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how to know he is a yahoo boy

With the way, girls are currently been killed, abused, raped, and even sacrificed by men all in the name of money and enjoyment. it is important to watch the company of men you keep and not ignorantly fall victim by dating a yahoo boy.

In this post, I shared clear signs that can help you quickly identify if your boyfriend or the guy who is asking you out is a fraud, fake, or yahoo boy.

Girls can really get carried away when a guy who drives a fancy car is trying to toast them that they don’t think to observe if he could be into fraud or he is a yahoo boy.

Behind all his niceties and charm could be a man who causes other people pain by taking their hard-earned money using fraudulent tricks.

As it is girls’ dream of having the best men who can give them a lot of money, buy them fancy cars, go on exotic trips, and so on. The craving for materialistic items has become so rampant to the extent people would go any length to make money this goes for both men and women.

In Nigeria boys that engage in fraud popularly known as 419 either using online or offline means are called Yahoo Boys and they have a similar lifestyle that makes them stand out from an average normal Nigerian.

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How To Identify a Yahoo Boy Before Exchanging Contact

Although the new culture is not to ask or care about his source of income as long as he is rich, he is the dream and ideal.

Many girls would jump on the offer without having taken note of clear indications that reveal that their potential suitor is into fraud or he is a yahoo boy.

In Nigeria, men who do yahoo or other fraudulent activities also engage in occultic and fetish charm to make their fraud fast and easy. All these fetish rituals could go from using body parts, killings, taking away memories of their victims, using a person’s glory (in the spiritual realms ), and so on and so forth and young ladies are usually their target.

There have been incidents in the past where it is said that yahoo boys use ladies’ pants, underwear to do their rituals which brings terrible consequences on their victims. As we all know charms and jazz is practiced in Africa and some other part of the world but in Nigeria it is mostly used for evil and wickedness.

Naive girls could easily be caught in their nests and girls who are easily attracted by material things. Also, peer pressure could be a factor for girls to date a yahoo boy, when she is influenced by her peers to date a guy because of the benefits she could get from him.

how to identify a yahoo boy
A yahoo boy caught doing ritual

Clear Signs That Tells You He Is A Yahoo Boy

There are certain questions to ask a guy who is trying to woo you or toast you. Otherwise, you could endanger your life and future by dating him because he is into fraud and ritual killings

Ask him for what he does for a living.

If he has no concrete response to give that is not clear or straight forward then he might not be real. Probe further to ask about his business location, where he conducts his business, if he has a physical location or an online presence for what he does.

Not only should he say he has a real source of income but you should be able to see him do the business. For instance, a guy who claims he is into supply of building materials should have a shop or sometimes go to a site for supplies.

And in this digital age, he should have an online presence that represents his business whether WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn profile, etc.

Don’t get carried away by his car, nice house, or dressing without probing. I would advise you to take time to study and see him work before you begin to be personal with him, visit his home, or agree to date him.

Spends lavishly.

A man who works very hard for his money would not blow it up easily on frivolities. Be careful when you have a man that easily wants to buy the most expensive things to impress you. Even if it is an inheritance or family money there would be a caution to how he spends.

Yahoo boys are loud when it comes to spending, they are also very lavish in their appearance displaying the best phones, gadgets, jewelry, clothes, Perfumes, etc.

When a guy is loud in his spending that should be a red flag, take a step further. Do your background check. Don’t just flow along that he’s spending on you giving you a good life and all. This could just be bait to get you to get comfortable around him before he strikes.

Apart from using you for sacrifice, he can get arrested and you could be implicated as his accomplice. So be careful.

Be careful of guys who toast you while they are driving.

Guys who are confident to toast you by the roadside while they are in their car are a big sign of a fake life. Be careful, a guy who does that is confident that the car is a big deal and an indication that he has money so you should concur and give him your contact or want to date him.

A man with good etiquette and good intentions to date you won’t do that. Most times the car could be borrowed or a strategy to pick cheap girls who are easily moved by material things

He always parties/work at night.

Guys who are into yahoo mostly do this, they operate at night because of the time zone between them and their clients. A yahoo guy would sleep during the day and work or party at night.

If he is a daily Nightcrawler or always idle during the day, chilling with friends and partying at night or conducting business mostly at night this is a clear indication that he could be into fraud or he is a yahoo boy.

Check his physical appearance

In Nigeria, It is a no brainer that it is irresponsible guys that dress shabbily having a combination of dreads locks, earrings, sagged pants, cross bags, hairdo, chains, etc

It is a trend among yahoo boys in Nigeria to look that way. A guy who works in a company would not appear that way. Likewise, a guy who conducts genuine business. Yahoo boys just always look some certain way that is so out of place.

Although some of them could be mature not to appear that way just to conceal their activities and avoid bias or suspicion.

Regardless those types of guys can still be spotted if you don’t jump into a relationship with them without doing your due diligence.

Women have instincts, when your intuition tells you something is out of place, follow it. Lookout for all the above indications and more. Don’t be hungry for material things and put your life in jeopardy. Focus on your life goals, future ambition, and aspirations.

Those things trending today and causing you to follow the wrong group would become outdated sooner than you think.

You can be your own success and provide the life you want for yourself by following your dreams and sticking to them.

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