How to get your wife in the mood for sex anytime

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When kids are involved in a marriage, you definitely know there will be a lot more work compared to if it was just yourself and your wife. this makes it quite difficult to get your wife in the mood, but this article has the cheat code

it Sometimes comes across as selfish if after her day’s work you feel the urge for sex knowing fully well that she’s stressed and needs to get rested. Among all the several benefits of sex, Stress relief tops the list.

So how do you get your wife in the mood to have sex with you even when she’s tired, stressed, when she’s not ovulating, or when she’s absolutely not in the mood for sex?

Heads up this written article is going to be erotic and spontaneous. This is only recommended for men who are married to a wife.

Follow these steps in chronological order, and this would help you get your wife in the mood to have sex with you.

1. Help out:

This is the most unspoken love language that all women understand and appreciate. You don’t want to miss this step and jump to foreplay or other erotic means because this would only make her have sex with you to satisfy your urge.

You have to be helpful, assist with housekeeping and caring for the kids, be concerned about activities that are a burden to her. You have to genuinely be concerned and be helpful. Make her see your help, make sure you don’t let it go unnoticed.

Women see this as romantic. At the same time set a boundary because women like to take advantage of things. So be helpful but make sure she doesn’t take you for granted or take advantage of it.

You could assist with things like house chores, cooking, dropping the kids.

Make her happy by helping out and being concerned for her first.

2. Smell nice:

Smell nice and sexy, women love it when their man smells so fresh and clean, “it makes us happy. It makes us proud of our choice. Look well-groomed”. If you don’t smell well you would be unattractive and you will repel her.

Get great body cologne that smells nice and romantic, make her comfortable to want to rest on you or wrap herself around you when you both retire to your bedroom after the day’s activities. This means you need to always freshen up and look appetizing to your wife.

3. Look Attractive

You don’t want to look unkempt or unattractive this would just kill her interest. The goal is to get her in the mood so you have to put in effort to look attractive. Do you know that most single men do not even have to spend or impress before they get ladies to grace their beds.

All because they are fresh and clean, they look attractive and they can get women to drool over them.

So you have to look attractive, get a clean shave, dress nice, make her compliment your appearance, and then you can leverage on this and compliment her in return.

By this time the atmosphere would have been much more relaxing for her, and then you can proceed to touch and kissing

4. Cuddle her:

she’s now next to you. You have succeeded in drawing her close to you. It is time to cuddle. You can begin by spooning. This is sleeping position that is likened to pacing 2 spoons together, you spoon her from behind. There is something unique about this position because it makes her feel secure and you have access to all your wife’s fantastic curves.

Keep your hands on her. Touch her hips, touch her shoulders and gently begin to kiss her shoulder while running your hands on her hips and ass. Keep this slow and continue to kiss her body, make sure to grab her closer and begin to whisper into her ears how sexy and sweet she is.

“Ladies love to be complimented, not only that but we find it erotic when seduced”.

5. Kiss her:

she would turn over to face you. Off course she wants to see your face to know what you are up to, once she meets you, smile and kiss her on the lips. Kiss her deeply while touching her body; make sure you hold this kiss for at least 2mins while gradually removing her cloths. Keep kissing until you are able to access her boobs and keep on touching and kissing your wife.

You have to keep this romance going and gradually let her loosen up to enjoy your company as well

1. Massage and Caress her body:

You can also massage and caress her body while kissing her. By now she would have been dripping wet and horny for you. Kiss her neck; gently kiss her from stomach down to her thigh. By now she would have been pulling you up to have you. She’s ready she’s in the mood already. It’s time for other foreplay that would keep her turned on and be intoxicated for sex.

2. Tell her how sexy her body is: 

keep moaning and keep appreciating her body.

3. Get a strong erection and allow her to touch it:

women love to touch, hold, and suck a strong erection, so make her feel free to do as she pleases with your erection:

4. Make her play with your body:

Make her play with your body, just like you have played with hers.

5. She will beg to have you.

Finally she would beg to have you and you can have sex with your wife. You can continue this routine as much as you like, you can spice things up switch styles, change procedures, and skip steps. But keep these tips handy for anytime you are trying to get your wife to have sex with you.


By now you should have learnt a lot about improving your sex life and creating sex memories with your partner. Cheers to been the best and most loving couple in history when you practice this Steps.

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