How to move on from a painful heartbreak: 5 Proven Ways to heal

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how to move on from a painful heartbreak fast

How can I get over my emotions and stop hurting, how can I get over this heartbreak, this is too much for me to bear, how can I bring myself to stop loving and move on from this painful heartbreak and carry on with my life.

The pain of heartbreak is devastating, it sometimes eats deeps beyond emotions and causes physical pain from crying, thinking, sobbing, losing your mind, eating too much, sleeping too much, hallucinating, it’s just messed up.

You love the person, you have dedicated years and months of your life to the relationship. It is a very bad sight and I know how you feel. You are not alone, in this post I shared 5 proven ways to get over and move on from a painful heartbreak fast

What is a Heartbreak and how can you move on painful heartbreak.

how to move on from a painful heartbreak

The same coping mechanisms that get us through different life challenges are not the same that would get us through a heartbreak.

Heartbreak creates dramatic emotional pain, brain studies have shown that the withdraw of romantic love activates the same mechanisms in our brain that get activated when addicts are withdrawing from the use of hard drugs like cocaine.

Heartbreak is so difficult to heal and we cannot ignore a heartbreak, we go from reading our previous chat to stalking our ex on social media, to imagining and thinking of the times you both spent together. Moving on from a painful heartbreak is a real fight, a battle with your mind which requires diligence and it takes determination and courage to win.

Does closure help you move of from a painful heartbreak

We eagerly want to hear our ex give us a reason why they broke up, maybe it would help reduce our pain, but let me tell you that no breakup explanation will make you feel better, no rationale can take away that pain you feel in your heart so don’t bother yourself asking or searching for one.

Just make up one anyone for yourself in other to resist that addiction, while you let it go, closure would only make you start to question things and searching for where everything went wrong. The relationship is over,  don’t get drawn in your emotions, or keep thinking about the good old days.

Remember the bad days, feed your mind with remembering how bad your ex made you feel, the fights and attitudes you experienced with your ex that made you angry, how he would rather post another woman on his socials than post you, how she didn’t come through for you when you lost a family member.

Just feed your mind with the bad things they did while you were still dating that you overlooked. Remind yourself of this as often as you miss your ex, if possible write this down this would tell you that the relationship is not perfect and he/she is not the best person for you.

5 proven ways to move on fast and heal from a Painful heartbreak

Rebound Relationship

Get a rebound relationship, a rebound relationship is a kind of relationship that you don’t intend or necessarily want to get into, but you find solace and comfort, so you are involved.

After a break up if you want to get over your ex as soon as you can, get a rebound relationship, this would keep you distracted, although at first, it can be sober because certain things about your new rebound could remind you of your ex and trigger some memories.

One of the disadvantages of a rebound is that he or she could be so great at making you happy that you might begin to develop likeness and if you are not completely healed to enter a new relationship this could become complicated. So if you are getting a rebound set boundaries and do well to live by them.

Delete all memories of your Ex

Delete all memories of them. If you have pictures, videos of your ex stored on your device, it would be hard for you to quickly move on, you have to purge your device of all of them, it would be hard to do it, you could even cry while deleting them, just delete them and free your heart from constant pain.

The only memories you would have left is the one in your head and you can choose to think about it or not, but if you have them stored, you can stumble on them which would put you back in a bad mood and you would begin to miss him/her again.

delete all memories of your ex to move on from a painful heartbreak fast
Deleting all memories.

Unfollow on all Socials

Even after you unfollowed, you can’t just help but sneak up to know what your ex is up to, this can become addicting but it is just for the initial stage you would get over it, but first thing first unfollow, unfriend, if your feelings for your ex is so strong and you might be tempted to drop a message or call you can also block their contact.

If you find yourself going back to search for their handles to check their profile, delete your search history after, as time goes on, you would realize you would lose their handle as you get busy you could forget it and if you find yourself struggling with stalking your ex, take some time off the social media platform.

social media

Get Busy

Focus on something and get busy, find something doing to distract yourself, it could be a job, side hustle, gym membership, learn a skill or trade, something that enables you to either meet new people or keeps you occupied, just focus your energy on something,  anything, party, academics, etc.

Once you do this you would not have time to brood over your ex, if you usually think about your ex like 10 times in a day you would find yourself thinking about your ex for less, till you begin to go for days without thinking or remembering them.

Although distraction alone is not a cure for heartbreak because even when you get lonely when you are not with people or working you could still tend to miss your ex or think about him/her again.

So you can try working on something that would give you a sense of achievement or progress, what this would do is give you inner peace, satisfaction, and strength to know that you can be what you what to be without your ex, you will fill confidence, focus on important things that would make you feel happy and move your life forward.

Be Happy and Take Care of Yourself

This is the time to focus on yourself, spend your money on yourself, take yourself out, buy yourself things, all the things you usually look to your ex to do, do it yourself and you would see how happy you would be with yourself, this would help you to be independent and get over your ex.

Radiate happiness, gift yourself things, go out with your friends, focus on your family, buy them gifts, buy for your friends too, if you have the resources and you would be amazed by how fast you are blending with family and friends, which would help you move on fast.

shopping with friends
Happy Life

In Conclusion

Don’t allow heartbreak to cause depression or insomnia get a grip of yourself and get your life back. If you do all I mentioned above, you would get your life back, getting over someone you love deeply is hard.

But if you shield yourself not to be misled by your mind and follow the steps I wrote to heal and move on, you won’t even get to suffer a broken heart past some few weeks and you would get more engaged with yourself and love and appreciate yourself and those who truly care about you. Read How To Toast And Get A Guy You Love Online

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