How to give your husband a mind blowing morning sex

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It sounds shallow yet men are wired such that sex or the possibility of sex makes them drawn to a lady. Love comes into the image well after the fascination episode. In spite of the prevalent view that credits how men crave sex as egotistical, men view sex as a way to arrive at shared fulfillment and render joy, most aim at sex is mutual satisfaction. Especially when they deeply love and care for the woman.

You could ask why it is that men care such a huge amount about sex. Or on the other hand, why is sex so critical to men? Ladies have pondered for quite a long time why this generally ends up being one of the main parts of any relationship.

Sex doesn’t necessarily matter to ladies from the start but when they settle in seeing someone when there are different things happening in the dynamic, then sex is much of the time the primary thing to go.

As a rule, this will NEVER occur for a man, and there are more profound explanations behind this than you could anticipate. There are a large number of justifications for why sex in a marriage is so essential to men, and why it generally will be.

If truly it is that vital to him thus when he sees that you are focusing on improving and exploring sex in the relationship, he will remain focused on you and realizes that you feel the same way about him. He really wants this association, for its less about actual closeness and more about remaining solid as a couple such that he truly comprehends and appreciates his woman For this reason sex means a lot to men, so as a lady you need to be conscious about your sex life with your partner.

How significant is sex in a drawn-out relationship when there is no or restricted sex in connections, there could be other basic relationship issues? So on the off chance that you are in a drawn-out relationship, look out for any indications of a waning sexual coexistence.

Regardless of what else is happening your man can search for sex in a relationship with you and realize that he will continuously have that with you this is the means by which you stay joined together and overcome any barrier regardless of whether there is an impermanent difficulty.

The significance of sex for men appears in both the profound and actual parts of a relationship. Sex is a definite activity for both physical and mental closeness that you share with your companion.

This article is all about how to improve your sex life; I have earlier talked about how sex is very important not only to men but also to women. But in relationship sex can get really boring and tiring especially when you live together and see each other every time. There might really be nothing to miss or fascinate anymore or worse still when there are obstacles in your sex life and you want to look for ways to get it off and make things interesting it can tempt you to cheat.

Previous articles explain how to give your husband a blow job while he is still sleeping, not so many women have done this before, and not so many men have experienced this before. But this is a deal breaker for men who have. It is just heavenly. This book talks about so many sex tricks like how to last longer in bed, and great techniques to delay your ejaculation and last longer. If you have ever envied male porn stars on how they are able to last so long without being released, then sit back to enjoy this book.

How to give your husband mind-blowing morning sex.

This Article is to teach you how to give your man a groundbreaking orgasm that is different from the ones he usually gets. 

The tips shared are not for morning sex only, it covers married women and women living with their partners.

Morning sex is very great and beneficial to the body, especially the ones between the hours of 5 am-6 am just before you prepare to go work, morning sex is regarded by most people as the sweetest sex, because you are starting your day on a good note, with plenty dose of the happy hormones dopamine you will be more energized and happier throughout the day.

Steps to have a mind-blowing morning sex

How to keep your wife satisfied/mildstrings/twitter
How to keep your wife satisfied

Suck him while he is still sleeping.

You don’t want to wait until he is awake before you start the fun, just gently sneak up on him while still sleeping to suck his dick. If he doesn’t have an erection yet you can begin by sucking him until he gets hard and erect. Just make sure he is still fast asleep.

You need to suck him passionately, hold onto his dick and suck him like you are sucking on a lollipop. You can get to lick something sweet like honey or chocolate while sucking him. This would help you transfer that sweetness and make the blow job better.

There is no way he won’t wake up from the sudden pleasure of the blow job. He might not even be fully awake yet but he would be as horny as ever.

Begin to kiss him

Once he wakes up you should kiss him deeply, caress his body and continue to play with his Dick. By now his erection would have been stronger and harder obviously because he is yet to have a morning pee. He might have a strong sensation and would want to smash you right away, but just hold on a bit, don’t give him access yet. Help him to undress if he has some clothes on.

Suck and Kiss his Nipple

let him lay on the back with his penis facing up. Then begin to suck his nipple. Make him extra hard and horny for you. Suck his nipple softly and slowly but be sure to suck the two. Note just like ladies, men’s nipples are very sensitive when it is sucked it touched.

Let the Ride Begin

it is time to ride him like you ride a local motorbike or a power bike. Grind on it, twerk on it, and bounce on it he will moan and hold you tightly asking you for more.

He will scream, you hear him moan in pleasure, he will tell you all manner of sweet things, he would thank God for sending you his way, in fact at this point you can ask him for anything, and he would approve it. Ride him for as long as you can

You can switch styles Missionary or doggy

Whichever style he wants but let him be in control and smash you passionately, also encourage him by moaning. Men love it when they hear their women moan in pleasure.

Moan, call him sweet names, say sweet and romantic things, like Fuck Me baby, I love you, baby, the pussy is yours, fuck it, just say any sweet thing as it comes to your head. Just make him go really crazy and when he eventually releases, it would be explosive.

Time to get him dressed for work. Now make him his favorite breakfast and help him to prepare for work. Help feed him, hug him, and wish him a great day, this is very important.

He will think about you all through the day because you have succeeded in making him happy. He would be so happy even his colleagues would notice that something is different.

Also don’t forget to call him during the day, when it’s about the close of work, you will see him rush home to meet you, he might even buy you a present on his way home just to appreciate how amazing you are. Remember a happy sex life would lead to a happier marriage.

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