How To Know If Your Boyfriend Likes Your Friend

by Ben Danor

If your boyfriend likes your friend, there are several ways you can figure it out. However, it is usually hard if you trust your boyfriend so much that thoughts that he might like your friend won’t even come across your mind. 

However, men can be unpredictable; they could find your friend more attractive or more endowed than you. You will always find attractive people everywhere you go. 

If you think your girlfriend is the most beautiful girl, you’re yet to meet those who are more beautiful than her. What matters is your level of contentment and commitment. 

Not every man is committed to his relationship or even marriage. Studies have shown that men tend to cheat more than women. In a recent online survey, close to sixty-seven percent (67%) of men reported cheating on their partner more than once. 

These statistics tell that men cheat more than women. A boyfriend who likes your friend has no doubt gone beyond his boundaries. 

He is someone you probably plan to spend the rest of your life with. Even if he wants someone, it shouldn’t be your friend whom you share a deep connection with. 

If he finds her attractive, it’s sometimes normal but wanting to have her to himself shows disrespect. Sometimes, this signifies that your relationship is beyond repair, and you should quit. 

If you marry a boyfriend who likes your friend, don’t be surprised when he starts flirting with your younger sister when she comes over to spend some days at your matrimonial home. This has been the experience of many married women today. 

Suppose you are lucky to have a loyal friend who won’t succumb to your partner’s advances, congratulations. However, not everybody will be privileged to have a friend like that. 

If you feel both your friend and your boyfriend are hiding something, we have researched common signs that your boyfriend likes your friend. 

Your Boyfriend Likes Your Friend

Below are clear signs that your boyfriend likes your friend. 

5 Signs That Your Boyfriend Likes Your Friend

Do you notice the chemistry between your boyfriend and your friend that calls for suspicion? Have you noticed some changes in the way he treats you? If your reply is affirmative, you’re reading the right article. 

Here are signs that should hint to you that your boyfriend likes your friend:

1. You Sense it

Men are not really good at lying. You may have coincidentally caught your boyfriend staring at your friend. 

Since You know how he behaves when your boyfriend is around a girl he likes, or crushing on (of course, he showed you those signs too), if he repeats those signs or similar signs, that should hint to you that something fishy is going on. 

Anytime your friend is around, some little details about your boyfriend change. Pay attention to those little details as they pass a message across to you. 

Let’s assume your boyfriend has this nonchalant attitude towards your visitors, but he becomes welcoming and accommodating when your friend comes around. He might even go as far as getting her a drink for refreshment. 

He might even tell her to visit more often and feel at home. If he doesn’t do these things on a normal day, it is a sign that your boyfriend likes your friend. 

2. He Talks With Her For Long Hours

If your man talks with a female figure more than he does with you, that should be a red flag, except if the person is a client or a business partner. 

Even at that, business calls should have a limit. If your boyfriend talks with your friends for long hours and enjoys talking with her, this could mean your boyfriend likes your friend. If he communicates with her for hours, he means he wants to know more about her. Here comes the question, why does he want to know more about her?

It is straightforward to understand. Do you call someone you don’t like for long hours? Soon, his friendship with your friend would start to affect your relationship. He won’t feel too bothered; he could even tell you that you are overreacting or just jealous. 

Don’t be deceived by those allegations, and don’t let them make you relax; make more inquiries about his sudden connection and interest in your friend to be sure you’re not being played. 

3. He Shares Intimate Things With Her 

If you notice that your boyfriend is sharing intimate things with your friend, it could indicate that your boyfriend likes your friend. 

Since they have been talking more often, there is no way they won’t share intimate things with each other. 

He could tell her confidential things about himself, which only a few people are aware of. He could even tell her some things you are unaware of; men can go to that extent if they want to cheat. 

Don’t be surprised if your friend knows every little detail about things in your relationship. The number of times you have sex in a week, your weaknesses, and the secrets you share. 

If your boyfriend is sharing intimate things between both of you with a friend, it is a clear sign that he is interested in your friend. 

In most cases, your friend won’t tell you he told her. You could just be having a conversation, and she mentions an incident; but you can’t remember telling her that incident. 

4.  He Asks About Your Friend And Brings her up in Discussions

It is normal for your boyfriend to bring up your friend in discussions. However, there’s an extent to which your significant other can do this. Something is definitely wrong if he can’t have a short conversation with you without bringing your friend in. 

When he brings her up in discussions, he’s always talking about things he admires about her. You start to notice that he says nothing negative about your friend. He could even try comparing her with you at things you are not good at. 

He’s always asking you to invite her over or when next she’s coming to see you. As I mentioned earlier, men are not too good at lying. 

If your boyfriend is crushing on your friend, he will always bring her up in discussions. The annoying part is that she’s in no way related to your discussion, but he finds a way to bring her in. 

You see the excitement written over his face anytime you tell him she is coming around. It is inappropriate when your partner talks about another lady in your presence. 

5. He Behaves Well When She is Around

When you tell your boyfriend your friend is coming, he rushes to take his bath and dress well. If you notice things like this, it could mean your boyfriend likes your friend. 

When she eventually comes around, your boyfriend starts to behave like a ‘perfect person.’ You notice that he is not himself; he’s trying to portray someone he’s not. For some couples, the boyfriend would change his accent when the lady is around to a better one. 

Let’s assume he has been talking in his native language before your friend’s arrival; he changes to the official language and might even use a foreign accent. This should tell you that your boyfriend is trying to leave a good impression on your friend. 

He wants her to see him as a romantic, caring, and perfect man. These behaviors should tell you that he wants attraction from your friend. He’s doing everything to get her attention. 

It is Understandable if he wants to look good in front of a visitor. However, if he applies perfume, wears tops that would reveal his abs and muscles, and changes his accent, these should tell you that he wants to get her attention. These could be how he got you, too, stay woke!

6. He Cracks Jokes About Making Her a Second Partner

Sometimes, when people crack jokes, they are being honest. If he jokes about making her his second partner, it could be a sign that he is considering it. 

There should be boundaries between your boyfriend and your friend. Jokes about your friend being your replacement and giving her cute nicknames are unnecessary and uncalled for. 

Your boyfriend and your friend should maintain a strict relationship, not an intimate one. However, don’t be too quick to judge. Try and conduct your research to know if it’s just mere friendship or if there’s more to that. 

If you feel your boyfriend is doing too much with your friend, you can talk to him about your fears and find your way around them. 

Your Boyfriend Likes Your Friend

Final Words

Set boundaries between your boyfriend and best friend! Don’t create unnecessary intimacy between those two. Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying they shouldn’t be friends, but you should not encourage unnecessary closeness. 

Let them know if you feel any of them is going beyond their boundaries. The earlier you start to correct this, the better. 

Let’s assume you want to visit your boyfriend; you don’t need to take that friend of yours along except for security reasons (I believe you shouldn’t be dating someone you don’t trust). 

Don’t tell your friend more than they need to know about your boyfriend, do the same for your boyfriend. If you can do these things, you won’t have to deal with your boyfriend snatching your friend or vice-versa. 

Have you ever been asked out by a friend’s boyfriend? Have you ever been attracted to your girlfriend’s friend? How did it end? If you have related stories, we would love to hear them. 

If you find this article helpful, please don’t hesitate to share. 

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