How to get a girlfriend if you are an introvert

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Some of the problems that can come with being an introvert are the inability to meet and engage a girl in a conversation talk less about having a girlfriend. Usually, an introvert Is someone who primarily keeps to himself and his feelings, but if you are not sure of your personality trait, check these 8 signs you’re an introvert to learn.

As social beings, we need companionship with the opposite gender especially when puberty kicks in, all your guys are talking to one girl or the other and you are the only one left out.

Men who are smooth talkers are not the only ones who can get the girls, even introverted guys can get beautiful girls that they want and like, you don’t have to be the outgoing type or be popular to get a girlfriend.

Table of Content
  • Easy guild on how to get a girlfriend if you are an introvert.
  • Showcase Yourself
  • Be the dream guy to any girl that gets close.
  • Be Helpful
  • Match Making through family or friends
  • Crush on a girl
  • Get On A Dating Site.
  • Conclusion

Easy guild on how to get a girlfriend if you are an introvert.

How to get a girlfriend for introverts

Showcase Yourself

This sounds crazy, but for you to be introverted spending most of your time with yourself there has to be something you are very good at, that doesn’t seem like work to you that you enjoy doing. it could be academics, music, art, just think about it and showcase it.

Have your friends talk about it, if you get known and noticed for it, you would have girls wanting to get close to you to know more about your craft or knowledge, from there you can get a girl of your own.

Some girls love introverted guys or better still find them attractive because they usually catch people’s eyes as opposed to extroverted guys who are loud and known.

Some women just love the quiet that comes with an introverted guy but regardless of all these qualities it is still important for you as an introvert to get a girlfriend which can mostly only be done yourself.

Ladies Secretly Admiring someone
ladies admiring a guy

Be the dream guy to any girl that gets close.

You have finally been able to get a girl to get close to you, you need to work on her liking you, by being a good guy, if possible a great guy, now I don’t mean sacrificing your resources to make her happy.

There are just little things that the majority of other guys do not do, like calling to check on a lady, offering her lunch, taking time to know her interests, e.t.c.

While doing that, get to find out your mutual interests; it could be the same genre of music, movies, art, just anything she likes and you also like, work on getting new information on it to share and you are on your way to getting a girlfriend

how to get a girlfriend if you are an introvert
how to get a girlfriend

Be Helpful

As an introvert, it is easy to always keep to yourself, but if you are looking to get a girl you need to be helpful in some way.

If you see any announcement that volunteers are needed for activities that you can help with, try to offer your help for that course, you would be surprised to see and meet other introverts in the same program volunteering, you could meet an introvert girl that is also open to friendship then you can exchange contacts, and share your introverts world.

Girls love guys who listen to them, get good listening skills because they would see you as a patient and good listener. Don’t pay attention to yourself, focus on her and what she is saying when she notices this she could get attracted to you by seeing that you stand out from every other guy she has met or been with.

You don’t need to act like someone else or try to change your character or attitude, don’t try too hard for her to like you, you don’t need to crack jokes and do too much because you are an introvert and she would get that you are pretending which could destroy your chances of getting her as your girlfriend or worse still break up with you when she sees that you are not what you pretended to be.

Match Making through family or friends

Matchmaking through your friends and family can get you a girlfriend.

Your friend could have a girlfriend who has a single roommate, all he needs to do is invite his girlfriend and she comes along with her friend, they pair while you are left to pair with her single friend or roomie, this works all the time.

Or your mom’s friend has a daughter of your age group, she invites you out to meet her friend and her daughter, then you build a relationship from there. All you need to do is keep your ears on the ground for any opportunity and when it comes do well to use it.

Crush on a girl

keep your eyes on the girl you wish to have as your girlfriend and crush on her, although this is infatuation and could be time-wasting, as you just spend your time building castles in the sky with someone who doesn’t know you exist, crushing on a girl would only work if she’s within your reach like you see her often she sees you and you speak to each other.

Most times ladies have this intuition that they know when a guy is interested in them, so if she’s bold she could tell you what she thinks and she feels about you “that you like her” if it is mutual you could build a relationship from there.

Get On A Dating Site.

There is numerous online dating site, where you can get a profile on.

To get a girlfriend via a dating site you have to keep your profile real, have a nice looking picture, put your real identity, your likes, dislikes, your personality, etc.

You would get someone who is genuinely interested in your profile to reach out to you then you can connect with a girl that is interested in you. Once you get a girl to like you, you will need to build the love flame of love in her, girls love sweet messages, she wants to feel special, share her lovely romantic messages that would make her droll over you.

Once she’s deeply in love, she is yours. Don’t be a cheat, don’t break her heart, and you will both live happily ever after.


Look good and carry yourself well, your first impression matters as an introvert you have to build confidence, this includes looking good and dressing well, because just like men, women also get attracted by how a man looks, but what can make you keep a woman is more than looks, however as an introvert you have to be able to look good just to get in the way and be noticeable. Read how to make a woman want you more sexually without spending money.

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