How to fight addiction to internet?

by Onyinye Ogbuka

How to fight addiction to internet?

Internet addiction can be defined as the obsessive need to spend a lot of time on the internet, most times, to the detriment of romantic, family relationships, and careers.

As someone who lives in the 21st century, it’s easy to get used to the internet to the point of addiction. We are constantly checking our social media, we are constantly checking the internet for news, and we are constantly gaming online. Learning to control our internet addictions will help us have more meaningful offline life experiences.

There are several causes of internet addiction and some of them include stress, family problems, work-related problems.

How to fight your addiction to internet.

Admit it; To fight your internet addiction you have to admit that you are addicted. Refusing to admit will not solve the problem at hand. Admitting is halfway to solving it. Admitting will give you the courage to take the necessary steps to deal with it.

Get to the root cause; your internet addiction is not random, it stems from something and it’s important you find out why you are addicted to the internet. There are several underlying reasons why you could be addicted to the internet and one of them is anxiety, depression or stress. You need to admit that you are anxious or depressed to be able to deal with internet addiction. This way, when you’re going for therapy, you are not only going to get rid of your internet addiction, you’re also treating the underlying factor which could be stress, anxiety or depression.

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Manage the account and turn off your notifications; one of the reasons why you might be addicted to the internet is that you have several subscriptions, you are on several social media platform. So what you can do is to deactivate the less important ones and for the important ones, you can turn off the notifications so that you don’t have to get notifications about a new comment or a new post. This way, you are able to pay undivided attention to offline experiences without constantly having to check your phone.

Create a plan; deciding to go off the internet abruptly is near impossible so it’s better to create a plan that is consistent with reducing the amount of time spent on the internet. You can make plans for the number of hours to spend on the internet. You can start with three hours per day and as time goes on, you keep reducing it until you are no longer dependent on the internet.

Create positive distractions; now that you have decided to go off the internet, you have to fill your day with activities that do not require you to go on the internet. You can spend more time with family and with friends by hanging out with them or going on outings with them. You can also take yourself out on solo dates, movie dates, food dates and things like that. 

If your work has to do with the internet, ensure that the windows and the tabs that are not related to work are closed down and spend more time on the window that is related to work.

Take on new hobbies: what better way to spend your time than learning a new hobby? One of the most effective ways of dealing with internet addiction is to take on a new hobby, go on vacations, and take new classes. These are sure ways of dealing with internet addiction.

Support groups: to deal with internet addiction better, you can also join support groups, they help keep you grounded and accountable. 

Get a therapist; a therapist will help you conquer your internet addiction faster because they are not judgemental and they’re willing to help you all through the way. Getting a therapist is also one of the most effective ways of dealing with internet addiction because they will help unearth the underlying issues that cause internet addiction.

How to stop addiction to online games?

  • Decide to change
  • Get a therapist
  • Get an accountability partner
  • Create more offline activities
  • Unsubscribe from the games
  • Reduce the number of hours spent playing the games.
  • You can also delete the apps from your device.

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