How To Balance Your Relationship And Studies

by Ben Danor

Are you a student looking for how to balance your relationship and studies? You want both your romantic relationship and academics to work out without one affecting the other. 

Many promising relationships have ended because they don’t know how to concentrate on studies while in relationship. Let me clear your doubts; it’s possible to make both the relationship and academics work out. You can be the top student in your class and still have a happy love life. 

According to a study, 61% of college students have been on dates. Another survey revealed that 15% of students are currently dating their high school or middle school partner. This should tell you that tons of college students date. 

Here’s the question: How do you maintain a balance between your studies and your relationship? If you don’t know how to focus on studies while in a relationship, one of them would be affected. It’s either your relationship is affected, or your studies are affected. 

How To Balance Your Relationship And Studies

You need to find how and where to strike a balance or even how to concentrate on studies while in long distance relationship, continue reading this article. Here are some ways to maintain your relationship and studies without affecting the other:

1. Set Your Priorities Right

The first thing you need to do is to set your priorities right. Know what matters and what matters less. No one can make this choice for you; our priorities can’t be the same. Some people prioritize their relationships over their studies, while some do the opposite; it’s a matter of choice. 

You need to set your priorities right because some situations would come where you need to pick one. There’s always that moment in college relationships where you have to choose one over another.

Ensure you have an understanding partner because the situation becomes tough if you have one who isn’t. A partner who would understand that you are busy with exams and give you your privacy. 

Not one that would want to satisfy his pleasure and doesn’t care if you have an assignment to do. To balance your relationship and studies, you need an understanding spouse. One who you can effectively communicate to and would respect your wishes — those are one of the most important things in a relationship.

2. Never Lose Your Focus

This is why many people fail at their studies when they enter a relationship; they focus more on the relationship and not their academics. Don’t lose your focus; study with full concentration. Don’t be distracted by your partner. 

You need to set time for everything; when it’s time to study, do not let anything, including your relationship, distract you.

If you find it hard to focus, you can take a short break Before resuming your reading. Set away all forms of distraction. If you know your partner would disturb you with calls while reading, switch off the phone. 

3. Study Together

Studying together with your significant other is a great thing to do as you balance your relationship and studies. 

Getting them involved in your academics and reading together is a good way to achieve this. You can decide to meet at a library to read together. 

Don’t go to his house or want him to come over to read; you could end up having fun. Meet at a library or a public place and make sure you’re both there strictly to read. 

If both of you are in the same class, You can help each other out by doing assignments and revising together. As you study together, don’t let him/her be a distraction. 

4. Share Reading Tricks With Each Other

If there’s a reading trick that works quite well for you, feel free to share it with them, it helps. Do you also have a trick that makes your reading faster, let them know and see if it will work. 

Encourage them to also share their productivity hack with you. You’re building your intimacy by sharing these things; you’re helping both your relationship and studies. 

If there’s a subject they’re struggling with, but you are good at, you can help them out. This would go a long way. 

5. Prioritize Your Exam Period

When it’s exam time, your relationship should experience some changes. You need to set some things aside and focus on the examination. Cancel all unnecessary visits and postpone any weekend date. 

The first thing to work on is your communication; if you talk for three hours daily, change it to an hour daily. 

If your partner understands you well, they will be able to manage since it’s just for a while. They won’t disturb you but do things that will make you pass the exam. 

They can send you letters to encourage you and maybe a little gift. You must have an understanding partner to balance your relationship with your studies successfully. 

6. Give Each Other Space As And When Due

You should know when to give each other space. When the time comes, give each other enough space. A time will come when a party would want to stay alone, don’t ruin the process; give them space. 

There might be a day he doesn’t want to hang out with you; let him be. Many of these things are bound to happen. You can’t expect every day of the relationship to go smoothly; there will be rough days.

During those rough days, give them space if that’s what they want. During the exam period, give each other space. It’s not the right time to party and have sex. 

7. Make Rules

If you want to balance both your relationship and studies, you need to give each other rules so no one would cross their boundaries. 

Some of these rules may be broken, but it’s important you have rules. You can make a rule that no calls would be made during study hours; this will save you the stress of explaining why you didn’t pick up their calls. 

You can also make a rule that there are no visits during exams; this will give you more time and space to prepare for the exams. There can be a fine for anyone who breaks the rules. Try this out, and you’ll see it would work.

8. Ensure Your Relationship Problem Doesn’t Affect Your Academics

This is the main reason many people find it hard to balance their relationship with their studies. Their relationship problems keeps affecting their academics. It’s advised you don’t enter a relationship in high school if you are not mentally fit enough to handle both your relationship and academics; just stick to your studies. Or you fix your relationship problems and define it before stating school.

There’s a level of maturity it takes to balance the two without any being affected. If you set your boundaries well, your relationship should not affect your studies. When it’s time to study, forget anything related to your relationship. It’s very hard, though. 

If that doesn’t work, look for a way to solve your relationship problem, so it stops distracting you. If you are in an unhappy relationship and your grades, keep dropping, quit such a relationship! You’re already losing in two ways. 

9. Discipline

You need to be very disciplined to balance your relationship with your academics. If you are disciplined, you will be able to control your wants and not otherwise. 

If you are disciplined, you will stick to your rules and not break them. A disciplined person is never distracted by love or relationships. He has a way of dealing with them and would never compromise regardless of the situation. If both parties are Disciplined, they can make it work. 

How To Balance Your Relationship And Studies

Is Love a Distraction For Students?

I won’t say it is not; it can be a distraction for students. Many students find it hard to focus once they are in a relationship, especially when they are obsessed with the person. Sometimes, they are still too young to handle it. However, if you set your priorities right, love won’t be a distraction to you. Other distractions for students include social media, technologies, gaming, etc. 

How To Concentrate on Studies while in a Relationship

To concentrate on your studies while in a relationship, you need to set time for everything. Know the time to focus on your academics and the time to focus on your relationship. 

Let your relationship be something that inspires you to study more rather than a distraction.

Final Words

If I would advise, date someone who is also a student, it makes it easy for them to understand you. If you are a college student and you are in a relationship with a working-class person, you might have issues. 

When you tell them you have a test or an exam and would be quite busy visiting them, they might not understand your point. Sometimes, only someone who is in your shoes will understand you perfectly. 

However, if you are in a relationship with someone who is not a student, ensure the person is understanding; this will be of great help in the future. I wish you the best as you try to maintain your relationship with your academics. 

Did you date in high school or college? How did it end? Has your relationship ever affected your studies? How were you able to balance your relationship with your studies? 

Please don’t hesitate to share these experiences with us. Your story could be what someone needs to hear. Feel free to use the comments section. If you find this article helpful, please do well to share.

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