How to boost your energy

by Onyinye Ogbuka

How to boost your energy

Boosting your energy is one of the best ways to remain fit whilst feeling wonderful

Below are the things you can do to boost your energy.

  • Control stress
  • See a therapist
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Create priorities
  • Exercise 
  • Don’t smoke
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Drink water.
  • Take breakfast
  • Take healthy meals.
  • Hang out with friends

Control stress: To boost your energy, control the activities that stress you out. Stress emotions or signals like the cortisol sends stress signals to your brain. This emotions can take a huge chunk of your energy leaving you depleted. When this happens, you find it difficult to take on other tasks no matter how simple they are.

 See a therapist; A therapist does not on only help to cure mental illnesses. Therapist also serve as next door buddies that can give you a good advice when you need them. You can also get the services of a therapist just rant your frustrations without the fear of someone judging you. If you need someone to talk to, a therapist is great for you and someone to help you think better, a therapist is your best bet.

Get adéquate sleep:The most effective way to boost your energy is to get adequate sleep. This cannot be overemphasized. Not getting adequate sleep often leads to depression, suicidal thoughts or cardiovascular disease. Sleep allows your body relax and get rid of toxins. The more well rested you are, the more energetic you are. 

Create priorities; Male sure to control your activities for the day. It might be family, social or career obligations. In your mountain list if obligations you will find out that there are some that not so important and there are some that are important. Do not be caught trying to execute both, if you can help it schedule them and if you need help dont be afraid to ask fot help.

Exercise: Starting your day with a physical activity is one sure of boosting your energy levels up. Exercise is widely known to release some feel good hormones such as the endorphins. Exercise also gives you a sense of accomplishment and generally gives you a positive outlook for the remainder of the day 

Don’t smoke: You hear the doctors say that smoke is mkt good for you and you think they are lying. One of the main ingredients in tobacco is nicotine. When you smoke nicotine goes to your brain and makes you feel more energized and after while the it cools off. You are left feeling tired and wanting more. Smoking also adds to your anxiety and tension. 

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Avoid alcohol; Taking alcohol to fall asleep short changes you from getting that quality sleep that you desire. It’s not the best option; you might fall asleep but the alcohol has messed with the melatonin, the sleep hormone in your body. Taking alcohol before bed energizes and this disrupts the melatonin secretion in your brain. You will sleep, however you will not sleep deeply.

Drink water: If you are well hydrated, water will not boost your energy. Rather this works for people that often find themselves dehydrated. When you are dehydrated, enough oxygen is is not pumped to the parts of the body that needs it. This makes the heart work harder which leaves you tired.

Take breakfast: The most important meal if the day is breakfast. When you take breakfast, you give your body the necessary ingredients with which to run the day. You also refuel your body. Most importantly, a good breakfast enhances your mood and you don’t suffer hunger pangs which is likely to affect your concentration.

Hang out with friends: Friends never hang out and end up crying. Being with your friend does so much to improve your mood. It makes you feel better and happier.

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