How My Friend Stole My Boyfriend From Me: Ladies Can Do Anything

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how my best friend stole my boyfriend

One of the worst relationship moments I ever had was when I realized my friend stole my boyfriend from me.

A friend that I trusted to know everything about my love life, I mean it was fun sharing everything with her.

Although I am a very quiet person and I don’t find it easy keeping a lot of friends or having fun just randomly sitting just to discuss guys. I find it somehow, excuse me! I am a tough girl, not the giddy girly girl who giggles while a man compliments her.

How I Met My Boyfriend

It was in 2015 I had just gotten a phone after my University entry exams. My Mother had to gift me a brand new phone that could connect to the internet.

I guess she felt I was old enough to have full access to a smartphone with the privilege of joining any social media platform I wanted after all I would soon be in the University with all the freedom.

I met Tunde via social media, the same social media where people meet scam artists, kidnappers, and all sorts of evil people.

I only randomly sent a friend request and we started a friendship but for so many months we kept in touch via phone calls and direct messages.

He was about 10 years older than me and he was the first guy I connected with on a very cool level, without any strings or emotions. I was only a teenager straight out of secondary school, I actually don’t have any dating experience prior to that time.

I guess I had missed the giddy high school phase of crushing on kissing in the love garden during break hours but Tunde was so cool, caring, and romantic. we would spend hours on the phone calling and chatting. I really did feel special having someone to discuss everything with.

By the time I got admitted to the university, I was already developing an emotional attachment toward Tunde. He was so kind, gentle, loving, and friendly, he had this masculine voice that I was so attractive and sexy, our friendship continued without me expressing emotions, as he considered me like his best buddy and I did too.

He Fell In Love… At Least I Thought

I always was comfortable discussing my crush and fantasy with him and we laughed over it, but what I noticed was he rearly likes to hear me talk about other guys.

After about 3 years of friendship I opened up about my feelings for him, this is the first time I would ever tell a guy about my feelings. luckily it turned out to be mutual and we started a sweet loving relationship.

It was a long-distance relationship as we have never met before physically we only spoke on the phone and in messages, but I got attracted to him without meeting him in person.

Although we shared pictures and did video calls. Yes, It was a Virtual relationship!

how my friend stole my boyfriend true life story

How my Friend Stole my Boyfriend

I started a new session and I had a roommate dupe, dupe a very loud girl outgoing and somewhat in between a talkative and a counselor as she loves to listen to gists and give relationship advice.

Me being a reserved type it takes a while for me to bond and starts to tell someone about my private life.

Dupe observed I was always on my phone talking to my boo, I didn’t like to go out to socialize or meet new guys on campus. sp after some weeks of getting to know ourselves and accompanying each other to classrooms, she sought to know about this boyfriend of mine that is keeping me from meeting other guys on campus.

Since we were now friends, I told her about Tunde, the love in my life someone I cherish so much, how he is so nice, gentle, and loving

Dupe was thrilled, she would always tease me about him and advise how men are liars should not be trusted. One day Tunde called I wasn’t in the room to pick up my phone, so Dupe answered, before then I already told Tunde about my new roommate

So she wasn’t a stranger to him. Right after that call Dupe told me she thinks Tunde’s love for me is not genuine and she would like to prove that to me, I asked her how she intended to do it

LET ME TEST HIS LOVE FOR YOU….You seems to be so in love

Catfish! let’s catfish him and this is between you and me. what does that mean I inquired?

“This means I would hide my identity to build a relationship with Tunde”,

“If he takes the bait by tripping for me this means he is unfaithful and a cheat”.

This doesn’t sit well with me, I asked dupe if we could change the approach she said this is the only way we could do it, so I agreed and gave her Tunde’s number and they started talking almost immediately.

I usually spend most of my free time on calls or chatting with Tunde,  but about 2 weeks after the catfishing started I observed, he was always reluctant to speak to me,

he was either busy with work or he had a meeting, there was just always one excuse or the other and Dupe was mostly on-call or chatting.

At first, I didn’t see anything wrong or try to think she had taken Tunde’s attention from me.

Whenever I asked about the update on the plan she would say it’s going on well and nothing serious yet.

By the weekend Dupe left campus to attend to her mum who she claimed is sick and needed her attention little did I know she went to hook up with my boyfriend.

Also, my relationship with Tunde had gotten worse, we were never on the same page, I knew something was wrong and I was losing my relationship. It turned out that my friendship turned relationship of 5 years had been stolen from me.

My Friend Stole my boyfriend from me right under my very eyes without me even knowing it.

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