How To Know a Lady who Truly Loves You

by Ben Danor
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Let’s say you’ve been dating this beautiful girl for a while, but you are still not certain if she really loves you. Although ladies are pretty hard to understand, but learning how to know a lady who truly loves you will help you easily figure out if they love you for real or not. Just notice the way they behave around you, and you will have your answer. 

However, some are very great at faking it. Sometimes, it can be a bit difficult to tell if someone loves or doesn’t, even if you have been dating for a couple of months. People express love in different ways; I bet you all agree with that. 

If you pay attention to your girl’s words and actions when she’s around you, you will know if she truly loves you or not. Remember to pay attention to little details; they matter. Even the jokes she makes and things she tells her friends about you. 

If a girl rarely talks to her friends about you or doesn’t even want them to know that she is in a relationship with you, something is wrong. 

How to know a lady who truly loves You

In this article, you will learn how to know a lady who truly loves You . Without further ado, let’s take a look at tell it signs that a lady really loves you. 

1. She Doesn’t Want to Lose You.

This is a clear sign that a woman is in love with you. She is scared of leaving you and doesn’t even see that happening anytime soon. When you have a conflict or an argument, she handles it well and maturely. 

She doesn’t let the matter escalate; she puts in her best to make sure it dies down very quickly. Sometimes, she apologises when she is not guilty just to make peace reign. 

These should hint you that she doesn’t want her relationship to end and is putting in her best to ensure that. When you apologise, she is always willing and quick to forgive you. Such a woman is a gem and should be kept. 

On the other hand, if your woman shows little or no care about the relationship and doesn’t mind if it ends, this means she doesn’t even love you or has little love for you. If you love someone, you cherish them and your relationship with them. If you cherish someone or something, you won’t want to lose them. 

2. She Makes Sacrifices For You

Relationships are all about making sacrifices; I guess we all know that. Sometimes we sacrifice everything we have just for that special person, and we are strongly convinced that it is worth it. 

What is the greatest thing you have ever sacrificed for love? We all have sacrificed some things for the people we love at a point in our lives.

If she loves you, she will be able to make little sacrifices to make you happy. Are you in a long-distance relationship with an unfavourable time zone? She will be ready to stay up at night just to chat and have a call with you. If a lady can’t make little sacrifices for you, it means you don’t mean much to her. 

She claims to be very busy and can’t sacrifice a few minutes of her break for you; she doesn’t consider you as someone who is worth her time. Ladies are always willing to sacrifice everything for the person they love. 

I am sure you must have read stories of ladies who left all they had just to be with their man. The best part is that they don’t regret it and would repeat it if chanced; these are sacrifices we make for love. What’s the biggest sacrifice you ever made for love? Let’s hear them out in the comment section! 

3. She Doesn’t Tolerate Your Bad Habits, Pushes You To be Better.

A lady who loves you would never tolerate your bad habits because she intends to marry you; she wants to change you to her taste. Even Though she’s truly in love with you, she will complain about your drinking or smoking habits and even volunteer to help you get over them.

For example, she could tell you that there will be no sex when you drink or smoke and promise you something nice if you can go for days without drinking or smoking. If you eventually abstain for some days as agreed, she will fulfil her promise. She’s doing all these just to encourage you to stop these addictions. 

She would push you to be a man every day and would always challenge you. If you date a woman like this for a year, you will notice growth in your life. If she loves you, she can take away all your bad Habits, free you from your addictions and make you a better man.

4. She Doesn’t Leave When You Go Through Tough Times Alone

If you want to know a lady who truly loves you, wait till you experience your darkest times and see if she would stay by your side or abscond. 

Of course! Nobody wants a hard life, but you should stay during their dark days and not quit the relationship if you truly love someone. Dark days don’t last, although they might take a while. 

When things become hard, and you don’t get yourself, she doesn’t leave you. She stays by your side, inspires you, and boosts your self-esteem — she would tell you the right words you needed to hear at the moment. She will always remind you that you are the best, and that’s how she sees you. When others see nothing in you, she sees something with you.

She remains by your side till you are back on your feet. A lady who leaves during tough times doesn’t love you well enough. If a lady is desperately in love with you, she will stay even when there’s no hope. If you have a lady like that in your life, hold her tight. 

5. She Introduces You To Her Family and Friends and Wants To Meet Yours.

Like I said up there, if a lady doesn’t Introduce you to her friends and family, something is not right. If a lady loves you truly, she would be very pleased to introduce you to her friends. 

She would tell them many things about you and make some exaggerations. Her friends would look forward to meeting you because they can’t wait to see the man she has been hyping all day. I am sure many ladies can relate to this; it is something many of them experience. 

When you are dating a lady and you don’t know any of her friends, and you notice she is reluctant to introduce them to you, she probably doesn’t see you as a long-term man. If a lady truly loves you, she would also want you to meet members of her family, especially her parents. Even if you tell her it’s too early, she wouldn’t listen.

You would notice that she’s very excited to show you to her people. If there’s a family hang out, dinner, or a family event, she would want you to be there so she can introduce you. 

She would also disturb you about meeting your parents and your friends. This should tell you that she loves you and is very serious about the relationship.

6. She Seeks Your Opinion Before Making a Decision

A lady who loves you will seek your opinion before making decisions. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying she would Always come to ask for permission before she does anything. What I’m saying is that she consults you when she wants to take a big step. This is a sign that she respects you a lot. 

If she wants to venture into a business, she tells you her plans and how she hopes to achieve them. She approaches you for counsel and is very interested in what you say. If your ideas are better than hers, she considers them. 

Sometimes, it’s not to get your approval or advice; she just wants you to be aware. This means she doesn’t take you for granted; she understands that you play a role in her life. If you have a lady who does this in your life, she loves you for real. 

7. She Makes You a Priority

If a lady truly loves you, you become her priority. She would place you above all things. You don’t need to fight for your spot; she already has one reserved only for you. You don’t need to beg for attention; she gives you that more than she does to anybody. 

She would always choose you over anything or anybody. Also, she would do things she promised never to do just because it’s you. 

She places you above all her desires and needs and would always gush over you and would see you as the best man in the world. She would reject other guys without hesitation. 

If a lady makes you a priority, it’s a great sign that she is truly in love with you. You are the number one in her life; no other person comes close. 

How to know a lady who truly loves You

Final Words

Learning how to know a lady who truly loves you is worth it. Trust me, if a lady is really into you, you will know. The signs that a lady truly loves you are usually very obvious; many ladies can’t hide that they love someone. You notice this joy in her face anytime she is around you. 

She would also want to spend plenty of time with you. Look into her eyes, and you will see that her soul is craving for you. Let me end on this note, if you have a girl in your life who truly loves you, don’t let go of her. But if you do not find any of these signs in her, I think it’s high time to start asking questions about where the relationship is headed. 

Do you know signs that can tell when a lady truly loves? How do you know when someone loves you? Let’s hear them out in the comments section. 

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