I Feel Insecure About My Body: How Do I Regain My Confidence

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A happy teenager despite having body insecurities

Young women feel insecure about their bodies the most than any other age group of people, especially those between 14-40, they worry and complain about their body type, shape, features, appearance, etc. They even start to compare themselves at a younger age, who has the finest face, longest hair, big boobs, sexy body, etc.

When you were younger, and your friends/ peers questioned or even abused you using your body type, you began to be conscious and feel insecure about your body which sometimes affects your self-esteem and confidence even in your adult years.

i feel insecure about my body

I wrote a list of 10 body insecurities you should not worry yourself over as they are not something to be ashamed of, you need to know that everyone is different in their own way and you would find someone who appreciates you with it. Read This Don’t Marry out of emotional sympathy, Which Is Mistaken For Love.

Don’t deprive yourself of going out, meeting new people, live freely, be confident, and love yourself.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are visible lines under the skin, they could be caused by various reasons which include weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, puberty, hereditary, or as a result of the use of harmful skin products. We tend to always expect our skin to be flawless which is due to what we were exposed to growing up as the image of an ideally beautiful woman, but stretch marks is not a big deal, nearly everyone has it, well have seen men have it on their skin, and its really not something to feel insecure about with your body.

These are basic natural occurrences that we can’t control, more like our body shape that could be genetic, so just wear your marks with pride. The only thing is when people see it they tend to ask you about it, just tell them it’s your skin type. Don’t be afraid to reveal it. I bet with time it would be part of you that you would barely notice it anymore.

A lady who feels insecure about her body
Stretch Marks on Skin

Flat Nose

In fact, the flat nose is a stupid thing we consider a flaw, I can name countless African/Nigerian stars with a flat nose. A flat nose is when you have a flat or no bridge on your nose. The nose is just on the face with no pointed contour.

No 1 you are African you don’t expect to have a pointed American nose, flat nose is our identity it is part of what makes us African it is our characteristics. Flat nose is not a flaw and would never be. Leave your flat nose alone, I have a big flat nose and I don’t give anyone the opportunity to make me feel insecure about my nose, or my looks. Anyone who does must be trying so hard to be American and can as well go under the knife to get theirs pointed if they care too much about it.


Alopecia is the loss of hair, usually the front hair popularly known as edges, which could be genetic or caused by harmful hair practices like tight braids. In this age of weaves and wigs, most people hardly even wear their natural hair as it is covered in a protective style and most men do not even know that receding hairline in women is a thing as long as you look beautiful. So take your mind off it.

A lady who feels insecure about her body type because she's bald
Bald Lady who feels insecure about herself

Flat Ass

I can imagine the number of deep squats you must have done, protein diet, creams, and oils just to get a big bum because you believe it will make you more attractive and get men frolicking around you, let me give a spoiler, not all men love big bums, of course, they look good, that doesn’t mean flat bum doesn’t look attractive too.

Rock your flat bum in nice sexy outfits and see the feedback you will get. A flat ass is not a body flaw to feel insecure about. It is not until you have your butt cheeks hanging out that you would be regarded as a woman. Femininity is in your emotion, your compassion, your love, your personality. You do not need to have an hourglass, show stopper ass before you are noticed by the right person

Big tummy

Ok I know you will disagree and say its a flaw because you want to be like Ciara Wilson or Kerry Hilson with a flat well-chiseled tummy, first of all, they are different from you, their normal day to day meals is different from yours and the energy they expend in a day is not as much as yours.

You need the energy to run your day-to-day activities and you need an equal amount of energy given food, coupled with the less time you have to do intense stomach workout. So please if you have a big tummy as long as it is not hanging off like melted ice cream, it is not a flaw.  Especially if yours is as a result of childbirth please move on with your life so many other problems in the world than to spend your time worrying about a big belly. At the same time eat healthily, exercise a little, and don’t worry about it.

A woman who feels insecure about her body because she has a big stomach
Big belly

Small Breast

Most girls want to have big mammary glands so they can rock clothes like armless, tubes, etc. Of course, those dresses are very beautiful and it is nice to see it on a lady with a nice figure that brings out a lovely shape, and from my experience preference is given to girls with big shapes as the society see them as well endowed.

So having small breasts can be frustrating, I mean it is very frustrating, to be flat-chested as a young teenager, but on the bright side, society has moved away from that as there are dress styles that help accentuate your body if you have small breasts, don’t allow anyone body shame you into hating your body. Don’t allow your body type to prevent you from being the person you want to be.

A woman who is confident despite having small breasts
A young Lady with small breasts

Fat Arms

Having a fat arm should not make you feel insecure about your body, I have never seen a man have muscular or thin arms and he’s insecure about it, it is only ladies. You need to know that your body shape differs and except you want to have a jaw-dropping Kim Kardashian body type then you can worry about your body shape.

I have fat arms it is hereditary for me, no matter how slim my body is, my arms will always be chubby. I have had people tease me about it, some would say I look like a female hulk with big arms, I have used body wraps severally to reduce some inches, it just won’t go, so I had to learn to live with it.

These are insecurities you just worry about and waste your time on. Teni, the billionaire crooner, she’s one of the happiest plus-size ladies I have ever seen. carry your fat arm with pride.

Fat Arms

Yam Legs

A lady is said to have yam legs if the calves muscles at the back of her legs are muscular and pronounce.

It occurs mostly among ladies with athletic energy. And some women in other parts of the world even get leg implants to have visible calves. Serena Williams is a professional tennis player, a mom, a wife, the highest grand slam holder. she’s muscular yet very beautiful with visible calves muscles, that shows strength. so rock your calves muscles in short skimpy sexy outfit don’t allow anyone body shame you with it.

Calves Muscles

Short Height

Short ladies have been the most insecure among women because it would only take a good upbringing with the cool social circle to not be, people would literally describe you with it if you are short, and there is a need for someone to describe you they would literally ask is it the short Catherine, or nickname you with it and if you are an introvert this would stick to you making you insecure in your adult years.

Thank God for the invention of high heels, wedges that you can rock if you need an extra boost, however having a short height is something you should never be insecure about. Have you ever seen the attention dwarfs get when they are in public, people keep looking and staring at them? I have seen a couple of reality TV Shows dedicated to them.

So if you are a lady and you are short, live with it, live in your body, love your height, don’t allow it to deprive you of living your potential.

Large Feet

The average shoe size of a lady is usually between 40-41, but some women wear 43-44, who have large feet and are insecure about it. For you to have large feet that means you are very tall because there is a correlation between your feet and your height, for balance if you are tall, your feet have to be larger.

Why worry, if your shoes have to be custom made, then get them customized there is no need to feel less of yourself. Just be a sweet person and you won’t have to worry about anything.

If you enjoyed this article, share with your friends and family, comment with your biggest body insecurity that has always made you feel insecure in your relationship or around your boyfriend, and your journey to accepting yourself. I would love to hear from you. Read this article How to Toast and keep a Guy you Admire.

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