How to be a good colleague at work?

by Onyinye Ogbuka

How to be a good colleague at work.

A workplace is probably where you will spend most of your day. Therefore, it’s beneficial to have a good relationship with your co-workers. No matter how interesting work is, it’s important to have a good relationship with other people so work would not be a dread each morning. The better relationship you have with your colleagues, the better your effectiveness and the more your productivity.

How to be a good colleague at work?

  • Listen actively to your colleagues
  • Be patient with your colleagues
  • Be tolerant of your colleague’s weaknesses
  • Know what they don’t like and what they like.
  • Don’t overestimate yourself and your capabilities
  • Communicate timely and appropriately with your colleagues
  • Work harder to complement their efforts.
  • Be a team player with the rest
  • Be appreciative of their efforts

Listen actively to your colleagues; During and after important meetings, it’s important to listen actively. This will make your co-workers more willing to express themselves. This act also makes them feel valued. Some of your workers .ight want to talk about their struggles, their success and when you listen you can share an emotional connection with them.

Be patient with your colleagues; we learn every day and it’s very normal to have colleagues who will try your patience. Patience is a virtue that must be wielded in a workplace. Calling out every co-worker’s mistakes will leave a sour taste in their mouth and a bad impression of you. Most importantly, deal patiently with workers who are slow to learn especially if they are workers that have been placed under you.

Be tolerant of your colleagues’ weaknesses; Your colleagues are not perfect people. They are different from you and are bound to make mistakes. Creating room to tolerate a colleague’s weakness will go a long way in making sure that you have a good day at work and your are rarely riled up.

Know what they don’t like and what they like; The fastest to get your co worker’s to hate you is when you keep doing something that they don’t like. Knowing their likes and their dislikes will help make you more likeable. As a new employee, stepping on your co-worker’s toe is not going to make life easier for you. So you can get to know their likes and dislikes by observing over time and talking.

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Don’t overestimate yourself and your capabilities; Sometimes we like to deceive ourselves by painting an unrealistic view of what we can do. Nothing is more terrible if you do this in the workplace. All in the name of being hardworking, imagine taking up the work that normally should be assigned to three people and ending up failing at it. You are bound to be scorned by co worker’s who think you are trying to show off. Most times when you overestimate yourself, you do it to show off which is the last thing you are supposed to do at a workplace.

Communicate timely and appropriately with your colleagues; Communicating properly will save you a lot of stress. But by communicating effectively with your co-workers you can come up with a solution or an idea or a concept. Five heads will always be better than one. Communicating effectively will also help with productivity.

Work harder to complement their efforts; A lazy worker is a burden to other workers. You must shelve your laziness and get your hands dirty doing the hard work. This makes you a good worker.  At the same time, if you are heading a team or a department, you are a leader, and leaders lead by example. If you work hard they will follow suit and vice versa

Be a team player with the rest; Being a team player makes work more interesting. The beauty of team playing is that you can all lean on each other for support. You have the opportunity to complement the weaknesses of others while they do their own thing. This is important in creating a good working atmosphere that increases your productivity by a large margin.

Be appreciative of their efforts; When you appreciate the efforts your co-workers make, it’s easier to enjoy work. Make sure to notice the little efforts they make to make your life easier. Appreciating them in these little efforts will make them know that their little efforts did not go unnoticed. This will propel them to extend kindness to you next time they have the chance.

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