How to keep your wife satisfied? The secret to a happy marriage.

by Onyinye Ogbuka
How to keep your wife satisfied/mildstrings/twitter

How to keep your wife satisfied. The marriage bed should be kept holy. Yes, we did that but now, there are gallops and potholes. It’s creating a strain on the journey of our marriage. This might have ended some marriages but I am a teachable partner that seeks to please. How was I able to get off the potholes and gallops into a smooth marriage and well-oiled marriage?

How to keep your wife satisfied? Ecstasy when I see you

I make my way to the middle of the aisle and take my position. From the corner of my eyes, I see other ushers taking their positions too. I notice a lady climb the stairs to the pulpit, she strides to the lectern and takes up the microphone. She starts singing and soon the audience joins. The atmosphere is warm, I feel goosebumps rise on my skin, it’s as though she is singing to my soul. I keep my eyes on her. She is so beautiful and her voice does something to me. I feel a stirring in the well of my soul as I keep my gaze on her. 

The service passes in a blur because she is the focus of my attention. She is seated with other choir members by the right, in front of the audience, opposite the pastorate. I am mesmerized by the various expressions on her face. The way she shuts her eyes tightly while the pastor is praying, I wonder if thinks she would see a demon if she opened her eyes. If she actually opened her eyes she would have seen me. The way her brows furrows at the deep truth that comes out of the pastor’s mouth. The smile that breaks out on her face each time the pastor says something funny and the laughter that erupts from her when he is extra funny.

How to keep your wife satisfied? Just curious

My eyes linger on her face, it’s as smooth as the canvas of a painter. Her oval-shaped face, bulging eyes and pointed nose is one many women would die for. Her lips, those lovely things. It is painted in red. It’s perfect for kissing. I looked around consciously, glad that no one knows what I am thinking and I hurl my mind out of the gutter. 

From an angle, I see an old man dozing. I am supposed to wake him up but I don’t. Today is his lucky day because I have met the flesh of my flesh and I don’t want to lose sight of her.

The service comes to an end and everyone makes their way outside. I ask my co-ushers about her and discovered she had just recently joined my church.

How to keep your wife satisfied? Parted seas

In the weeks that follow, we have a series of youth programs and church activities that take place. She is a diligent sister because she always attends all. I try to always sit around her.

Months pass and she begins to notice me. Asking for her contact seems too difficult a thing for me to do because I always end up tongue-tied around her each time I try to. In an impressive turn of events, we were paired together for a church project and because communication is necessary, she offers to have my contact.

There is nothing that makes me happier that night than awaiting her call. She calls the next day and we talk about how to get the project done. The sound of her voice is like a balm to my soul.

Weeks run by and we have developed an easy camaraderie, we are friends and it’s more beautiful because I’m not so nervous around her.

I am thirty years of age, and I have what it takes to settle down. I have been putting things in place but there has not been a woman in sight. I have what I want before me. She ticks all my boxes, so I work on our friendship by availing myself and in no time we become close.

We are together at her house. We are about to watch some movies. She is in the kitchen trying to make some popcorn, she calls out to me and says “bro”. I feel blood rushing to my head. I make up my mind to clearly expressly my intentions. When she settles down, I make her know how I feel about her. She is tongue tied and mutters a shy “let me think about it”.

It’s been a week and I have been tied up in knots. Our conversations has being stilted. When she finally gives her reply, it’s favourable and pleasure spreads through me.

Together forever

I don’t want to wait, we don’t waste time dating. We commence wedding preparation and in a little over six months, we get married on a chilly Saturday. I strongly believe that if love can be expressed in quantities then it’s not love. What I feel for her is too strong an emotion to be just love. 

And two shall be one

How to keep your wife satisfied/pinterest pin/mildstrings

We lodge in a hotel for our honeymoon. I know I am supposed to initiate sex but I have no desire for that. I am a thirty-year-old man who has never had sex. We have conversations instead, in which she keeps giving me expectant looks. Finally, after three days, she initiates sex one early morning, climbs astride me and kisses me. I really do not want to have sex but I kiss her back and I turn her over. I pepper kisses all over her face. I place my mouth on the flesh of skin behind her ears, as I suck on it, the scent of her fills my nostrils. It does something to my third leg and I become more aggressive.

My hands find their way to her breasts and I fondle them through her clothes. The moment I pinch her nipples with my thumb, she releases a gasp into my mouth and I take the opportunity to make a quick sweep of her mouth with my tongue. I know one or two things about the mating dance.

I am hard already and I don’t waste time removing her nighties. We are both in a hurry to be joined as one. I position myself at her entrance and push into her. She lets out a cry of pain and I realize we are both virgins. I push further into her whilst muttering a hundred sorrys. After a while, she is comfortable and I start thrusting. Even though I try to stop it, a few thrusts are what I need to come undone. I pull out and roll away breathing heavily. She opens her eyes and asks me if that is the end and I reply in the affirmative. Disappointment flashes across her face but she is quick to mask it. To my horror, I realize I ejaculated too quickly depriving her of her climax. 

Not enough

Suddenly my energy is depleted and I feel less.

I initiate sex at night and I notice I climaxed after a few thrusts.

I make a few more attempts against my will because I don’t feel like it. This time, I have difficulty getting an erection and the whole show is over even before I start thrusting.  Who even initiated sex? Why is it a most? My wife puts it behind her and acts like it does not matter. Somehow in my heart, I feel bad for her. She must have imagined her first time differently. 

After we come back from our honeymoon, we settle into married life. I focus on my work with thoughts of providing for her all that she needs. It’s not in me to have sex with her because I am occupied. 

Four months into our marriage. I am at home in the bedroom working, she comes out from the closet. I am staring into my laptop, I notice she keeps moving around the room aimlessly. She keeps bending and kneeling. When she notices I am not looking at her, she comes to my side of the bed, removes my laptop and straddles me. 


I know what she wants but I am not in the mood. She kisses me and I tell her I am not in the mood. She gets off me and starts crying. She says I have not touched her for the past four months. She has been trying to get my attention with skimpy clothes but I don’t notice. She complained about being unsatisfied with the sex. She becomes angry and storms out of the room.

I am not happy she is like this. I wonder what is wrong with me. I have heard many of my friends say sex is food for men and I wonder why it’s not the same for me.

How to keep your wife satisfied? Low sex drive

I pick up my phone and google why I don’t desire sex.  From the results, I find out I have a low sex drive. It hurts to be hit with this kind of reality but I am willing to do anything for my wife. For the rest of the day, I embark on research to seek solutions to my low sex drive. I find out that I am not fit, a bit overweight, I have been working too much and I have to change my diet from junk and soda.

How to keep your wife satisfied? On a quest to get better

I start working on myself by getting registered in a gym. I work on losing weight and getting fit. I also change my diet, I cut sugar out of my meals, I stop taking soda and start taking natural aphrodisiac fruits. My wife notices and asks why I am doing all that, I honestly tell her I am doing it to satisfy her in bed. She appreciates my intentions and helps me in my resolution. I read more books on sex and watch a bit of porn. I build emotional intimacy with my wife by reducing my work time and spending more time with her. We cuddle and have fun together. I noticed she has stopped making moves.

How to keep your wife satisfied? More than you need

How to keep your wife satisfied/mildstrings
How to keep your wife satisfied

Two months into my journey, I walk into my room while she is changing and when I see the shadow of her breast through a flimsy top, I feel desire lick through me. In four quick strides, I pick her up and hoist her around my waist. Instinctively, she holds my neck for support, I can tell she is shocked. I smash my lips against hers and kiss her thoroughly. She reciprocates eagerly and I move towards the bed where I dump her unceremoniously.

I have never felt this way all I want to do is rip the cloth off her body. I tried taking off the singlet she is wearing and it is difficult. I don’t know when I rip it off her. She lets out a shriek but not for long because I angle my head and take one of her nipples in my mouth. She arches her back and pushes herself into my mouth as I fondle the other breast. I apply all I have been reading about by multitasking. She is moaning loudly but when I pinch her nipple and graze my teeth on the other one, she shouts at the top of her voice and comes undone. I smile. Yes, this is it.

How to keep your wife satisfied? Please!!!!

I am still hard and trying to restrain myself. I want to make it up to her. I move my head down her centre and put my mouth there, she cries out again as I play on her with my tongue. She is writhing mindlessly and when she can’t hold it anymore, she cries that she wants me inside her. That is all I need to hear to take off my clothes and ram myself into her. She is tight and I almost orgasm from being inside her, I think of something else. I groan in pleasure and continue to thrust into her for while, she is moaning and meeting me thrust for thrust.

I ask her to open her eyes and I maintain eye contact with her. When she stares into my eyes for a while, she closes her eyes in pleasure and climaxes, and I take a few more thrusts before I climax. I crash atop her and she wraps her arms around me. I am too heavy for her so I roll back and have her lie on me. She lays on top of my chest as we struggle to catch our breath. 

After a while, she levers herself up and gives me the widest smile I have ever seen since we got married. My eyes go to her breasts again and I get hard again. She notices and I see the pleasant surprise on her face as I initiate her into another round.

How to keep your wife satisfied? A healthy marriage

It’s been a few months and I can sense a different atmosphere in my home. I am much more sexually active, it doesn’t matter that I leave the office at random times just to come back home and have sex with her. We have successfully christened every part of our home. My wife has a high libido and I am glad that I can match her equally. For someone who is a virgin, she is kinky as hell. Sex in restaurants bathrooms, cars and even the swimming pool.

The random sex in the morning, the quickies, kitchen sex, couch sex and dining table. It’s crazy, yes, but I love every minute of it. She says my body turns her on and just the look of my eyes is enough to make her wet. I am glad I started this journey of reworking myself. It has helped my self-esteem, helped my marriage and helped my health. My wife and I are more intimate and deliriously enjoying marriage now. We have decided to wait two years to have kids.


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