How to Pleasure Your Partner Apart from Penetrative sex with 100% satisfaction

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ways to pleasure your partner apart from penetration

I felt sex was overrated after I had it for the first time. Although I thought it was, not anymore. Most of the time I’ve had an orgasm is without sexual penetration. At least, I learnt how to tune into my orange.

I have heard guys talk about how they just want to rush into the P-V penetration. It would be wrong to believe that pleasuring your partner becomes easier that way. I have managed to If you think foreplay shouldn’t last more than a few minutes. You are wrong.

Want to know why you should try non-penetrative sex? It allows people to explore safe sex regardless of their diverse sexual orientations and identities. What matters is that you both have a good time pleasuring one another even without penetration.

Here are five ways you can pleasure your partner without penetrative sex:

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  • Use Your Tongue Like a Pro:

Women loves men who can make use of their tongue. Whatever you have decided to call this sex act- eating her out, going down, or oral sex. You can intensely pleasure your partner by making use of your tongue to stimulate her vagina.

While you are focused on the clitoris, don’t forget the labia. The labia are very sensitive and pleasurable. You can place an ice cube in between your teeth and draw it down your partner’s vagina and you can place it on her clitoris for a while.

You can circle the clitoris with your tongue for a few minute. While licking the labia and the vulva, you can fondle her nipples. Humming during oral sex can create a vibrating sensation in your partner’s genitalia.

  • Strike the Vulva

Striking her clitoris with your erect penis gives as much pleasure as penetration. ensure you’re your penis is firmly striking her clitoris. While at it, ensure that you are doing it rhythmically to increase her arousal.

The vulva swells when a woman is aroused. During sex, the man should rub his penis on the vulva in up and down, then left and right motion. Return to the clitoris after the rotation. When your partner is about to climax, you should continue with long strokes. This will help stimulate your partner’s vulva without penetration.

  • Stimulate the Clitoris

Do you want to pleasure your partner? You can sit back and relax while enjoying a good non-penetrative sex. You can have your partner sit back against a pillow or against the beddings with their knees up and legs wide open. Position yourself on your knees while pleasuring her clitoris with your hand. This position is great for a mind-blowing kiss, and it gives you more access to her breast.

The Spork position is also best for pleasuring your partner. It gives you access to kiss your partner’s neck and you can go down to suck their nipples or stimulate the clitoris. Let your partner lay on her back and tilt their pelvis forward by propping their elbows underneath them. You can lean over and your partner’s genitalia and pleasure her.

  • Dry Humping

Having your partner grind on you is arousing. The chairman position is intimate because it allows you to be so close to your partner. Let your woman sit on you and scoop her in. While your partner is grinding on you, you can reach around her genitals from behind with your hand and stimulate her vulva, clitoris.

You can have her lean against you for more access. This positions also allows you to kiss your partner’s neck, touch the nipples, and other areas. So, while you are sitting on the chair, let your partner sit on you, facing away.

  • Sensual Massage

Nothing feels better than an erotic massage. You can play a soft music and try setting the mood with a cool lighting. While you want to pleasure your partner, don’t rush into it. First, make your partner relax their muscles by massaging her arms, legs, and back. After you have helped your partner relax with your massage, you can proceed to tease them. You can massage their soft spots.

As partners, you must be willing to explore. Penetrative sex isn’t the only way you can bring yourself to orgasm. Don’t forget to tune into her orange- it takes two to tango. Give yourself time to find out what your partner likes.

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