How to know if your partner has STD? I am shattered.

by Onyinye Ogbuka
How to know if your partner has STD/mildstrings/twitter

How to know if your partner has STD? You grew up surrounded by love from family and friends. Surely, you think your marriage is definitely going to beat that of Cinderella’s by a long stretch. You don’t know Cinderella, you don’t know if the story ended at just she lived happily ever after. Cinderella is looking at you and saying she never had her happily ever after and yet you wouldn’t know. Her Prince charming was a cheat and that would be your case too, just that yours would go on to create irreparable damage to your life.

Death where art thou?

Agatha opened her eyes to behold the white walls of St. Joseph hospital. For a minute, she thought she was in heaven and was relieved. To her most unpleasant realization, she was in the hospital.

Heaven would have been better, she thought. I do not want to be here, she thought again. Tears coated her eyes and rolled down the sides of her face.

This was not the way she imagined it, she never wanted this kind of life. Why was she being tried with something beyond her? Why had she been so unlucky, she felt nothing in her heart but resentment towards God. 

There was no mercy, the events of yesterday came rushing back to her. She used her drip-connected palm to stifle her cries. When she found out she had fainted, she wished she had died. Death had never looked so attractive.

How to know if your partner has STD/mildstrings
How to know if your partner has STD

How to know if your partner has STD? A Rose among weeds

Who in St. James the Great Catholic church did not know Agatha. The girl that could recite the Bible offhand. The girl was always eager to do the things of God. You were sure that if service was by 8 o’clock, you would find her seated in the front pew by 7:50. Agatha could do wrong, not like she was perfect. Agatha was just pure-hearted, the type that would inherit the kingdom of God. She was the prototype for exemplary behavior in her church.

Admired by parents who wished their children could be half as decent as Agatha. The favorite of most parish priests who spoke so fondly of her and always praised her.  Her age mates and those slightly above her age grade could not hold a candle to her good behavior. Thus, she was surrounded by friends with a simmering pot of envy in their hearts who wished they could be like her.

At home, Agatha was the delight of her parent. The first child of four children, her parents never ceased to thank God for giving her to them. She was a wonder to behold, they didn’t have to do much for her to turn out so well. Her younger siblings looked up to her and loved her.

How to know if your partner has STD? Sister Agatha

Agatha was not your everyday kind of girl. She was gentle but whenever she spoke, she took on the form of a lioness. Constantly used as an example by her teachers and principals; gentle but firm, smart and studious, kind and godlike. Boys worshipped her yet dreaded her, she was quick to notice every form of flirtation. Woe betides the boy who she noticed was flirting with her, she would preach Christ and chastity to the boy till he was bored to tears. When she left secondary school, she was like a god among mere mortals called secondary school students.

She gained admission to the University and while in the University was an example among several sisters. While it can be said of certain girls that they got into the university and went astray, the same was not said of Sister Agatha as she was fondly called in her Campus Fellowship. Brothers went fasting for days just to hear God say he was their wife.

The journey of four years came to end and it was time to face the real world. 

How to know if your partner has STD? To leave and to cleave

Her parents with the best hope for her had started hinting at marriage. She decided to get a job first and then get married. Agatha got a job in a good company as the assistant head of human resources. In the few months she worked with them, the company knew they had hit jackpot by employing her. She was a star employee. She applied for a transfer back home and went home to stay with her parents.

Yes, it was time to leave and cleave and that was when she met Brother Caleb.

He had started attending her church a year ago. In a short while, he had managed to become the darling of most church members. The apt definition of a vibrant brother in the lord. It was inevitable that their paths would not cross as they were always in the same church groups and activities. She was wary of Brother Caleb at first, for all she knew, he could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. However, she was not above Brother Caleb’s charm when successfully charmed her after a while. Agatha liked Brother Caleb, she liked that he loved the lord. Agatha would not be the only one that liked Brother Caleb, every other lady of marriage able age in church liked Brother Caleb.

Rich and religious, tall and handsome with an ever-smiling face. Brother Caleb was easily the most eligible bachelor at St. James the Great Catholic Church. Every other brother paled in comparison to Brother Caleb. Parents wanted him for their daughters.

A love match, A wedding to remember

Agatha was flattered when Brother Caleb started directing the bulk of his attention to her. He would go out of his way to make her comfortable. Soon enough, the whole church began to notice the love charade. They were perfect for each other most people thought, two souls who loved the Lord. Brothers felt slighted and sisters were envious. In no time, Brother Caleb had asked Sister Agatha to court him; youths are not advised to date as it is considered sinful. They courted to the knowledge of both families and in no time, Brother Caleb had proposed to Sister Agatha who was happy to say yes.

Yes, they got married, and the wedding was nothing short of glorious. The wedding of her dreams, one that glorified God and left many priests who attended the wedding in awe, they used her wedding as an example for other sisters. Simple and glorious. 

The wedding night came and went beautifully. 

She strove to be the virtuous woman in the Bible. With her limited knowledge of bedroom skills, she improved herself by reading books. She prayed for her husband and ensured to play the role of the dutiful wife to the T.

How to know if your partner has STD/mildstrings/ Pinterest pin

How to know if your partner has STD? A bed of thorns

There was no paradise, it was an illusion. She wasn’t Cinderella and happily ever after? Oh, a big sham.

All it took was three months for her to realize that Caleb, her darling husband was a cheat. She had found this out when she was hanging up his clothes and found a packet of condoms in his suit. She asked him why it was there and he replied, that a friend has given it to him to keep for safekeeping. It was the first of it’s kind so she believed him and humbly suggested that he desisted from such things to which he agreed.

Agatha had issues with her car while going to work the next week, her husband was still sleeping. She felt she could spare some hours for the mechanic to come and do the repairs. She called her mechanic and his number was not going. Agatha didn’t like her husband’s jeep so she opted to call her husband’s mechanic, she had heard her husband talking to the mechanic many times.

How to know if your partner has STD? A strange woman

She went into the room, picked up her husband’s phone, and stepped out to avoid disturbing him. Agatha quickly dialed the mechanic, the number went through but the voice on the other end of the line was a female’s. The first thing she heard was “hey sugar, I have missed you so much, I miss having you inside me. Leave that your prudish wife and come let me make you feel good”. When the voice at the other end of the line noticed no response, she said hello again to be sure she had a connection. Agatha was in shock, was her husband a cheat? It was a possibility she refused to consider when she spoke to the voice at the other end of the line. “This is his wife you are talking to, who are you please and what are you doing with my husband?

“Well, I am your husband’s girlfriend”, she replied.

Agatha reined in calm into her voice, maybe she could deal with this herself.

“How long have you guys been together? Agatha asked. 

“We have been together for 2 years now, you really do not know anything”.

“And you know he is married? Agatha asked in unbelief.

“So, yes I know and what do you want to do about that? Let me tell you something you don’t know, we still fucked on the day you guys got married. Sounds bad right? Yeah, your husband is bad like that.

Agatha could not take it anymore, she hung up.

Curiosity they say killed the cat, hers was only going to reveal the sham of a marriage she had been in. She went through her husband’s phone and his WhatsApp was locked. She went to his messages and what she found was Pandora’s box that broke her heart.

Agatha stormed to her husband’s room angrily and roughly tapped him to wake up. She accused him of cheating which he denied flat out until she showed him the evidence. At the sight of the evidence, he asked for forgiveness with tears in his eyes.

It took a while for Agatha to forgive her husband, she finally did with a stern warning for him to stop all those things and be faithful to her. 

How to know if your partner has STD? Voices of Dissent

The third time she found him out, she promptly reported him to her parents and his parents who advised her to become better at satisfying her husband and dress more sexily to keep his attention on her. They chided her husband, warned him to stop cheating and focus on his wife

Her husband was angry she had taken such a step and promised to punish her. 

How to know if your partner has STD? A thousand ways to kill Agatha

She was going to find out her husband was a chronic cheat. She had begged him several times to stop and he would promise to stop. All it took was a few days to go back to his womanizing ways. She was tired and at this point, had accepted her fate.

He slept with everything in skirts, even sisters in the church. Willing teenagers who would happily give themselves up for a few thousand were not exempt from his philandering ways. She knew he was sleeping with his secretary, she had met them pants down the day she went to visit him at his office. It was heart-wrenching, well, she was used to her heart being wrenched. This was not how she imagined marriage.

A harvest of shame

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when he impregnated a teenager in their church.

She wanted to leave, she confided in the colleague who advised she left the marriage. However, her church did not recognize divorce. Was she ready to leave her marriage? what would people say? she asked herself.

The news of him impregnating a teenage girl had broken her heart and made her ashamed. It was out for all to see, her husband was a cheat. Sisters were in a glorious mode, so the marriage that was seen as perfect was not perfect after all. The brothers were indifferent, well, sad that such a woman would be treated like that

Agatha could not stand the mockery, she decided to leave her marriage with the support of her colleague. When her parents found out, they were not happy about it, their reputation was at stake. Agatha, for the first time, refused to listen to her parents. They called the parish priest to speak to her and plead on their behalf, her husband who looked remorseful had joined her parents to beg her including his family. 

She was not going to listen not them, she thought until the priest told her that the catholic church does not recognize divorce. She has to learn how to endure her marriage also, and her husband had promised to change. They spoke for several hours and convinced her to go back to her husband.

She went back to her Caleb much to the anger of her friend. 

And Sunset.

After two months, Agatha was down with fever, she went to the pharmacy and self-medicated. It did not abate, she got worse. She decided to go to the hospital for a test. Agatha explained her situation to the doctor who conducted the necessary checks on her and recommended a malaria test, pregnancy test, and an HIV test.

She came back for the results and the doctor called her into his office. He asked some personal questions which she was quick to answer. She didn’t want to be pregnant, she did not want a child to be born into this horrible union. The doctor told her it was not the end of the world and that she can still take care of herself. She asked him to go straight to the point and stop beating around the bush. She did not want to be pregnant. 

And losses

He released the bombshell, she had been diagnosed with HIV. Agatha asked him to repeat it. She forced the document out of his hands, took a long look at it, and refused to believe it. 

She went home shaking, looked at her husband as he ate, shook her head, and refused to believe it. Agatha noticed the cup her husband drank from and put it in a clean bag. She was going to test both of them in another hospital. 

Agatha went to another hospital the next day and tested both again. It was going nowhere, she has HIV. Agatha found out she had contracted it two months ago, she had had only one sexual intercourse with her husband. Her husband has HIV, he had contracted it three months ago.

A woman scorned

Agatha was filled with the fifty shades between anger and sorrow. She furiously drove to his office. She saw him outside his office laughing with a woman. He was at the back of his car which was facing the gate. She drove with the intent of trapping him between the two cars and killing him. He was quick to see her and swiftly dodged while the woman jumped to the other side. That didn’t stop Agatha as she drove straight into her husband’s car which moved on impact into the wall. It was not enough, she came down, went to the back of the car, and brought out a metal rod. Her husband was looking at her in shock and people had gathered.

She tried chasing her husband who quickly ran into the office complex and locked the glass door. She went back to his car and bashed the windscreen while shouting Caleb had destroyed her life. Agatha was out of her mind. She could have broken down the glass door had the security not restrained her.

Now the day bleeds

She found herself losing consciousness and suddenly could not keep her eyes open. The influx of emotion had taken its toll on her.

She really wished she died but she is here.

Her parents came in and fussed over her. Her husband was outside. Life had gone out of eyes. There was nothing, absolutely nothing.

She should have listened to her friend. She could not talk, there was nothing to say. How would her parents feel if they found out she had HIV? What would people say? She was going to have to live on drugs all her life and suffer for something she did not do

Tears had their field day with her eyes.

She did not imagine her life could turn out this way.

She turned away from them and cried some more.


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