How To know If A Nigerian Man Is Serious About You: Avoid Time wasters

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how to know if a Nigerian man is serious about you

A relationship is sweet and beautiful when true love exists between two lovebirds. But in Nigeria, it is extremely hard to know when a Nigerian man is serious about you, see signs a Nigerian guy is using you, or see signs that a Nigerian guy likes you.

It takes more than mere words to build a healthy relationship. It takes sincerity, care, forgiveness, love, and most importantly, “commitment.” Commitment in a relationship mustn’t be one-sided. Both parties must be committed to making it work.

Generally, men can be deceptive especially Nigerian men with their long history of cheating. That’s why it is also ideal to learn how to know if a Nigerian man is cheating. Some locally or globally inclined ladies prefer Nigerian men, while some don’t base on their past experiences or the rumor and gist around Nigerian guys.

But if you are currently dating a Nigerian guy, how do you know he is serious about how? How do you know you are not wasting your time? How do you know he truly loves you?

How do you know if your Nigerian man is serious about marrying you
A Nigerian Lady

Signs a Nigerian man loves you, and he is serious about you.

Ladies, know your worth, value yourself, and know when to walk away from a man. You don’t need to waste your time sticking around a man who doesn’t love you. Ladies, if you are in a relationship, there are some signs to watch out for in a Nigerian man to know if you are on the right track or wasting your time. If your man is not doing the following, know that he is only playing around with you.

He shares his plan with you.

A Nigerian man can only share his plan with a lady he wants to marry. What is the point in sharing his plans, aspirations, goals, and dreams with a lady when he is not serious about her and knows she won’t be beside him to actualize those dreams? Do not be deceived.

If a man loves you, he will share his plan with you.

how to know if a  man is serious about you.
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Introduces you to his parents and family

There is something special about Nigerian parents I love. They don’t accept and indulge in waywardness. If a Nigerian man is not serious about you, he won’t take you to meet his parents. He might allow you to meet his siblings, but not his parent, especially a Nigerian man above 30 years of age. At that age, a Nigerian parent will be eager to meet their son’s fiancee, but if he is avoiding taking you to meet his family, my dear, he is not serious about you.

Introduces you to his friends

Meeting his friends and close acquaintances could mean he is serious about you. Of course, meeting his friends doesn’t necessarily mean you are the main girlfriend with a Nigerian man because his friends can know his other girlfriend and pretend you are the only girlfriend their friend has. But meeting his close friends could likely mean he is serious about you.

He constantly talks about marriage.

If a Nigerian man is constantly talking about getting married to you, that is a big sign he is serious about you. A man that wants to flirt with a lady will not initiate a marriage conversation around a Nigerian lady because when it comes to marriage, most Nigerian ladies are eager and desperate to get married. Men know having such a conversation around them could be dangerous when they are only flirting with them. So if you are lucky your man is talking marriage, he is serious about you.

He wants to meet your family.

No Nigerian man will want to meet your parents if he is not serious about you. Meeting a lady’s parent signifies the beginning or preparation of marriage. Still, if your man is constantly dodging meeting your parents or giving different excuses wherever you initiate the conversation of meeting your parents, he is not serious about you.

If a Nigerian man proposes marriage

If a Nigerian man proposes marriage, he is serious about you and wants to get married to you. Marriage proposal literarily means a man is willing and ready for marriage. Girl, that man loves you, and he wants to spend the rest of his life with you once you receive that engagement ring. You have no reason to doubt his love for you.

Note: Proposal is not marriage, do not be deceived

Do not be deceived by their pretense.

Lastly, do not be deceived by some sugar-coated Nigerian men who can pretend to love you, but they are only playing with your emotions. They might do all the things listed above and still not love you. So be watchful and know when to walk away to avoid wasting time.

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