Every Girl Would Give Out Her Number If You Pay Her Groceries

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Tolaini baj’s post that ”if you are going to watch a babe pay for her groceries, what makes you deserve to ask for her number right after she walks out of the store. People are saying things like ladies see themselves as a commodity, if you know you are up for sale why not wear a tag, ladies are materialistic and can be bought and the likes.

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Tolani Baj’s Post

In her post she said if you are going to watch a lady pay, that means the lady already saw that the man noticed her in store but he didn’t approach, see ladies have this thing called instincts they know when a man wants to ask them for things like dating, number etc by his countenance or the way he stares or look at her.

Naturally Ladies are very defensive when it comes to meeting men with intentions to date them, except if she’s Probably old and desperately in need of a mate, if she’s young, looks good and gets a lot of admirers, you don’t expect her to be kiki haha ( all smiley), because by doing this she would be have lots of irrelevant distraction and disturbance, so the goal is to break her defense in order to get the number.

In the society we are in, if the man means business that was a right time for him to show kind gesture, he probably might not necessarily want to pay for the item. But there are just ways to strike great conversations on a friendly note that would earn him the ladies number than just ignore and wait until she’s out then go chasing.

Her instincts might even be “oh this guy must be broke”, or he has seen a rich lady to leech on, if you had the balls why didn’t you man up to approach before I paid. The reason why most men are complaining is because they see it that the only way to successful get a lady’s attention in that scenario is to pay for the groceries then ask for her digit as she won’t have a choice than to drop it, ahh no . That is not the only way .

Ladies are generally unpredictable, but very entitled you could pay and still not get the number, you could pay and still get a wrong number, you could pay, get a number and be blocked right after. it all depends on your approach, I can tell you categorically African ladies, specifically Nigerian would take you a little seriously. its just a kind gesture that would help you break some resistance so better be diplomatic about it

Next time you see a lady at the supermarket or by the counter and you want to approach start by striking a friendly conversation, you don’t necessarily have to pay, its not your responsibility, but you better mesmerize her enough to want to release her number to you. Learn how to get a girl without using material things

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Anikeola Olubamise September 7, 2021 - 7:18 AM

Well that’s her perception not mine, truth be told, I’ve walked up to guys to collect their number because I thought they were cute or something else that seemed appealling to me.
A guy can still do this and I won’t give him my line because I don’t want to and a guy might not do this and would still ask s and I’d give it
It all depends on how I view the guy even after he does anything as a prerequisite to have my number

sex therapist September 7, 2021 - 8:22 AM

cool, this is a great opinion not all girls are the same. do well to share to your friends lets know what they feel


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