3 Harsh Facts About Long Distance Relationships

by Ben Danor

Some truths about long distance relationships are tough to accept. Today, we shall discuss three harsh facts about long distance relationships. Even if you have the best and perfect long-distance relationship in the world, you will still experience some of these things. 

They are hidden truths about long-distance relationships no one will tell you. Sometimes, you discover them as you spend more time in a long-distance relationship. This is why we have gone through forums like Reddit and Quora to see what long-distance couples have to say on long-distance relationship harsh facts.

Of course, long-distance relationships are not full of roses; they also have torns. If you have been or are in a long-distance relationship, you can relate to many of these harsh facts about long-distance relationships. 

Why Are Long Distance Relationships Hard?

Long-distance relationships are complex unless we want to keep deceiving ourselves. If you have been in one, you will understand why long-distance relationships are hard.

Distance is no doubt the major thing that makes long-distance relationships hard. Dealing with the distance doesn’t go well with some couples. You don’t get to see them when you like, and they are not available physically when you need them by your side. 

Loneliness is another reason long-distance relationships are hard. It hurts when you are in a relationship, but you live as though you are single. Married long-distance couples tend to experience loneliness more; let’s take married women who can stay for months without their husbands, for example.

Of course, frequent communication is a great way to battle this, but no amount of communication can replace physical meetings. Sometimes, you just need to see them physically and touch them. 

harsh facts about long distance relationships

3 Harsh Facts About Long Distance Relationships

Want to know some harsh facts about long-distance relationships you don’t hear often? We have come up with a list of top three harsh facts about long-distance relationships. They are more than three though but here are the three long distance couples talked about. Below are three harsh facts about long distance relationships:

1. You Will Be Lonely And Could Get Addicted to it.

There is this loneliness that accompanies long-distance relationships. It’s a bit hard to accept, but long distance couples are usually lonely except for those who are unfaithful and infidel. 

Here’s an issue; long-distance couples deal with this loneliness in several ways. Some try to get new friends; some look for a hubby to keep them busy, some resort to self-pleasing themselves, while some cheat! Not trying to justify cheating in a long-distance relationship, but we can’t deny that loneliness is one of the reasons long-distance couples cheat. 

One harsh fact about long-distance relationships is the loneliness that comes with it. Many long-distance couples agree with me that they have felt lonely and single despite having a partner at a point in their long-distance relationship. 

The most painful part about the loneliness in question is that people around you are not likely to understand you. The only person who can understand your plight is someone in a long-distance relationship and going through a similar situation. 

The chances are higher if you are a college student; around 75 percent of American students in a study reported having a long-distance relationship during college. 

Here is the irony, you can be surrounded by many people and still feel lonely. The absence of the special one is the cause of your loneliness. 

To sum it up, do you even know some people lose interest in long-distance relationships because they have been too lonely and don’t see the difference between being single and being in a long-distance relationship. 

Sometimes, long-distance relationships make you feel alone despite having a partner. This is why you should spice up your long-distance relationship and build an emotional connection with your partner. 

2. Your Sexual And Emotional Needs Can’t Be Met Entirely

Another harsh fact about long-distance relationships is the reality that your sexual needs can’t be met completely. Some couples are very wise and are able to at least fulfill each other’s lust, but they can’t fulfill it completely except they schedule physical meetings once in a while.

You can send your partner naughty pictures, flirt online, sex chat and even have online sex but this doesn’t replace meeting physically and making out. They are alternatives but won’t work for the long term. 

If you meet your partner once in a while to spend more time together and make out, there are chances that they won’t cheat. Things will likely get better if you both meet your sexual needs. 

How about emotional needs? Meeting your partner’s emotional needs in a long-distance relationship is quite possible, but it can’t be fulfilled completely. Of course, your partner comforts you via calls and messages when you lose that offer, but sometimes you need a long hard hug from them. 

This has been proven scientifically, why you hug and kiss your partner, oxytocin is released into your body and it’s the fluid responsible for happiness. This is why physical visits are always advised in long-distance relationships, not everything can be done online. 

Why do you think many ladies get tempted while in long-distance relationships? They meet that guy who gives them that emotional support and a hard hug to crown it all. They lose their mind and probably have sex with him. 

The chances of infidelity are higher in long-distance relationships. You can easily get connected with someone else due to your partner’s absence, and this could tempt you to cheat. 

3. When You End The Long Distance And Share The Same Roof, Another Problem Arises

Many people think it all ends when they end the long-distance relationship and eventually share the same roof. Little did they know that sharing the same roof is the beginning of another problem. In fact, some relationships don’t get to survive this phase. 

You have been distant for many years; sharing a roof won’t go as smoothly as you must have thought. At first, you feel you are living together with a stranger. Since you only chat and call, living together with them might be weird at the beginning, but you can’t skip this phase. 

Your relationship will undergo some changes you might not be prepared for. Let’s face it, adjusting is quite hard but will only take a while. In no time, your differences start causing issues. 

There are many things about your partner you won’t know via video calls. Can family members come around? How do they squeeze their toothpaste? Do they close the toilet seat when they are relieving themselves? 

Do they snore? Which side of the bed do they prefer? These little things have caused fights in many marriages, especially new ones. 

When you end the long-distance relationship, you will understand that the end of a problem is the beginning of another. 

harsh facts about long distance relationships

Final Words

There are some harsh truths about long-distance relationships you won’t be told before entering a long-distance relationship. Sometimes, people don’t even want to talk about them. 

However, it is best you know them so you won’t be surprised when you start to experience them in your long-distance relationship. Truth be told, some of these harsh facts about long-distance relationships are inevitable. They can make a relationship not work and make partners to start loosing interest in the relationship.

Let me leave you with this; long-distance relationships are worth it. The journey might not be smooth, but when you reach the destination, you will see that it truly is worth it. However, this doesn’t mean every problem will end when you reach the destination; it’s the beginning of another, as shared earlier. 

You will enjoy the new phase; if both of you are willing to make the long-distance relationship last, it will. You can read some awesome long-distance relationship stories when you are down, and they restore hope. 

Do you have a beautiful long-distance relationship story you would love to share? The Mildstrings community is ready to hear you out. For Long Distance couples reading this, are long-distance relationships truly hard? Why are long-distance relationships hard? What are some harsh facts about long-distance relationships? You can share more with us in the comment section. If you find this article helpful, please don’t hesitate to share. 

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