wanted to run away. Postpartum depression is really bad and it’s surely a phase that will pass and this is why it’s good to have an understanding partner.

Woman D; Postpartum depression took its toll on me. I experienced severe memory loss. I forgot most of my life when had the child. I forgot my schoolmates and some of my family members. They all castigated me because they thought I was being snobbish. I felt bad and alone that they thought like that.

Woman E; When I had my baby. There was nothing I could not forget. It was funny when I started to forget my baby. I  would see her and wonder who the hell owned the child especially when I saw my husband holding her and that was when I would remember I had a child. The moment I remember her, I’ll start crying. Like how do you forget your own child? 

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Can postpartum depression cause memory loss

Woman F; I experienced some kind of memory loss. I went to the market someday to get some stuff. I went in my car and getting home I realized I had taken a bicycle home. Some things I had bought I forgot in the market. I forgot my password to a particular app. I was in the habit of making burnt food till I had to start staying in the kitchen to make sure whatever I cooked was not going to end up getting burnt.

Woman G; I got pregnant when I was in school. It was a horrible experience.  I would take rides and overpay the drivers. Some of the unscrupulous ones collected accepted the payment up to three times. This made me spend more than the budgeted amount for transport. I started to forget what I was taught in class and would make long calls to my course mates who were kind enough to take me through my notes.

How long does postpartum depression last?

Postpartum depression can last weeks to years. It can get worse if it’s not properly treated and that is why it’s important to get therapy. Mildstrings has dealt with several cases of postpartum depression and has a track record of helping new mums get back to their happy life.

Can postpartum depression be dangerous

Yes, postpartum depression can be dangerous. Mothers are capable of forgetting or hating their babies due to the state of their mental health. That is why it is important to have someone around a new mum who can step in to assist.

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