How to fight an addiction?

by Onyinye Ogbuka

How to fight an addiction?

Too much of something is not good, this is because most things we call addiction started with us doing too much of it.

What is an addiction; this is the fact or condition of being physically and mentally dependent on a particular activity or substance.

How to beat an addiction?

  • Identify the addiction.
  • Accept the addiction
  • Make a decision to change
  • Make efforts towards conquering the addiction
  • Seek help/ see a therapist to help with your addiction
  • Get an accountability partner to help you on your journey
  • Be consistent with the concept of change
  • Cut off enablers and triggers that can help you go back to your addiction.

Identify the addiction; To conquer your addiction, first of all, you have to make sure that you identify it. You have to know what you are fighting, this brings you fifty per cent halfway to solving your problem. One of the ways of identifying your addiction is to look at that activity that you engage in without exercising any form of restraint or that substance you take without any inhibitions. Another way to identify addictions is when you are unable to socialize properly due to the excess engagement with that particular addiction. Another way to identify your addiction is when you are willing to do something regardless of the risk factors; things that can harm you. In the case of sex, when you are willing to have unprotected sex without thinking of its dangers. In the case of drugs, when you are willing to share needles with the other person regardless of the danger that it poses.

Accept the addiction; It is very important to accept your addiction. There is not much that can be done for someone who believes that something detrimental to him or her is not detrimental. It does not help if everyone around that person is trying to convince the person and they refuse to see it as an addiction. Accepting it means you are ready to move forward to the next step.

Make a decision to change; Life is full of choices. You don’t take any action without making a choice. To conquer your addiction, you must make a choice. A choice to change. A friend who had anger issues refused to accept he had anger issues, he had to lose the love of his life to make a decision to change. Making a decision to change is very important, if not, you will never make progress.

Make efforts towards conquering your addiction. It’s not enough to make a decision, making efforts towards conquering your addiction is important. Making efforts will help you go a long way in conquering your addictions. Putting in place things that can help you change.

Seek help/ see a therapist to help with your addiction; Getting a therapist to help you conquer your addiction is one of the best ways to deal with that addiction. You can meet with someone who knows about what you are going through and is willing to help you through it.

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Get an accountability partner to help you on your journey; A therapist can suffice. You can also get an understanding family member or a friend. The most important criterion is that based on your permission, they care and demand accountability from you in a way that keeps you on your toes without irritating you.

Be consistent with the concept of change; You don’t just decide to change and instantly transform into that person that you desire. Change is constant but it is gradual.  You cannot overcome your addiction immediately, it’s a journey where you might backslide sometimes but don’t be quick to give up. You might go back to your addiction, it’s completely normal but don’t give up on trying to fight it. 

Cut off enablers and triggers; Part of the efforts you have to make is that you have cut off things that can make you return to your addiction. This includes people, activities, and situations. It is not realistic that you are fighting an alcohol addiction and you are going to a club. Are you sure you want to conquer that addiction? Whatever can trigger your craving make sure to cut it off. It will fast-track your progress.

How to fight an addiction

Most importantly, when fighting addiction, Mildstrings has discovered that two people don’t fight an addiction the same way. So if you feel like you are making some progress, celebrate. Don’t compare your journey with that of another person.

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