How to shop for a therapist.

by Onyinye Ogbuka

Shopping for a therapist is tricky. Some self-acclaimed therapists are people who have difficulty thinking objectively and are likely to worsen your situation. It is important you shop for the right therapist. This article will teach you how to shop for a therapist.

Janice did not know what to do, she was tired of her husband. Boris was not helping out in any way and she did not like it. They had agreed together not to get a house help. What she did not know was that Boris had no plans in helping her around the house. 

She did not want to talk about it because she thought he would have enough sense to help out which he never did. When she got tired of Boris not helping out around the house, she had to speak out. To her dismay, her husband did not believe in helping out around the house, he thought it was a woman’s job. 

Jane was so confused because it seemed as though this particular ideology her husband had was deeply rooted in his mindset. Jane tried live with it but she could not because of the stress of handling her one-year-old child, as a career woman, her tasking job, making sure the homefront was clean enough to come back to and preparing meals for her husband. All these left her worn out, she could not turn up in bed with much vigour to perform her marital duties like before.

Boris was complaining bitterly about how she was so unkempt, not looking fresh, wonderful, sexy and how her performance in bed was low. Jane felt like she was going out of her mind. Every day was like she was hanging by a thread. She decided to seek the help of a therapist because she felt like she was going mad.

Without conducting much research, she got a low-priced therapist and that turned out to be her worst mistake. Jane slipped into a depression after meeting the therapist. The so-called therapist supported her husband over her and told Jane to continue handling everything by herself. It was more like a judgement section rather than a therapy session. Jane had never felt so low in her life. 

How to shop for a therapist in Nigeria

Jane confided in a friend about her problem and her friend was horrified that Jane had been going through so much at the hands of the therapist. Jane’s friend referred her to Mildstrings and that would be the best decision that Jane had ever made. The therapist from Mildstrings worked closely with Jane and with time, Jane was able to attend therapy with her husband; all virtual. It took time for Boris to accept that the stress of what Jane was going through was telling on their intimacy and he was able to come around. Boris began to help out around the house and it not only helped Jane feels relieved, but it also warmed her heart.

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When shopping for a therapist, it’s important you are careful who you select to assess you. It’s better for you not to have a therapist at all than to have one that will go on to wreck further damage.

Mildstrings has a pool of professional therapists with strong work ethics, handpicked and tested to give the best to clients. Jane was happy her friend introduced her to mildstrings and has gone ahead to refer her friends.

This is how you shop for a therapist in three easy steps

First be honest with yourself and tell yourself what you need.

Secondly begin your search for a specialized and well licensed therapist.

Thirdly ensure you are comfortable with the therapist and make sure to conduct further research on the the therapist you have chosen so that you don’t make a mistake.

You can also have your friends recommend you their therapist.

Therapist in Nigeria

Mildstrings is very passionate about the mental health of people and due to this passion has ventured into providing therapy for people with emotional and mental health issues for men, women and children.

How do so I start seeing a therapist?

Based on the recommendation of your friend your friends or your based on your research online. You can book a therapist, either for a physical or virtual session. Mildstrings offers effective virtual sessions.

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