How to break sexual addiction

by Onyinye Ogbuka
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Something can be good but too much of it is bad, this is true. Sex is good but too much of it is bad. Due to peer pressure, I ended up having sex at a very young age.  It was a way of belonging to the group, soon I started sleeping around. I slept with almost every girl that I met. How to break sexual addiction.

How to break free from sexual addiction

I was always feeling drained, and tired. It affected my life in several ways. You can think that it does not matter at all, not until you find you can’t do without it by then you are in quicksand.

I confided in a friends and he told about how he was able to stop his. He recommended Mildstrings to me. I was unsure at first; talking to a stranger about my problem. My friend assured me of their top notch hundred percent confidentiality. I wanted to get better so I took that step and booked a therapist.

I saw my therapist and I was terrified to talk. We had scheduled our session to hold on zoom. He was patient with me and by the third session, I had opened up. It took a while for him to get through to me. It took a while for us to establish the real reason behind my problem which was essentially a low self-esteem issue.

I was surprised to find this out and somehow, the dots connected. Sex was not the issue, the issue was low self-esteem. However, I had to treat myself of the after-effects of low self-esteem, I had become addicted to sex.

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Here was how the therapist helped me conquer addiction to sex.

I was placed on medication; precisely; anti-depressants and anti-androgens. It was funny that I was taking drugs but combined with the other forms of therapy, I was getting better. I did not feel as much desire for sex as I did before.

I had deep-seated hidden ideologies about sex. I saw sex as a way of asserting myself and making myself more manly to a lady. My therapist uncovered this without judgement and brought me to a realization that it is a wrong belief. Sex should not be and is not proof of anything.

I had to accept that sex is for pleasure, mutual pleasure. It was contrasted by deep-seated ideas but I got to that point. I started to fend off ladies because my reputation had preceded me. 

I avoided activities that triggered sex, nightclubs, and having a lady over. It was so bad that I had to stop watching movies especially those with graphic images that could trigger thoughts of sex. I had to filter my feed on my social media channels. I had to select my friends and tell them the situation that I was in and how it was affecting me negatively. Our conversations started to revolve around lasting stuff like self-improvement and money.

I faced my fears and worked towards becoming a better person so I would not need sex to validate me because I am more than that. I read books, took more courses and took on more productive activities.

Sometimes, I wake up with a raging hard on that would make me feel like I would die if  I didn’t get a release. I didn’t try masturbation as an option because it would be defeating the entire process of therapy. Whenever this happens, I direct my strength into something more productive.

It has been a trying journey so far.

It has not been a walk in the park but I am better for it and happier for it. I can’t imagine where I would have been if I did not meet Mildstrings. It has been a ride and I am glad that Mildstrings helped me get back on track.

How can you stop sexual addiction

  • Avoid things that trigger your desire for sex
  • Make sure to occupy yourself with new hobbies
  • Learn to channel your creative energy to productive things
  • Don’t give up on your journey of recovery
  • Get someone you can be accountable to, a therapist preferably.
  • Avoid people or friends that trigger your desire for sex.

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