How to build love and trust in your relationship after it’s lost

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love and trust in relationships

Love and trust are the most needed ingredients to tighten the bond of relationships. According to a 2013 Pew Research Center survey, about nine-in-ten Americans stated that love is a very important reason to get married — or start a relationship, to add. And based on an in-depth interview carried out by Nicole D. Laborde et al. with 33 young men and women aged 16 – 22 years in San Francisco, California, shows that young people identify trust as one of the most important characteristics of a romantic relationship.

Okay, good thing we have done some convincing to set your mind in believing that love and trust can not exist without the other in a relationship. Think of it; you can’t tell someone you love them when you don’t trust them. The thing with love is that you just can’t help but give yourself away to your lover, and this includes your trust.

So, if you are looking into starting a relationship with someone who has been on your tail for quite a while, or you have suddenly lost the love and trust you once had for your partner, then this article will help you build back that love and trust so you can start getting the most out of your relationship again.

Let’s go!

Steps to Take to Build Love and Trust in your Relationships

  1. Eat together

If you looking for a little something to build love and trust in a relationship, then you have to try eating together. It’s surprising how eating together and feeding him/her was such a loving thing to do. If you are not doing it anymore, why the heck did you stop? The act of eating together can look insignificant externally, but internally, it builds a bond that can’t be easily snapped.

  1. Have sex without condoms

Yes, you read it right. Shockingly, most couples have sex with condoms. Some couples are afraid of catching STIs from their partners. If you are not preventing pregnancy, then there is only one meaning to having sex with condoms — lack of trust.

  1. Be transparent with money

We all know how much trouble money can cause between people. To keep that trouble out and build a strong pillar of love and trust in your relationship, you need to be transparent with money.

Dragging on a disagreement and fighting monetary rights will never get your relationship anywhere, instead, it only reduces trust. So, it is ideal to come clean. State your income and expenses if need be. The goal here is to not have a skeleton in the cupboard.

  1. Plan together

We disagree with the fact that one person has better insight into planning budgets, travels, shopping, or the meal. You can start building love and trust by planning stuff and doing things together. This just shows how much ‘togetherness’ is written all over your relationship.

  1. Share stuff

If you cannot share a towel, cup, spoon, clothing, and all of those little items, how do you manage to share a kiss? Remember that a kiss is one of the most romantic things to share. So, if you are looking forward to building a pyramid of love and trust, share more stuff like a kiss, a hug, secrets, sad moments, and household items.

  1. Play games

Be it a simple tabletop game like cards and ludo, to a fast-paced versus action video game like The Mortal Combat, games have a way of bonding people. Playing games can help you build love and trust in your relationships as you sit down to share moments of laughter and giggles while enjoying the feeling of togetherness.

How are love and trust-related?

Love and trust are characteristics that occur naturally in strong relationships. Love and trust are related because trust goes before love. We can only love those we trust.

If you are in a relationship, you can only be truly open to enjoying a real relationship filled with love when you start trusting your spouse.

Is love different from trust?

Yes, love is different from trust. Although love can only be seen as what it means, trust on the other hand can take various subjective meanings. For instance, you could love your husband but you can’t trust him with money. Or you could love your wife, but can’t trust her with your documents.

The absence of trust for a particular thing does not necessarily mean that you do not love that person. Of course, you love that person but the thing is, the person might be lacking a level of competence for a particular task you want to trust into his/her care. The thing is, faithfulness is the only trust-related thing you should be worried about in a relationship.

Can there be love without trust?

Yes, there can be love without trust because we can love our family members but don’t trust them. Just like we have explained in the previous paragraphs, it is possible to be in a relationship where you love but don’t trust your partner either with material things or in his/her actions.

Final words

As you venture into the journey of building love and trust in your relationships, keep in mind that things would not happen overnight. It takes time for the outcome to be noticed and for you to start getting positive feedback from your partner. Always remember that among others, love and trust is what you need to have a bonding relationship.

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