How can I be more productive?

by Onyinye Ogbuka

How can I be more productive?

To be productive you have to be consistent, you have to be committed and you have to be intentional about your daily activities. Productivity in the corporate sense is being able to achieve a given number of task each day. Productivity is important because it culminates into a productive life, a productive day, productive month and productive week.  Productivity has an effect on our mental health because we are more motivated when we are productive, we are more confident.

How can I be more productive?

Create a to-do list; creating a to-do list is very important if you want your day to be more productive. To do this, think of all the possible tasks you would want to achieve a day before and write them down. You mustn’t cram too many tasks into your list so you are not burnt out. To make it easier for you, write down the most important task and the most urgent task. An important task can be delegated or outsourced, and non-urgent tasks can be scheduled for later. Creating a to-do list is important but what is more important is consistently following them up and achieving them in a day. It is not a must that you achieve all of your tasks but it is important that you are able to at least achieve 90% of your task, this way you are motivated and you can also get the feeling of having a productive day.

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Do what works best for you; it is important to know what works best for you, this way, you do not end up comparing yourself with others and end up doing way less. For some people, mornings are the most productive time of their day because they are able to process information faster in the mornings. Now, if you are like this, it is important that you schedule the big task or the most challenging tasks for this time of the day. This way, you are able to spend the amount of mental energy that is required to fulfil this task. For some others, the cool of the evening is the most productive time of their day so they schedule their most challenging task for the cool of the evening. In the end, it’s best to know what works best for you and stick with it.

Avoid multitasking; the easiest way to be unproductive is to multitask. It’s important that you pick a single task and you focus on it single-handedly until you have achieved that task. This makes it easier for you to get more things done in a shorter time than multitasking and wasting several hours on just two things or three things.

Get a therapist; if you feel like you are unproductive, you can get a therapist who can help keep you accountable and who can give you tips on how to be more productive. A therapist is essential to your productivity because they not only keep you accountable but also they help you discuss issues that might be hindering you from being productive. A therapist is like a next-door neighbour who offers advice when needed.

Allocate time; to be more productive, you need to learn to allocate certain hours of the day to certain tasks. To do this effectively look at how challenging the task is and allocate the number of hours you need to achieve that task. Doing this will help prevent you from spending on necessary hours on a certain task and most importantly we give you a sense of urgency and a sense of finish line which will keep you motivated enough to finish that task within the time you have allotted to it.

How can I be more productive and effective?

  • Be rigid with your time; you have to guard your time jealously. If you are flexible with your time, you are more likely to spend the productive time of your day on an unimportant task.
  • Avoid distractions; distractions are side attractions that hold no real value. Distractions like social media are things that you will have to do away with if you want to be productive.
  • Reward yourself; rewarding yourself will keep you motivated. So to make sure that you don’t burn out, create a good number of goals to achieve and when you do achieve them make sure to reward yourself.

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