How do you know when you find your soulmate: How to know the one

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how do you know when you find your soulmate

A soulmate is a person you have an inner connection to in an addictive manner, a person whom you just can’t seem to get enough of now how do you know you find that one true mate of your soul?

Connection; the connection could be on a shallow level or even go deeper with an addiction.. If the feeling is not mutual then it cannot be termed a soulmate.

The deep question one needs to ask in the quest of getting a soulmate is how can one know if you have found a soulmate Finding a soulmate is not automatic, as there are a series of deliberate actions one needs to take to achieve getting a soulmate.

A lot of people don’t believe in having a soulmate because it looks too true to have someone out there meant specifically for you. A school of thought believes you grow into being a soulmate because there is no automatic soul mate.

Having a soulmate cannot be left to fate, it requires some work to achieve.

Table of Content
  • How to search for a soulmate
    • Be Yourself: 
    • Be Accommodative: 
    • It Takes Time: 
    • The Process May Not be Easy: 
    • Don’t settle for less: 
  • How to know when you find your soulmate
    • Inner Witness: 
    • Having a sense of inner connection: 
    • Your goals and vision interweave: 
    • You are both in it together: 
    • There is a Natural bond: 
  • What Next after Meeting Your Soul Mate?
    • Being Needy: 
    • Be confident: 
    • Be consistent: 
    • Don’t speak ill of your EX: 

How to search for a soulmate

Soulmate loves and shares, it takes to love and sharing to attract the same. It is a common saying that the opposite attracts, but in finding a soulmate there must be a common ground in which the soul mates relate and engage themselves.

One can wait for a lifetime to get a soulmate or personally do a search for one, this would help you know you have found a soulmate when you eventually do. The following steps can serve as a guide in finding a soulmate:


Be Yourself: 

Be real, and don’t be who you are not because you are searching for a friend. Searching for a soulmate is just a phase, not a lifetime thing. A friend gotten with deceit may not last as they will find out your true personality over time.

Why search for who would not stay or be who you are not? Just be who you are so you can attract the right person that would love you for who you are.

You can try as much as possible to improve your personality to get a better version of yourself. If you don’t like a noisy place for example don’t pretend to like one just to get a soul mate. This would eventually hurt you when you find a pseudo soulmate.

Be Accommodative: 

The picture of having a soulmate with a perfect feature may be a mirage in itself.

Try to be accommodative of people in other to get a chance to meet and enjoy their personalities. Some persons may not be who they seem to be at first.

You get to like them and enjoy them when you allow them to be around you. This would allow them to express themselves to you. Even when you feel you have met the soulmate of your dreams don’t be vulnerable but be open-minded.

It Takes Time: 

It takes time to search for a soulmate and for the friendship or relationship to click.

Things don’t happen all of a sudden all the time. Don’t be in a rush to get a soulmate as you may not eventually know if you have found a soulmate that would last.

Enjoy the process from the beginning of getting to know yourselves until you eventually get to the point where you truly know each other. Then you can be certain that you have found a soulmate.

The Process May Not be Easy: 

finding a soulmate may not be an easy process. It takes time to find someone that can be termed a soulmate.

You may have failures in the process. Heartbreak may set in at times and you would need time to heal or recover.

An obstacle of a failed attempt in getting a soulmate should not deter you from looking for the real soulmate which may eventually come if you are tenacious and hold on with your dream of finding one.

Don’t settle for less: 

Look for someone that would love you for who you are. Don’t let emotions make you settle for less. Pitying someone would not make the relationship automatically work.

If the feeling is not mutual then don’t settle for it as the relationship may be one-sided and not achieve the soulmate feeling you desire. Keep on searching and working for it until you find the person that meets the qualities of being a soulmate that fits your personality.

How to know when you find your soulmate

The rhetorical question “is there truly a point you can get to that you would know you have found your soulmate”.

Like the physics phenomenon, it could be a mirage where you get to a point and it feels like it’s a point ahead and you are not there. However, the following steps can help you know when you find a soulmate:  

Inner Witness: 

When you have an inner feeling of quietness and peace around, it could be an indication of finding a soulmate.

This gives a feeling of safety around this person with no inner contention. This feeling draws you to the arena of acceptance. It is important to know that it is not all about feeling as feeling may sometime fade with time.

Having a sense of inner connection: 

An inner connection that is shared by feeling someone’s joy and pain can serve as a test for finding a soul mate. No soul mate can exist without sharing this quality as the concept of a soulmate cannot exist exclusively without it.

Your goals and vision interweave: 

A soulmate is found when you share the same aspirations and life goals, having similar visions too. This clearly shows that you have a drive in the same direction, though you may have some disagreements in opinions sometimes but collectively walking in the same future part.

You are both in it together: 

It usually takes two to tangle, hence the fight to sustain the relationship must be mutual. This fight can be termed hard work from start to finish. Building a relationship takes time and process.

When both parties are willing to commit and give all the attention that this process demands then we can know a soulmate has been found. This would involve the wiliness to resolve differences when they arise between both parties.

Differences would not be seen as a fight when both parties are in it together.

There is a Natural bond: 

A soulmate is found when there is a natural bond or chemistry between both parties. This gives the feeling of being safe without any form of conflict or intrusion around the person. It also gives the feeling of being around the person always.

What Next after Meeting Your Soul Mate?

The search goes beyond finding a soulmate to keeping the soulmate. As was said earlier you need to have a better version of yourself every day to keep the relationship.

Losing that thing that sparked the fire in your search can ultimately make you lose the relationship in the long run. Avoid those things that can be a turn off to your partner, which include:

Being Needy: 

Avoid a situation where you always cling and do not have a life of your own.

Being needy can be dangerous as it can create a feeling of emptiness without the person, especially if the person is unavoidably absent for a long time. Get a life of your own and make the best of it as you keep your relationship.

Be confident: 

There is a need of having a good level of confidence in a relationship. Finding a soulmate will give you that level of confidence and support that you need. Don’t be overconfident as it can create a wrong impression of pride which can be a major turn-off in a relationship.

Be consistent: 

Consistency builds trust. Don’t change from who you are to a different person as it can create a feeling of suspicion.

Don’t speak ill of your EX: 

your Ex is your past and should not rule your present. Stop speaking ill of your EX. This can ruin your relationship as no one is perfect.

It can create the feeling that you can do the same to your partner if it eventually fails to work out. Devote time to the present relationship to build it as you invest more time and resources.

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