How to be more productive in life?

by Onyinye Ogbuka

How to be more productive in life?

As humans beings, it’s important to be productive in life. Being unproductive is not helpful to our lives, those around us and society at large. Much of our fulfilment in life comes from the ability to be productive. Being productive comes with a sense of responsibility and fulfilment.

Being productive takes intentional effort and being productive overtime takes consistent efforts. Productivity helps you feel motivated, and feel confident. Being productive boosts your mood and releases feel-good endorphins into your body that help you stay motivated.

How to be more productive in life?

Doing this ten things will help you to be more productive in life.

Write down your vision

One of the ways to be productive is to write down your vision and your big goals. It’s not enough to imagine your vision or to have your big goals in your mind, it’s also important that you write them down externalizing them would make them seem more concrete, and more achievable and will help you be able to achieve them faster. Writing down your visions and your goals might seem silly but in retrospect, it is very effective because each time you look at them it gives you a sense of responsibility that helps you stay motivated enough to achieve those goals.

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Divide your goals into bits and pieces; 

Now that you have your vision written down, you must write how you intend to achieve them. This gives you direction and gives you a sense of focus. You cannot achieve your vision overnight so dividing your vision and your goals into bits and pieces will make them more achievable. For example, if you set a goal to be the best student in your class, of course, there has to be a way you plan to achieve it. When you decide to divide it into bits and pieces, you find out that it spills into your daily goals which involve attending classes every day, submitting your assignment in time and studying at least three to four hours per day.

Celebrate the little goals that culminate into the big goals.

One of the ways you can measure your success in achieving your big vision is to give it a time stamp. Your goal as a student is to be the best in your class you can measure your success by the results you get each semester you can also measure your success by the amount of time you spend reading per day or per week. To keep you motivated, you must celebrate these little goals. Reading consistently every day throughout a month is a goal, so each time you achieve something like this, make sure that you celebrate it. You can take yourself out or do something that you love doing.

Prioritize your activities

To be more productive you cannot spend time on activities that do not add or contribute to your big vision or your big goals. You must spend less time on things that do not matter and spend more time on things that matter. This should reflect in your daily goals because your daily goals culminates into determining if you will have a productive life or not. Does this mean you should not take on pleasurable activities or activities that you love? Not at all. You must draw boundaries so that you do not spend an unnecessary amount of time on pleasurable activities that do not take you a step closer to your big vision.


Consistency is the key to all things. What will determine if you will achieve your goals, in the long run, is how consistent you are. So writing your goals on a sheet of paper or dividing them into little tasks will be useless if you are not consistent with meeting the daily goals.

Do away with things that don’t matter.

You don’t have to handle everything by yourself, tasks that take your time and tasks that waste your time, you can delegate them or do away with them if they are not allowing you to meet your daily goals. If it is not urgent, schedule them for later, if not important get someone else to do them.

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