How to tell if she is a gold digger.

by Onyinye Ogbuka
How to know if she is a gold digger/mildstrings/Twitter

How to tell if she is gold digger. By the time she checked out, Tayo was airborne. Tayo felt satisfied. He had no place in his life for a gold digger. 

How to tell if she is a gold digger. Memories

His phoned beeped and he brought out his phone absentmindedly to check who had messaged him. It was a hi followed by a smiling emoji. He didn’t recognize the name so he clicked on the display picture and beheld his worst nightmare in full view. He felt a barrage of feelings go through him: anger, surprise, sadness and sorrow. The memory of the searing pain he had experienced came back rushing in full force and he felt himself reliving the experience all over again.

How to tell if she is a gold digger. Feels like love

He was once a blind son of a bitch in love. It started the moment he laid his on eyes Tife. She looked like the glorious apparition of an angel as she walked toward him during their registration. Truly she had him tongue-tied. Her skin shone in the hot sun and Tayo assumed she did not live in Nigeria. To him, no one, absolutely no one could live in Nigeria and have their skin glowing like that, not with the wicked sun that seemed to get its source from hellfire.

She was on jeans that flaunted her every curve and a top that seemed to mould to her skin. She had a long weave she frequently flicked. Tife was in the company of her friends. Something in his heart seemed to call out to her and Tayo found himself releasing a groan that left him mortified. He was seated under the tree, he looked around to ensure that no one caught him in such an act.

Students milled around the office, each lost in his or her struggles. Some were in a queue and some others sat down at random locations around the office. Tayo had just arrived a few minutes ago and decided to take a breather before he joined the queue.

How to tell if she is a gold digger. A girl like you

He kept his eyes on her and watched her converse with her friends. Tayo wanted to approach her but his courage failed him. He kept his eyes on her till she left the office.

Tayo fought the thoughts of this girl because she lived rent-free in his head ever since he laid his eyes on her. He was seriously crushing on her and was already imagining wedding bells and the whole nine yards.

One chilly night, he was on Facebook scrolling after intensely studying for two hours. He saw his friend suggestions and saw her picture. He quickly sent her a friend request and he got the notification that she had accepted. If he did not have enough courage offline to talk to her, he could muster courage online. He sent her a hi and he was surprised when she replied to him. In a series of chats that followed, Tayo introduced himself and complimented her beauty. She did likewise and thanked him. They kept chatting until Tayo requested her Whatsapp contact. When she texted it to him. He released a whoop of joy and punched the air with his hands. Tayo instantly messaged her on WhatsApp and they got talking, by the end of the conversation, they had decided to meet each other.


Tayo met with her a week after and all he wanted to do was scream out his luck. She was beautiful no doubt, he thought to himself as she came nearer. Their first meeting went well. They met a few more times after that and became friends.

How to know if she is a gold digger/Pinterest pin/mildstrings

They breezed through school without Tayo ever confessing his feelings. He watched in pain as she got into one relationship or the other. That didn’t stop him from being her best friend, it didn’t stop him from going out of his way for her. It certainly did not stop him from being seen around her in school. Some guys even called Tayo her dog, but Tayo was not concerned. He loved her and that was all that mattered, he would escort her to class, and buy her food with his little pocket money even if it meant going hungry. He helped her with her assignments and project. When it came to her, he would let down anything just to have her smile.

In their fourth year, he finally worked up the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend. She was single and she said yes. When they graduated, he was lucky his home was near hers. That afforded him several opportunities to meet with her. He was deliriously in love. Each time he kissed her, he felt like hurling her into bed, it always left him breathless and happy. She was always responsive to him and he liked that. She loved him too, he thought.

How to tell if she is a gold digger. Things fall apart

He knew his girlfriend could be unkind sometimes but he never thought so much of it till he started to lose her. It had started with her not replying to his chats on time, she took minutes to reply to his chats. He would call her sometimes and she would reject his calls and sometimes she would not return them. She was not in the habit of going out without telling him where she went, now, she went out without updating him. He wondered what was up with her attitude and decided to go see her.

He was lucky to have met her at home, she was giving him attitude but he ignored it. Whenever they met physically, she made less use of her phone but now instead of talking to him, she was using her phone not minding his presence. Tayo was getting pissed at her attitude and asked her why she was acting that way. She said nothing, she was not responsive, and she was not engaging him. He stayed a while and watched her while she fiddled with her phone. After a while, Tayo had had enough so he stood up to leave. His girlfriend would have escorted him to the gate but immediately after he went through the apartment door, she closed it behind him.

We don’t talk anymore

A few days after, he went back to see her and she maintained the same attitude with him. He could not stand it anymore and expressed his anger thinking it would make her come out of her senses. He angrily told her he could not continue with the relationship if she behaved like this and, stormed out.

A day after, Tayo was already feeling bad that he lashed out at her like that. He decided to go back and apologize, he bought some of her favourite chocolates. On his way, the rain started to fall; he could wait for it to abate or he could brave it and go to her house, he decided to brave it. On getting there, the gate was locked and he called her to tell her he was in front of her house. She told him she could not open the door for him because she had an important visitor. Tayo was going to wait, rather than finding out what was wrong with her, he flared up and so if it meant he was going to grovel for her forgiveness, he did not mind.

Heart break

When the rain had abated, he was shivering, that was when she came out with an older guy. She saw him and ignored him. She followed the guy to his car, a car Tayo had briefly noticed earlier, it was a very expensive car. In his presence, she kissed the older guy before he got into the car and zoomed off. Tayo was going to get angry but he decided to apologize first. He stretched forth the chocolate he bought for her, she collected it and flung it back at him. He flinched at such contact and asked her why she did that.

Not minding the onlookers who had come out to resume their activities after the rain, she told him she no more wanted him. He was broke and she did not want a broke ass guy like him dating her. The man she escorted to the car is her new boyfriend and he can take care of her. Tayo did not know when he found himself on his knees, he was begging her not to break up with him. He made promises; he would be rich, and he would work hard to make her happy. She laughed derisively at him and warned him never to come near her again. She went into her compound and banged the gate. Tayo felt tears rush to his eyes, she had broken up with him. He didn’t mind the onlookers as he stood up and made his way home into the arms of his mother.

Whilst nursing a broken heart, standing in the rain had left him with malaria.

How to tell if she is a gold digger. A mix of luck and heartbreak

By a stroke of luck, the scholarship he had applied for abroad had clicked and he was set to travel. He travelled out to further his studies and while he was there, he tried his best to move on and forget about her.

With a friend, he was bullied into learning cryptocurrency. In a short time, he was studying on a scholarship and earning handsomely from his crypto business.  He was able to send money home which oversaw building his mum’s new home. He had gone into other investments that yielded a profit for him. Tayo celebrated his financial milestone by buying a car and posted himself standing with his new ride on Facebook. He guessed that was what she saw that made her text him. What did she want? he asked himself.

True colours

She reintroduced herself in her message and he could feel her excitement from the chats. She sounded happy to talk to him again until she expressed her desire to see him. At the sight of the message in which she claimed she still loves him and misses him, Tayo was hit with several emotions; anger, surprise, comical laughter and disgust. She certainly did not waste time showing herself as a gold digger. Tayo wanted to block her but he thought better of it, he would like to get his pound of flesh.

How to know if she is a gold digger/mildstrings
How to know if she is a gold digger

He told her he was coming back to the country in a month. She made him promise to bring a lot of stuff for her. 

Payback time

Tayo came into the country and she requested that she comes to his house. He declined and told her he was going to meet her in a hotel. All Tayo felt was hatred for the girl he once loved. As far as he was concerned, she was nothing but a bitch, a cheap slut, a whore and he was going to treat her like one. Three days to when he was about to leave the country, he called her and they met at a hotel.

Tife saw Tayo coming in and smiled. She thanked her stars she had reconnected with him on Facebook. He had always had feelings for her and she was sorry she broke his heart but it could not be helped. She thanked God he still had feelings for her. Tife could not wait to be his wife and travel abroad with him. She could barely contain her excitement at all the fine things of life he would provide her, she just had to play her cards well.

A pound of flesh

Tayo skimmed his gaze over her, she was dressed skimpily. What was her aim? Granted, she had grown bigger and filled up in the right places. She looked at him seductively and he returned the look with equal fervour. She stood up and hugged him before they sat down. They talked for a while before he led them to a room. The instant the door closed she offered herself to Tayo. Back when he was dating her, he didn’t ask for sex and contented himself with chaste kisses here and there.

He took what she offered and quickly excused himself to drink his sex enhancer. He was going to fuck her like the whore she is and that he did for the next three days. Tayo avoided deep conversations with her only coming up for air to regain his strength. He wore her out and left her begging that she wants to rest. He refused to allow her rest, he made her know he wanted to marry someone who could keep with his sexual prowess. Because she was a gold digger, she stopped complaining and allowed him to continue fucking her like a thief. When he had had his fill of her, while she was sleeping, he packed his things and checked out of the hotel and went straight to the airport to take his flight. 

What you sow

Tife woke up and did not see Tayo beside her. She saw a card on the bed and she smiled. She thought it was a love card when she opened it, bitch, whore, gold digger and slut was what was written on the card. Beside her, she saw some designer bags. She felt used and ashamed, it was obvious he had left. She checked his social media and found out he had blocked her.

By the time she checked out, Tayo was airborne. Tayo felt satisfied. He had no place in his life for a gold digger. 


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