how to make a woman want you more sexually without spending money

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There are several ways to make a woman want you more sexually, without even spending money, you will get a girl to have sex with you and she would keep coming back without asking you for commitment.

Apart from the obvious ways of using money or material things. I will show you other ways that don’t require money to get a girl willing, ready, and interested in making love to you. If you are confused about if you should be sexually active or not, check this What is a good age to start having sex.

She must be attracted to you this is very important because if this does not exist it is going to be difficult for you to make a woman want you more sexually.

how to make a woman want you more sexually

What attraction means for a woman

A man’s attraction to a woman is different from a woman’s attraction to a man, a man can look at a woman and get attracted based on just her physical appearance. That’s because a man’s primary insist is just based on her body, every other thing that follows like her character, her attitude, her sense of fashion, etc is after the fact that he is attracted to the woman’s body.

For a woman it is different what makes a woman primarily attracted to a man is not based on just a man looking good, or rich, what gets a woman attracted is the kind of person he is, is he an emotionally strong man? is he a confident man? does he get along with others? or does he have the potential to succeed etc. These are the component that makes a woman attracted to a man.

Things to do to make a woman want you more sexually

Not being judgemental will make a woman crave you more sexually

Don’t be judgemental or talk about other girls in a bad manner, don’t tell stories about any girl you have had sex with in the past, you need to show that you are matured this would make her feel comfortable to have sex with you.

Knowing that you would slut-shame her or speak badly of her after she decides to have sex with you would not make her want you sexually, making her feel confident about her body would make her extra comfortable with you.

When you are about to have sex make sure you focus on her don’t just focus on yourself to reveal that you have been craving to sleep with her, otherwise, she would get that all your niceties are all to get her in bed with you. Which could cause you last-minute resistance, because it is possible for a girl to have undressed herself to have sex and suddenly change her mind before having the sex or in between the sex.

Have a room with no chair

As a young man or bachelor having a room without a chair is a good way to have a visiting girl sit on the bed right next to you, as you both do not have a chair to sit on you would have no choice but to share the comfort of your bed.

Just like the scene in the movie perfect match where the photographer had a rule of not wearing shoes in his house, whenever a lady comes visiting him she had to be barefoot, The simple trick is to make her lose guard.

Although this isn’t enough bait as it might not work on the first visit nor the second visit. Note that if you rush it by making your intentions known too soon chances are you will not get the pussy. Take it slow make her comfortable and homely on the first few visits, watch movies together while sitting,  gradually introduce movies with a sex scene, observe her reactions.

If she’s comfortable she would come back for more, after which you can show your intentions by getting closer, if she doesn’t bait don’t stress it, she isn’t feeling you.

You need to also be able to turn her on she can’t be in your space and the next thing is you are kissing and having sex. She needs to be turned on by you even before you declare your intentions, my advice is to not pressure just do your thing act normal while you are still a perfect gentleman

Be nice and friendly

Be a nice, friendly, and available friend to her but don’t use the friend first approach otherwise you could get stock the friend zone, this is when you talk to a woman to try to get to know her in a friendly way by showing her you are a good guy.

Showing that you are only interested in who she is and nothing sexual won’t make her want to get laid with you except you are good-looking or rich and powerful. Make her feel the spark trigger her feeling of sexual interaction and she would be in your bed faster than you think.  

Be the guy she’s comfortable sharing secret and personal things with, then you are gradually on your way to enjoy her pussy, if she’s in a relationship and you are the one she complains about her boyfriend’s ill behaviors too or seeks advice from, she has a special connection with you.

She might not be having romantic taught towards you, but she might be impressed by your niceties and friendliness, one day she would have relationship problems and you would be her consoler, in turn, a shoulder to cry on would become a dick to suck on.

Engage her in erotic conversation

how to make a woman want you more sexually through text
Lady enjoying phone conversation

Engaging a girl in erotic conversation is the best bet to get her laid without paying or begging for it. Ask about her sex life be so open to sharing yours too, from there you might migrate to discussing your insane escapade.

If you are good at hyping your sexual prowess she could fall and would imagine what you are like in bed, if your little man is photogenic you can share a sneak peek, before you know she would crave you, she could even ask for sex herself, if she doesn’t ask you but you are seeing the green light, ask her yourself.

Be all round Naughty

If you don’t know by now girls are twice as horny as guys. Let your little man stand at attention in her presence if she is curious she would touch and wonder why you have it, you should find something to say that is unrelated to her. If she’s horny enough she would offer to help you out.

Have good looks

I know this seems vague, but you don’t know how girls flock around sexy and good looking guys, they don’t even need to ask them for it, they would offer themselves, so if you are looking to get girls to have sex with you, work on your looks, groom your beards, get a clean and nice shave, smell nice, be clean and fresh.

Make plans and while you are both out and enjoying the moment you have to make eye contact this would make her continue to want to talk to you, women understand body language and are very receptive to body language, compliment her a lot, and you are on your way to getting her in your bed,

For her to also want to continue to have long-time sex with you, she has to consider some things before she can give you her body, and the way she determines that is through conversations with you.

When you are talking and you are a bit insecure and self-doubting yourself she would get the feeling that you would be a burden which is a red flag to get her to have sex with you. You have to be very confident in yourself, don’t beg for sex or love or affection, be confident, charming, sociable, funny, masculine, and socially intelligent.

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