How to overcome being tired all the time.

by Onyinye Ogbuka

How to overcome being tired all the time.

Being tired is not a bad thing, what is not cool is when you are always tired. At Mildstrings, we have discovered that when clients complain of being tired, it can be because of several issues; a lot of stress, depression, lack of sleep, poor choice of food, and other factors. These are not permanent things as they can be looked into and treated in relation to fatigue. 

  • Eat often, properly and healthy: When you don’t eat properly and healthily, you will not have enough nutrients supplied to your body. This will affect your energy levels and you will be unable to function properly. When you eat properly, you can do what you need to. Good food supplies adequate strength to the body. Eating healthy too will make sure you have the necessary nutrients that you need for the day. You mustn’t eat a lot at once because it can weigh you down. You must divide your food into little portions so you are not weighed down by heavy meals.
  • Adequate sleep: When you don’t sleep well, you end up tired because your body is yet to rejuvenate itself properly. One of the importance of good sleep is refreshment. Getting good sleep is paramount to getting rid of fatigue. To get a good sleep; go to bed with a routine and remove every form of distraction like the television. As an adult get at least a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per day. Most importantly avoid sleeping pills, they don’t help in the long run
  • Reduce stress; One of the ways to reduce your stress is to make sure that you reduce stressful activities. Stressful activities leave you tired and makes you unable to attend to other important activities. Introducing more pleasurable activities will help conserve your energy and help make you enjoy your day better.
  • Take less alcohol; One of the beautiful ways of reducing fatigue is to reduce your alcohol intake because it does not help. Taking alcohol might help you sleep more but it does not work in the long run. It interferes with the circadian rhythm of your body that produces melatonin for sleep. If you take alcohol to fall asleep, you are more likely to wake in the morning with a dull ache that is not even good for an energetic day. You are more likely to feel tired than rejuvenated.

Mildstrings has helped countless people trace the source of their fatigue and helped them resolve their underlying issue.

Thus, each client goes away with a more happier and energetic disposition.

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How to stop being tired all the time?

  1. Get more sleep
  2. Eat healthy food
  3. Avoid overeating
  4. Avoid alcohol
  5. Start your day with good exercise

How to overcome always feeling tired?

You can’t always be energetic, however in cases where you are always feeling tired and you sleep adequately, you eat healthy food, you don’t take alcohol and you keep fit, you might want to see your Doctor so they can run a diagnosis in you.

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