How To Tell If a Girl Has a Boyfriend

by Ben Danor
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Sometimes, guys complain about how hard it is to tell if a girl has a boyfriend. If you are reading this, it could mean you like a lady, but you’re not sure if she’s taken or not. You don’t want to waste your charms on a girl who is off the market. 

Before you make your intentions known to her, you want to see if she has a boyfriend or not. According to an online survey, 73 percent of people in a relationship admitted to lying to their partners. This should tell you that a girl with a boyfriend can tell you she doesn’t, especially if she is crushing on you. 

To tell if a girl has a boyfriend or not, you need to do some detective work. Of course, you don’t need to hire a detective to do this; you only need to awaken the detective spirit in you. 

You can quickly tell if a lady has a boyfriend or not if you are very observant. We would recommend spending time with her to make this discovery. 

Nothing hurts more than giving a crush too much attention for months only to find out she has a boyfriend. Unfortunately, you have been entertaining someone’s girlfriend all this while. 

How To Tell If a Girl Has a Boyfriend

This article aims to teach you how to differentiate a girl who has a boyfriend from one who doesn’t. 

Why Is It Hard To Tell if a Girl Has a Boyfriend?

We get this question a lot. We have researched a list of reasons why it is hard to tell if a girl has a boyfriend. Below are some of the reasons:

1. The Girl Likes You

If a girl likes you a lot, she won’t want you to make this discovery. She will always do things that will make you think she is single. 

If a lady is crushing on you, she will do all to ensure you don’t know about her relationship status. She could even post things on social media that would make you think she is single. 

2. She Flirts Around

With the way some girls flirt with every guy they see around, you might think they don’t have a boyfriend. 

Don’t take her flirty and seductive nature for being single; you might be making a big mistake. 

3. She Doesn’t Talk About Her Man.

You need to understand that just because a girl doesn’t talk about her man is not a reason to think she is single. 

Some ladies are very quiet about their relationship life. They might be in a low-key relationship or not on good terms With their boyfriends. 

How To Tell If a Girl Has a Boyfriend

How can you tell if a girl has a boyfriend? Here are some indications that a girl has a boyfriend.

1. She Talks About Her Boyfriend But in a Coded Way

To tell if a girl has a boyfriend, you need to listen attentively when she talks. Regardless of how hard she tries to hide it, she will eventually give it away one way or another. It could be a slip of the tongue. 

When you ask her how she spent her summer holidays, she says something like “we went to a cinema” or “we had a picnic.” If you notice that she gives little information about the other person in the picture, the person could be her boyfriend. 

However, not all ladies hide their relationship status; some are always ready to talk about it. One way to trigger this is by asking about past relationships. You can share with her things you experienced in past relationships. Her reply should help you figure out where she stands. 

You can also ask her about her best partner so far and her best relationship; her reply will tell if she has a boyfriend or not. Asking questions is one great way to be sure about your stand in any relationship

2. You See Pictures of This Same Guy All Over Her Phone

If there’s a guy whose pictures are all over her phone, the chances are high that that’s her boyfriend. To be sure, you can stalk her social media profiles. If she has this guy’s pictures all over her walls, the guy is probably her boyfriend. 

If you are an excellent detective and you dig further, you should find a couple of posts where she has mentioned the guy’s name or handle in a post. You can also check her comments section; the guy might have dropped romantic lines under her picture; it is something love birds do. 

If words like king, heartbeat, treasure, etc. were used to describe the guy, that means they are more than just friends; it is what you are thinking. She might have saved you the stress by posting a romantic picture of them together. 

3. She is Always Texting or Calling

Does she receive texts every now and then? This could be a sign that she is already spoken for. Is she always busy with her phone, even when she’s around her friends?

This could mean her insignificant other isn’t there, so she might want to be in constant communication with him.

You can tell if a lady has a boyfriend or not by the types of uploads she makes on social media. Does she delete revealing pictures a few hours after posting them? It could be that her boyfriend told her to put down the post. 

People who have boyfriends can attest to this; you have taken down posts and status updates just to please a partner at one point or the other.

4. Study Her Body Language

You can fish out a girl with a boyfriend just by studying her body language. Anytime you are around her, pay attention to every little detail. There is a way ladies behave when they are not available. Sometimes, they don’t know they are showing signs; they do it subconsciously. 

If she is with a guy and you notice they’re touching each other, it’s a sign that they might have something together. 

You can even decode the way she dresses. Does she dress like someone who wants to attract? If yes, she is probably single. You can’t expect a lady who is taken to dress the same way a single lady who is searching would. 

5. She is Not Available

If a lady is taken, there’s this way she behaves to male counterparts that should tell you that she is not available. 

You don’t need someone to tell you this; you can easily decode it from her actions and inactions. 

She doesn’t give them the space to talk with her freely. You can feel that intuition that she is not available. 

She doesn’t pay attention to guys at all. She is always not eager to meet new male friends. This means she has a male figure to whom she is committed to. Such a lady has locked her heart and would never check out any guy. 

6. She Tells You Point Blank She Has a Boyfriend

Some ladies would tell you point blank they are in a relationship; they don’t see why to beat through the bush. 

Some are a little bit reluctant to give you a direct answer and might give you a vague one. 

When she says things like “we are still working things out” or “it is not really a relationship per se,” Don’t be deceived; she is taken. 

She is only giving you that answer because she either likes you or is tired of her current relationship and wants you as a backup plan. I am sure you don’t want to be a backup plan but a full option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Find Out If a Girl Has a Boyfriend But Likes You.

If you want to find out if a girl with a boyfriend likes you, there are some signs you will notice. She will always be reluctant to talk about her relationship and might not even describe it as a relationship. 

She starts to tell you stories about how she might soon leave the relationship . For some girls, they won’t even tell you they have a boyfriend. 

2. How To Know if Girl has a Boyfriend over text

You can ask her the question Indirectly to know if she has a boyfriend or not. There are many ways you can find out without even asking. 

You should check out her social media handles; there would be some breadcrumbs that prove she is single or in a relationship. 

If you have a connection with her and you’re quite close, you can ask her directly. Her response will let you know if she has or not. Don’t believe everything she says; take note of her reactions and how she said them. 

How to tell if a girl has a boyfriend
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Final Words

Before you ask a lady out, do your diligence and ensure she doesn’t have a boyfriend. You can ask her friends about her relationship status. 

If she is taken, don’t waste your energy on her; move to your next. In all you do, ensure you don’t entertain someone else’s girlfriend. Sometimes, ladies can manipulate you to do this since they know you love them. 

It would be best if you put all that energy into finding a new girlfriend. If a girl lies to you about being single, she might be crushing on you. 

Have you ever lied about having a boyfriend? Have you ever asked a lady out only to discover she is in a serious relationship? Please share with us your stories in the comments section. If you find this article helpful, please share it with anyone you feel needs to read this. 

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