How to Start Over a Relationship

by Ben Danor

So you’ve been in a relationship, and things are not working out for both parties. You’ve tried several ways to bring the relationship back to what it used to be, but it’s all the same. Then, learning how to start over a relationship is definitely worth it.

Since you still love your partner, starting the relationship all over is a good thing to consider. You just need to know that you’re making some edits to this new relationship.

You won’t repeat the mistakes you made the first time; it’s time to make things better!

How to Start Over a Relationship

Before you decide to start a relationship all over, ensure your partner is interested in starting relationship anew as much as you are. They must see that the relationship is worth saving, and they are ready to bring back that lost feeling and happiness.

To be honest, starting over a relationship is not a big deal; it’s something people do. According to research, 40 – 50 percent of people eventually reconnect with their ex and rekindle a broken relationship. 

They still believe in the relationship and think starting over is not a bad option. But in a case where they are not ready to start over, don’t force it. I bet you don’t want to open a new chapter only to keep fighting battles you fought in the previous chapter. 

Knowing how to start a relationship all over is important, and there’s a way to do it. You don’t just walk up to your ex, tell him/her how much you’ve missed them and that starts the relationship afresh. No.

Their reply could break your heart even more. There is a process to follow; there is a way you can ask to start over without looking thirsty for a relationship. 

If you have made the decision to start over a relationship, here are five proven ways you can achieve that: 

  1. Give Each Other Space For a While

The first thing to do is take some quality time away from each other; you both need that space. Wait! Don’t come booing at me now. Here’s why — Giving each other enough space will help to clear your head and also help you think about the next course of action. 

Spend this time wisely, and figure what might make your relationship work this time around. You can also use the period to plan how to approach the new relationship and what things to work on when you start over. 

Spending time apart for a while with less communication will help you prepare for the new dawn. You need time to clear your head, gather your thoughts and strategize. This is very important if you want the new chapter to be successful.

If a proper plan is not drafted, the new relationship will be no different from the previous relationship. What then is the essence of starting a relationship all over if the relationship is still the same way it was in the past? — that sucks, right?

Spending time apart would also make them miss you; frequent fights and disagreements must have made them forget that you play a role in their life. They will have to deal with your absence; this will make them know your worth a little. 

2. Have an Honest Discussion With Each Other

When you are confident you’re prepared for this new journey, it’s high time you sat down and discussed your doubts, fears, and frustration. Have an honest conversation with your partner, and let them know things you want them to improve on, things they do that you don’t like. 

This is the right time to pour out that weight on your chest without leaving anything out. This ‘chat’ is may not be an easy one to have, but it’s essential you have it. We all have our weaknesses, now’s the best time to talk about them and how they can be managed. 

If there are certain things your partner does and you detest it, tell them. However, the way you table it matters a lot; don’t put it down in a way that would aggravate the issue. I’ll cite an example below for a better understanding. 

“I feel unloved anytime you ignore my messages while online; I do wonder what’s keeping you busy to that extent.”

This sounds a lot better than:

“You are wicked and unloving! You ignore my messages despite being online. Who are those you’re chatting with?” 

3. Let The Past Remain in The Past

Bringing things that happened into the new relationship would do your relationship no good. Let the past be in the past if you want the new relationship to work out. 

Sometimes, letting the past be in the past is usually a tough choice, but it’s worth it. You should heal from the past and be ready to drop it as you enter the new chapter. 

Never use things that happened in the past to make a joke about your partner. It could be hurtful, and they might decide to quit the new relationship if they can’t take it anymore. 

Be confident that you have forgiven them of their past deeds, and you are ready to go on with them into this new chapter. If you are yet to get over the past, tell them to give you extra time. It’s important you get over this before moving to the new phase.

4. Identify Mistakes Made in the Past Relationship, Prevent And Fix Them

It makes no sense when you start over a relationship only to continue dealing with things you dealt with in the last chapter. This is why you should identify the mistakes you made in a previous relationship and plan how to prevent them so they won’t repeat themselves. 

As you work towards starting all over, take time to reflect on what went wrong in the previous relationship, and plan how to fix them this time, so you don’t experience them again. You should learn from your mistakes; only a fool makes a mistake repeatedly. If you don’t do this, your relationship will be no different from the previous one. 

5. Learn How To Compromise

Regardless of how intimate you are with your partner, you can not always agree on the same thing every time. Even couples who have similar things in common still disagree from time to time. You should know how to compromise if you want to start over a relationship. If you don’t know how to do that, learn it! 

You need to know when to let your partner do things their way; they can’t always do things the way they want. 

You need to know when to chill and let them have it their way even though you badly want them to do it your own way. You need to find the balance between these two things. 

Should you come across a situation where both of you are not ready to compromise, it’s best you look for a common ground. With this, both of you would feel a bit of satisfaction. 

Reaching a compromise will save the relationship from unnecessary arguments and make your partner feel you are willing to give up your idea or settle for something else just to make them happy.

How to Start Over a Relationship

What Does it Mean to Start Over a Relationship?

To start over a relationship means reconnecting with an ex after you’ve separated or broken up with them. It basically means to get back with an old or former spouse after both parties have gone their separate ways. 

Reconnecting with an ex isn’t a bad thing. Don’t be surprised when I tell you that about 40 – 50 percent of people reconnect with their ex and work on the relationship. 

How To Rekindle Your Relationship

To get your relationship back to where it was before, you need your partner’s consent. Do they want the relationship to return to the way it was before? If they don’t want that, but you do, you won’t be able to achieve that. They must be interested in bringing things back as much as you are. 

Physical intimacy and bringing new innovations is a great way to rekindle your relationship. 

Final Words

Sometimes, breaking up a relationship isn’t the solution. You could enter a new relationship and still prefer your previous relationship. 

If you feel you both made a mistake breaking up and the relationship is worth giving another try, talk to your ex and reach a decision. If both of you are back together after a while, you would learn to respect each other better.

When you eventually come back, ensure you don’t repeat mistakes and make changes to make the relationship further better. Let there be a big difference between your previous relationship and the new chapter; that’s the joy of starting over a relationship.

Since you know Each other quite well before, what’s the best time to work on your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

Starting over with an old spouse could be challenging, especially the fear of what the new relationship would bring. However, since you have read this article and taken notes of the tips shared, it shouldn’t be a big deal. You don’t deserve to lose a good man or woman all because you don’t know how to talk to them to get them back.

If you have a story to share, or you found this article helpful, let us know in the comment section. Have you started a relationship over Again? What’s the experience like? Do well to share them with us below.  

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