Do Women Love Sex More Than Men Reasons Women are the Ultimate Sex Lovers

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do women love sex more than men

It is normal for women to want to conceal their sex drive because they are women and they are not wired to do the chasing nor romance. In reality, Women act like they are granting a favor during sex when most times women love sex even more than men.

A Woman can have a high sex drive or a low sex drive. It all depends on finding the right partner to bring out the wild beast in her.

Here is an article on which gender loves sex more. Men or women? Even though there is a shred of clear evidence that men engage in more sex activities than women, although I stand to be corrected.

Let me, first of all, introduce myself so you can relate to my point of view. I am a sex therapist, I blog about sex, relationship, and marriage not because I took a special course on relationships or sex but because this is a niche I am very informed and can speak on without feeling ashamed or bored.

Did I also mention I have been giving out relationship and dating tips for quite some time hence my decision to blog, OK so let’s dive in?

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Men can be very open about their sexuality and how they practice sex compared to women. The feeling of wanting to have sex can be described as the mouth-watering expectation you experience when you see an edible dish that you want to consume. I doubt if I am making justice to the explanation.

However, the feeling or craving for sex is really an intense emotion waiting to get satisfied as quickly as possible. For men, it can make them do crazy things like beg, lie, cry, curse. For real when a man wants sex he can do anything to get it.

That is when you start to hear things like if I don’t have sex my balls will swell up, I will have blue balls, my dick will ache, I will fall sick, let me just put the tip and so many things just to get laid.

So do women really love sex more than men? Let’s go back to talk about the libido also known as sex urge.

As we all know women have a menstrual cycle every month in which the average woman spends between 3-7 days bleeding or menstruating. These days are usually restricted as most women won’t engage in sexual activity during this period due to the blood, hormones, and most times pain.

There are also a few cases where a woman could feel the urge for sex during her period, period sex could be fun but I don’t know if it’s healthy I am saying this from a non-medical point of view.

For most women the urge for sex or sex cravings could also be higher during the ovulation phase, this is the period where the fertilization takes place so the egg has been released and is craving a healthy sperm to fertilize it.

The women’s body can be quite funny during this phase. I can attest that this is the only time a woman could really go the extra length to want sex. So every other day could really be ruled out for a woman to want more sex than a man.

As we all know men are moved by what they see, the urge to have sex for a man is firstly moved by what he sees. A man can just see a healthy-looking woman, and the next thing he is aroused. Sometimes it’s even crazy that a man could get aroused without seeing a woman. There is absolutely no restriction or period in a grown man’s life that he can’t engage in sexual intercourse.

Also, men usually wake up with an erection ready to go on a ride. This is nature calling for it, so I believe a man is expected or at least allowed to have sex daily as long as he gets the wake-up call from nature.

A woman usually doesn’t have nor naturally, experience all the nature call that tells her it’s time to have sex. The urge would mostly only come on occasions like

1. If she wants to sexually arouse herself intentionally

2. If she is around a man who puts her in the mood for sex

3. If she is ovulating

4. If a man turns her on sexually, “women are naturally turned off”

This is why a woman could go for months or sometimes years without having sex. But does this mean a woman does not want sex or love sex as much as a man?

In this article, I will show you a few reasons why a woman is the ultimate sex lover than a man

women dont have erections but they have minds

Do women love sex more than men
lady in thought

Don’t be fooled because women don’t have erections to show when they are horny. Women are always twice as imaginative and sexually inclined as men are.

They have minds, thoughts, and emotions. depending on a woman’s love language or curiosity, women think about how a potential man could be in the bedroom and could get aroused from their own imaginations.

A woman could have a crush on a man or like a man and even before he approaches her, her mind has run to access everything about him including how he could be in the bedroom. she has no evidence in her body that shows that she has explored his sexuality in her mind compared to if it were a man. He could have gotten a bulge.

women are the ultimate sex machine

As crazy as this sounds, women are the ultimate in bed, with the most energy. Mostly because they don’t have any strenuous role to play in the act other than receiving. they always have ample energy to want to continue more rounds of sex even after the man is tired and worn out.

For most men, the excitement ends after releasing and they are pleased and satisfied. It is the other way round for women. Women hardly experience orgasm, even though they want to also know what it feels like to be in cloud 9. Because of this, they want to try out more styles, rhythms and want to stay longer to increase their chances.

Sex is as important to a woman than money

Women want everything money, care, love, romance, e.t.c. They always act like sex is not on the list nor top of the list. But it is, women secretly want their man to make love to them every day, except maybe she has a low drive or her man is not great in bed or she doesn’t find him attractive.

Once a women get a man who satisfies her the way she wants, she would always go back to him even if he is poor or violent, any wonder why some women stick to their violent partner or toxic relationship. That’s because she’s getting something beneficial out of him which could be sex.

women love to be satisfied well and good. it makes them happier, enduring, tolerating, and beautiful, Any wonder why we have older women spending money on younger men just to satisfy their cravings.

These women will do anything for a man that knows the best way to handle them. In this research, science diary said that sexual satisfaction in women increases with age. The study reveals that older women want to be satisfied sexually despite their low sex desire they want to feel orgasm and frequent arousal.

In similar research, it is also revealed that women between the ages of 27 – 40 engage in more sexual activity than women between 18 – 27 years. Their research also shows that women in their middle years were also more likely than the younger women to fantasize about someone other than their current partner.

Women’s estrogen level increases with age, it peaks in the mid ages and drastically declines after menopause, unlike men that can continue to remain sexually active till their 70s.

During a woman’s peak years she wants to have and enjoy more sex, she wants to explore and try new things. If she is lucky to have a good partner who has an open attitude about sex and he’s fantastic, there would be an abundance of romance, intimacy, physical satisfaction, and a whole lot of fun in the bedroom.


Finally do women like sex? yes, Do women enjoy sex? yes Do women want more sex than men? Certainly not, women do not want more sex as men do. Men have a higher libido Do women love sex more than men? Maybe not, but this doesn’t mean women do not enjoy sex as men do.

Being penetrated feels amazing too. The sensation of a guy entering a woman and then feeling him inside, feeling full/complete, him pushing up against her insides is incredible. The intense pleasure especially if she’s in love with her man. It just feels really really good but it’s hard to explain.

I guess it is kind of like how it feels to have sex for a guy I’d imagine!

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