Does Love at First Sight Exist? A Big Deceit and Fallacy

by Nelson
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Now, the question “does love at first sight exist“? There is no answer to it as to ‘yes’ or ‘no’. In the actual sense, it depends on the individual’s belief. Some people believe in God but do not have faith in him. Likewise, to love, at first sight, you might believe in its existence and not have faith in it. People will give a solid and valid argument against and for it.

It is quite unpredictable to resolve the specific answer to this debatable question – “does love at first sight exist“? It is mostly seen in romantic movies, where an imaginative character meets another character coincidentally; they both feel something tingling and running in their stomach. 

People tend to believe these happen in the world of fantasy or as a form of an exaggeration to heighten the degree of emotion in their audience. How do you know if it is love at first sight? Let’s take a look at the 5 signs of love at first sight.

    5 signs of love at first sight

1. Prolonged eye contact 

There is an uncontrollable continual staring into each other’s eyes. You meet each other’s gaze every second and minute point of looking at each other, is when the feeling and attraction are communicated without having to speak. But that depends on any of the individuals who would risk taking the initiative.

2. High tempo conversation

 The conversation between you two is heightened to a certain degree. Before you know it, you both have started spilling to each other private matters, and personal details. And you both realize, there is a lot in common that kept the conversation going non-stop.

3. Body language

Your body comes to a state of automotive. It is self-propelled. The two individual’s bodies move in a similar direction. This may seem awkward, but it is part of the relative emotional signal that is physical. Each person tries to adjust his/her sitting position, putting so much effort to avoid touching hands or physical body contact, while it keeps happening repeatedly on the contrary.

4. Physical attraction

After prolonged eye contact, the physical or body attraction kindles the feeling. There has to be a part of that person releasing a sensual urge into your brain. That urge?! Is what drives you crazy, your brain helps you nurture the urge and makes you not want to get out of it. You don’t need to think or be rational about it, you just feel it.

5. You love everything the person does or says

Anything the person says to you is completely right to you at that moment. The person does everything almost perfectly. Anything the person says matters a lot and carries dual meanings to you. Some questions ring repeatedly in your head “why did he say I’m beautiful”? “Does that mean he likes me”? “Maybe it’s just a mere holding of hands”. You’ll try as much as possible to be rational about everything, it just won’t work that way.

Does love at first sight exist? Some people believe if it is first-sight love, then it won’t last a bit or result in an ideal meaningful relationship. As quick and intense as the feeling, so quick will the relationship crash. Situations like this happen in secular life. It doesn’t have to be first-sight love.

So, the question is, does love at first sight exist? varies from each individual’s perspective. Love, at first sight, is an uncertain reality, as to when we sleep at night and not certain if we’ll live to see the next day.  

6 signs to know if it is not love at first sight

1. Casual eye contact

The look on both people does not trigger or fan any emotion. Meeting each other’s gaze does not communicate any feeling or emotional signal in both parties. You both stare at one another, but it is just a mere stare. There is a frequent cutting of eye contact without having the urge to look again.

2. Just pure admiration

You both could admire each other without the feeling of wanting. The admiration only comes with neutral desire, based on body qualities, talent, posture, voice, or accent. People could find the human qualities well attractive without strings attached.

3. Joking attitude

His/her attitude is seemingly an unserious one, putting up with cunning jokes, and fun ideas to get on your nerves or get reactions from you. Anytime he/she gets around, the conversation hardly flows, interrupting each other every second, struggling to make your point valid or reasonable. You get pissed off too easily at anything he/she says, which is an awful legit sign of a ‘no go area’

4. Insensitive conversation

Another sign to observe if it is not loved at first is insensitive conversations. You barely engage in sensitive conversations like – asking about his/her ex-girl/boyfriend, talking about families, closest friends; when was his/her first kiss? Has he/she ever been in any romantic relationship or entanglement before? Conversations like these are a sign of deep interest in someone. But if it missing, then, it is a big NO sign.

 5. Too many dislikes

Meeting someone you kind of admire in a way and beginning to find out you dislike the person’s smell, attitude, mindset, atmosphere, or how he/she responds to an awkward situation. When there are too many dislikes and complaints about the person then, it is a good sign of not love at first sight.

6. Carefree attention/attitude

The basic sign to notice if it is love, at first sight, is the full attention of both parties driven towards each other. There should be some level of attention given naturally to each other without thinking. But if there is minimal or casual attention towards each other then, it is no sign. If he/she most times purely acts in a way that depicts nothing is going on or at stake between you two, then, it is a go area.

Does love at first sight exist? On a rare occasion, and as a matter of fact happened to a certain set of people in this world, who could share the reality emphatically. Although, It is an uncertain experience.

does love at first sight exist

Love, at first sight, is what most people want to experience since it is a rare opportunity for people to experience it. It is something you’d always be elated to want to share anytime with friends because it was a beautiful and dramatic experience. 

Now, let me show you 4 ways how to experience love at first sight.

1. Quick recognition of your type of person

You must know the kind of person you get attracted to easily; the kind of body physique, appearance, and outfits. Certainly, one person cannot have all that you desire or want in a person, but you have to be specific and exact about what intrigues you in a person. That way, you’re ready to experience love at first sight and want to know if you will want to have a relationship with the person.

2. Learn to wear a smiley face and a good body fragrance

We are in a world whereby people have been taught to smile even if they are in bad situations. It is okay to brood over it, but it shouldn’t be all day, if not, people are going to relate with you at a distance. People don’t usually get too close physically to individuals with poor body odor. So, a young man or woman who wants to experience love, at first sight, must learn to smile and smell nice all day. And as a matter of fact, you’re increasing your chances of this wonderful experience.

3. Speaking pleasant and positive words

“A positive and optimistic mind speaks positive things”. As a grown or growing young adult, most of what you say is awful to hear, hurtful to the feelings, use foul language at any formal or social gathering, you address people improperly with unpleasant and aggressive words. Just know you are nowhere near experiencing love at first sight. Graceful and pleasant words are attractive. If you learn to speak good words and be positive around people, then you are ready for this beautiful experience.

4. Be cheerful and ready to meet new people

If you know a person who is always sad with a negative attitude, you tend to withdraw yourself and your material things from such person. Only a cheerful person will be interested and excited to meet new people. Meeting new people can be a great experience at times. Getting excited or ready to meet new people is a great way to experience love at first sight. It is less like a form of preparation for the wonderful experience.


In conclusion, those who have had the experience or still experiencing would tell you, that they doubted if they loved each other or wanted something more initially, but as it was going on, it felt more realistic. It lasted longer than expected and had a meaningful impact on their love life. Some, through that experience, got married and had their babies. You could experience love at first sight only if you put all these into practice.

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? What are the signs? The Mildstrings community would love to learn from you. Please share with us in the comments section. If you don’t want to use the comment section, we understand; you can send us an email directly. If you find this article helpful, please share.

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