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Some relationships are designed not to work, not because the parties are not good enough for each other, beyond serious problems that can be of great hinderance to marriage like genotype or other serious health issue, another problem is ethnicity, a country like Nigeria with people of diverse ethnic groups, culture, belief, religion, and tradition.

It is possible to find a partner that meet all your requirements or better still  the ideal person that understands you and would make a great spouse, but unfortunately ethnicity can be a major barrier to actualizing the aim of love and sealing the deal to spending the rest of your lives together amicably. You can read this article Challenges of Ethnicity in our society to understand Ethnicity.

A Short Tale of Broken Relationship.

A very pretty Igbo girl finds herself in Kaduna state for NYSC (mandatory 1 year youth service in Nigeria)and in the course of her service, meets a young Hausa Fulani man, different from the kind of guys she’s used to, very respectful, prayerful, principled and diligent.

They started going out together to visit places around town, teaching each other their languages and culture. He’s so respectful of other women and his attitude towards women is beyond her usual, she starts to take likings to that and built so much respect for him in return.

They started to exchange casual visit and in all of their private time together, he was mindful of her privacy and didn’t overstep by invading it or display romance, even when their together seeing romantic movies. She went on with the friendship, but she was gradually tripping and developing feeling for him.

The Fulani guy although well educated and liberal was also stung by the bee of love, but he knowns well to conceal his feelings as he is taught its inappropriate to disclose romantic emotions to the opposite sex.

a couple displaying affection to each other
Display of Affection

As emotions can’t be hidden it sips through everything to make itself known. The Igbo lady practicing Christianity and Hausa Fulani man practicing Islam is in love regardless of their tribe and faith because they are human beings who both have heart to love. The Hausa Fulani guy comes from a background that doesn’t accept relationship or matrimony to people of her origin and religious faith neither does the Igbo accept a marriage to a man of Hausa Fulani descendant practicing the Islam faith.

  There is love, so also there is family. This two tale is a typical love story of an abandoned relationship that won’t work because of ethnicity it would only live in their memories, reminding each other of a love cut short because of differences they didn’t create but was imposed on them by the society.

Love Memories that only live in the mind
Love Memories

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