How to tell if your wife is in the mood for sex

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how to tell if she is in the mood

How can you tell if your wife is in the mood for sex? some will outrightly say, I want you, I miss you, I want you to make love to me. Especially modern women, oftentimes have great relationships with their husbands. 

Men find it romantic, just imagine your wife, comes to whisper in your ears, wearing a very hot and skimpy but revealing lingerie covered by a transparent robe, smelling all nice and yummy and she says baby I have something special for you, meet me in the bedroom.

That moment would be so beautiful, even if you have a ton of baggage weighing your mind down, you would drop it all down, wear a happy face and follow her. 

Do you know why? Because men are natural babies they also want to be pampered, they are hard on the outside but they have a gentle side on the inner. 

In one word, men love it when their wife is adventurous and initiates sex. 

What happens if your wife is not adventurous and does not verbally express her sexual cravings. How can you tell or how can you know if your wife is in the mood for sex? 

We all know that women don’t have a high libido like men, that is they are not always as horny as men, it’s just natural that you might not always see her trying to make the move for sex.

But when it gets to a woman’s ovulation period, where her egg is released in anticipation of healthy sperm to fertilize it, the body will definitely change, she would be very sensitive and horny.

She might not communicate these new changes verbally but her body would display it, even her actions and emotions could play a part in exposing her need for sex at this period. 

How to tell if your wife is in the mood

how to tell if your wife is in the mood for sex

Fuller breast and hard Nipple:

Nobody will tell you this when a woman is ovulating her boobs are always fuller, warm, and very sensitive.

She standing in the mirror alone to see herself or watching a normal movie with a little bit of Romance could trigger her and make her so horny and tasty for you. Watch out for her boobs, watch out for how she carries and touches herself. 

Sexy and transparent cloth:

she is wearing that sexy transparent piece of cloth to communicate something to you.

So pay attention to that. If she doesn’t normally wear all these nice and transparent cloth around the house or in the bedroom, then she is suddenly wearing one.

Walking around so you can notice her and see that she’s just throwing herself around. She standing more, she’s bending, she’s climbing, etc. just leave everything you are doing and give her attention, please.

She cooks your favorite meal:

You just suddenly came home and you see her serve you your favorite meal, with so much care and petting.

This could translate to different things, it could be she needs a favor from you or she needs you in the bedroom.

So ask her what you did to deserve this, you should also ask if she needs something from you financially.

If it’s a no then she’s in the mood, she needs sex. In most cases, she needs both.

The sex will be the topping or appreciation for the favor that’s if you approve or say something encouraging. 

She offers to give you a body massage:

she’s horny she just wants to touch your body and try if she can get you to be sensual with her as well.

She probably knows you are tired and thinks telling you she wants you might not go well with you.

So she tries to touch you and communicate using body language rather than verbally.

Take time to also observe the way she massages you.

If she takes her hands to sensitive parts of your body and gives you an erotic or Nuru body massage using her own body to massage you. Then she’s in the mood for sex

She says you both should watch 18+ movies:

Don’t get it twisted she needs that sex from you like yesterday.

She’s in the mood for sex.

She isn’t just saying it.

If I were you I will rush down to enjoy that date night with my wife.

In the height of the romance just grab her and do the needful.

You might have a regular date night based on your family tradition but if this is called for specially and the movie is 18+, X-rated, and erotic and it’s her idea then she wants you. And she is very much in the mood.

More women watch porn films when they are horny than when they are not.  

Because the body craves what would excite and turn it on. In some cases she wants you to watch this movie over a glass of wine to set the mood right. 

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