How to Find A Husband After 40 Years Even When You Have Kids

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how to find a husband after 40

Have you always thought and hoped you’d meet Mr. Right but have found yourself still with no one at age 40 and you’ve been looking for ways to find a husband after 40?

If you believe the popular saying – That women who are single at 40 have a little chance of getting married – you are probably thinking it’s too late to get married.

But don’t give up just yet. Read on to see why meeting the right person has been difficult so far and ways to possibly find a husband after 40

Reasons why you have not met the right person yet or found a husband after 40

There are some reasons why you’ve not found the right partner.

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After 40, finding a partner may be a bit difficult because the age is a little bit on the high side but below we see some reasons why you probably haven’t met the right one yet

1. you don’t see yourself in this person

Be who you want to date. I know you’ve probably heard this phrase a million times-Be the person you want to date. If for no other reason, other than the fact that when it comes to dating, we are all looking for ourselves.

2. You doubt their existence

It’s difficult to find someone while doubting their very existence. If you want to meet the right person you have to, without a doubt, believe in the existence of that individual.

And when it comes to finding a partner after the age of 40 you need to be more conscious in every sense of the word

3. spending too much time with the wrong people

You will never get to meet the right person while spending time with the wrong one. Whether you are currently with someone, who is less than you want, or you are hung up on a past relationship, this relationship with the wrong person blocks the right one from coming into your life.

Ways to choose the right partner

1. choose a partner who you can connect with easily

It is very important to choose somebody with who you can easily have conversations. This way, you can enjoy doing things and talking about them together without getting bored. For ladies looking for a husband after 40, this should be the most important criteria

2. partner with the same interests

choosing a partner who shares a lot of common interests with you will work completely in your favor. all your interests don’t have to be the same, but some would do. Says clinical psychologist and relationship expert Seema Hingorrany, “When you decide to spend your life with someone, you must look at things that the two of you would love to do together. For example, if you are a movie buff, you would ideally like to be with someone who enjoys movies as well. This will make your life interesting.”

3. Consider your partner’s intellectual

If you are a chill person and your partner is an over-achiever/go-getter, that could lead to a threat in your marriage life. You must find a common ground on how both of you can think and process things.

4. It’s not a big deal to have standards

When choosing someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, you need to consider your and your family’s standards.

it’s okay to choose someone who probably does not belong to the same strata of society as yours, make sure that he/she’s not totally off the raider.

5. You should have the utmost respect for one another

You clearly cannot spend your life with a person who has no respect for you or your dreams/goals, aspirations, or personality. So, choose someone who will acknowledge you for the rest of your life.

6. Is your potential trustworthy

In this day and age, it is very important to choose someone you can trust completely. You definitely won’t be able to lead a happy marriage if you cannot trust each other or have faith in each other wholeheartedly.

7. Spending quality time together

Just as significant as it is to have similar interests, it is also very important to be with a person who gives you enough time and who you would love to spend time with.

Here are some ways you can get a husband after 40

After putting the above into consideration, here are some steps you can follow to help you get a partner after 40:

1. Be grateful and proud of the life you have

You need to count your blessings sometimes because when you are in the habit of gratitude, you tend to appreciate life more which in turn makes you a happy, cheerful, and pleasant individual. This automatically makes the right people drawn towards you

2. You need to get into the habit of self-maintenance

self-care is vital to improve one’s self-esteem, social presence, and confidence. Getting a husband after 40 can be difficult sometimes but your appearance helps a great deal in attracting the person with the qualities you desire.

3. Loosen up a little and Network

In a case like this where you’re trying to get a husband in your 40s, it’s a bit important to loosen up a bit, become a bit more social and accomodating, and most importantly network.

Attending events has often helped a lot of people meet the right person so this is also considered vital.

4. Don’t accept who you don’t want.

Firstly, you need to enjoy being alone because you being sad because you’ve not met the right person might make you make a hasty decision to choose whoever comes your way

5. Lastly seek advice

It is very important to seek advice to find out what you are not doing right. Sometimes therapy might help because the reason you’ve not met the right person might be because of the energy you’re emitting unconsciously.

There’s a saying that you attract what you emit so sometimes you need to talk to someone to find out what you’re doing wrongly.

These steps above might help a great deal in finding you a husband even after 40 years of age

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