How To Toast And Get A Guy You Love Online

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Some ladies do not wait for chances they go for the guy they like and ask him out themselves, but the major question is how to toast a guy you love either online, through text, or offline and get him to be your boyfriend or your husband.

How do you get a guy attention and declare your intentions to him without sounding foolish, because I can imagine you can’t just go and be like “Hey dude I like you, can you be my boyfriend” also you can’t just be hanging around a guy giving him all the green light signs and hoping he would get it. 

This article is for fearless women who are living their lives against the societal norms, you see a man you like and you want to go for him. Ideally, society says ladies don’t do the chasing, a man is supposed to see a woman he likes and go talk to her, while a woman is supposed to position herself where she can be seen by the man. It is by default that a man should learn how to toast a lady online, offline, and physically.

how to toast a guy online

In this world of social media and numerous meetup sites, girls don’t even wait anymore. Learning how to toast a boy online is now important as learning how to toast a girl online. Check this article if you want to know the right age for you to engage in sex.

To toast a guy is tricky just like to toast a woman, it requires skills, tension, rejection, courage to even walk up to her, and all those other issues you have to think of also apply when a woman wants to toast a man she loves.

What if he laughs at you, or tells his friends that you are cheap and lonely, or better still what if he takes advantage of the fact that you approached him instead of him approaching you. But never mind I will give you the best strategy on how to toast a guy you want without having to drag yourself in the mud.

Compliments Are A Good Way To Toast A Guy You Love

Compliment his style this is safer and more meaningful because he would appreciate this, talk about his hidden trait, play to his masculinity, you could say things like you feel safe when you are around him, Men love where they are made to feel strong, this would make him drawn to you and every interested in you.

Just like the way ladies are always happy and friendly when they receive a compliment so also are guys, I mean who wouldn’t want to hear that he looks clean or stylish. You find the guy you want and he’s around you, just try to get yourself close and pass him a nice subtle compliment.

Keep the Conversation

To get a high-quality man to not only notice but to chase after you you need to make eye contact when conversing with him, don’t look away, let him know that you are looking at him, prolong that eye contact and when he realizes that you are actually keeping an eye contact what you do is just smile at him. Most men don’t even have an idea when a woman likes them, so you need to make the green light obvious, so make that smile sensual, confident, powerful, and feminine.

Do well to keep the conversation going after you pass your compliment, don’t keep mute and expect him to carry on with it. For instance, if you pass a comment about his cloth and he says thanks, go ahead to ask where he got them, and add more compliments along the line, now he would be more relaxed as you already have a conversation coming along.

If he says his clothes was gotten from an online source check it out in his presence, ask about their services, talk about your challenges finding a reliable plug to get your items, he could know 1 or 2 people to recommend to you, and at this point, a friendship or at least an acquittance has started.

Flirt with Him

Be bad and boogie, this is a man you want to date or enjoy or even marry so you have to flirt, just flirt don’t be raw, both compliments and flirting can happen the same day depending on the duration of your meeting or you could leave it till a future date or time. You flirt by giving sexy compliments, choose your word as you don’t want to come off as a thirsty lady.

You also have to feel good about yourself if you want to toast a guy you love either online or offline, you must have good self-esteem or body image, if you need to touch up your makeup to feel extra good and confident then you have to.

Feel attractive about yourself so when you are conversing online or physically, that confidence would create attractive energy, so whatever you can do to increase your energy to make you feel better about yourself do it, fix your hair, dress in a way that makes you feel confident and smells good, Make sure you are ok with being seen and you are not afraid to be seen or heard this would get the man to notice you and want continue conversing with him.

You can flirt by saying things like, you have nice strong arms that would be good to lift things, let your body movements and your tone do the dirty, not your words, compliments body parts like shoulders, lips, eyes, while flirting and keep eye contact.

how to toast a guy online
How to toast a guy you love via text online

Dont Take Things Too far To Get A Man

After you are done flirting, giving sexy compliments what next, you cannot keep acting and just showing you love her, most times men have an ego and might ignore you except if they feel like passing time and enjoying some private moment with you, if that is the case then they might take the bait.

If you are speaking physically or online, don’t escalate things by going too far to start kissing him, hugging him, telling him how much you love him or want to be with him. You should do it gradually whenever he’s next to you and he says something funny you can easily touch his hands or his shoulders, or hands or have your hands on his arm for a few seconds this would create tension that would give him the green light to make him look at you as a potential boo.

Also if you are looking to toast a guy to establish a relationship or take things further, then you have to say it, so here is how to go about it.

Make your Intentions Known

It should be done face to face not via text or media in other to see how serious you are, start by telling him how much of a good person he is and how he would make a good boyfriend. Ask him if he is down for a relationship, and if he is, you would consider him because you have a connection that is strong with him. Give him time to go think about it, don’t sound desperate, keep a straight sexy face, let your confidence amaze him.

If he likes you he would respond positively otherwise give him space and live your life chances are he would be back running after you and this time around you can play hard to get.

Don’t Limit Yourself

This is the time to put yourself out there, this is the time to showcase yourself, you can’t be hiding and hope he will remember you, you have to display your strengths and achievements as often as you can, update your socials often too.

You have lovely hair, body, skin, you cook, etc. flaunt it. At this point, I believe you must have exchanged contacts and social handles, let him constantly see you displaying your happy self, your skills, your belief, etc. remember not to do the chasing, men love independent, happy ladies. Get busy, don’t abandon your other friends because you are crushing on a man. try not to act shy and clumsy around him.

A Lady Exercising
A Lady displaying her skills

Don’t be too obvious if you want to play the hard-to-get part after you have established a friendship or relationship. Hard-to-get is acting like you don’t like him but you like him, it is important you do this otherwise he could take you for granted, giving you the light that he’s dating you without even asking you out.

You have to withdraw a little don’t express your emotions too much just be a little self disciplined, don’t be aggressive about your withdrawal because this could give him mixed signals and be very confusing. show him affection and care but not too much. if you call him too frequently, you should reduce it a bit, don’t be angry over issues with him like you are dating, don’t give him girlfriend benefits until the relationship is confirmed by the both of you.

Just Basically withdraw a bit without being harsh, and be cool, if he comes around to complain about you not calling frequently or showing care and giving him attention like you always do, then you can both discuss what he wants from you and if he is ready to take things to the next level with you.

Congratulations on getting his attention, if you got your man by approaching him yourself kindly share tips that helped you in the comment session. Also, share with your girlfriends to help them get their man.

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