How To Turn a Long Distance Relationship Into Marriage

by Ben Danor

Have you been thinking of how to turn your long-distance relationship into marriage? We often envy couples who walk down the aisle with their long-distance partner. 

Little did we know that we could pull a similar feat. Don’t be deceived by what you see; it’s possible to turn a long-distance relationship into marriage. However, you need to be very intentional about making the long-distance relationship lead to marriage. 

About 75% of engaged couples have been in a long-distance relationship at a time in their relationship. Turning a long-distance relationship into marriage is no doubt a difficult thing to do. If you interview couples, who have successfully achieved that, they will tell you how challenging it was. 

Let’s face it; if you want to turn your long-distance relationship into marriage, there are certain things you must do. If you lack the discipline to do some of these things, your long-distance relationship might not make it. 

How Do You Know He Wants To Marry You in a Long Distance Relationship?

How do you know if a man intends to marry you in a long-distance relationship? It’s not hard to figure out if a man wants to marry you in a long-distance relationship, he will have the marriage talk with you. 

If he wants to marry you in a long-distance relationship, you will notice that he talks about marriage or family. He chips it in during your Conversations. He says things like, “I can’t wait to wake up, see you next to me and share a roof with you.”

 If you are with a man who hasn’t for once had the marriage talk with you or mentioned starting a family during one of those late-night chats, chances are high that he doesn’t have it in his plan. 

How To Turn a Long Distance Relationship Into Marriage

How To Turn a Long Distance Relationship Into Marriage

1. Give The Long Distance Relationship Your Commitment

You can’t expect a long-distance relationship you don’t show commitments to lead to marriage. Relationships like that fail after some months. Stay committed to the relationship if you want it to lead to marriage. 

It’s very easy to understand; you get what you give out. If you give a long-distance relationship commitment and time, it will give you marriage in return. Commitment is the first thing to have if you want your long-distance relationship to lead to marriage. 

If the long-distance relationship lacks commitment, the chances that it will lead to marriage are low. Both parties involved in the long-distance relationship should be committed if they genuinely want it to lead to marriage. 

2. Create a Strong Bond of Friendship With Your Spouse

Marriage is all about friendship; this might sound like a cliche because it is something you often hear. However, it remains one of the best truths you will see on the internet. Friendship should always come first before marriage. 

Check out couples who successfully turned their long-distance relationship into marriage; you will notice that they had a great friendship with their spouse. 

They gist, pray, discuss and chat every day despite the distance between them. If there’s a strong bond of friendship between the two of you, taking the long-distance relationship to the next level won’t be much of an issue.

3. Make Sure Your Partner Too Wants The Relationship to Lead to Marriage

This is essential to note if you want your long-distance relationship to lead to marriage. 

Raising this topic might be a bit difficult if you haven’t discussed it before, especially when you both are still figuring things out and not sure things will work out as planned. However, the question is important to ask, so you know where you stand and what to expect from the relationship. 

If your partner is not interested in turning the long-distance relationship into marriage, but you are, things won’t work out until you reach a compromise. 

Have a chat with your significant other and let them know your plans on turning the long-distance relationship into marriage; ask them if they want the same. 

Once you are convinced that you are on the same page, you can begin to make efforts on how to end the distance.

This is the perfect time to discuss who will move and where to settle down. When you reach this stage, there are usually a lot of compromises to make. The ‘who is moving’ conversation is usually a tough one to have. 

To sum it up, if both of you are ready to make little adjustments and experience little discomforts for the sake of the relationship, you will get through this phase. 

4. Spend Quality Time Together First

If you are in a long-distance relationship and you’ve never seen your partner or just met once, please ensure you spend quality time together before you start proposing marriage. 

Marriage is not a playing ground; you need to know who you are dealing with before you embark on that journey. How people present themselves usually differs from how they truly are. If you spend enough time with them, you will know if they’re the type you can get married to or not. 

I believe you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with someone you know little about. Spend enough time with them to know about their good and bad habits, those you can cope with and those you can’t. At least you deserve to know enough about someone you are moving in with. 

Aside from that, what’s the assurance that the person you are chatting with is real and not a scammer? Don’t forget that there are many fraudsters, especially if you just met your partner not quite long ago and you’ve never had a video call. 

If you notice that they do suspicious things like not wanting to have a video call session etc., insist on having a physical meeting before taking things further. 

5. Make Sure You Both Have Enough To Start a Family

When it comes to marriage, love is not always everything. As you plan to turn your long-distance relationship into marriage, some things should be in place. I’m not saying you should have a billion dollars in your account or a Bel-Air mansion before starting a family. 

However, your finances should be enough to sustain a family. If you marry someone you love but have financial issues; you might not enjoy that marriage. Having a house and multiple sources of income before marriage is not bad. 

Since a party will be moving, this will cost you more money. Above all, ensure you are stable in life before considering marriage. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you should have a lot of money but something that can sustain a family.

Do Long Distance Relationship Couples Get Married?

Yes, they do. Don’t be deceived by things you see; if you want your long-distance relationship to turn into marriage, it is achievable. If you take the long-distance relationship seriously and give your partner reasons to take it seriously, they will want to walk the aisle with you. 

I understand distance might be a barrier, but love supersedes everything. Let’s face it, if you want to get a phone in the next few months, you draft a plan and save to get the phone, right? In the same vein, you can turn your long-distance relationship into marriage. Draft out a plan, let your partner know the goal (marriage), and then work towards achieving the goal! 

According to research, long-distance relationships have a success rate of 58%. I believe these figures are enough to convince you that long-distance relationships are working for some people. 

Another study shows that 7% – 10% of marriages in the United States started as long distance relationships. These figures might look low, but remember that there are over two million marriages annually in the US. 

How To Turn a Long Distance Relationship Into Marriage

Final Words

As you embark on the journey to turn your long-distance relationship into marriage, bear in mind that the journey will never be smooth. However, achieving it becomes possible if you are determined and keen on what you want. 

Another great thing to do is set an appointment with a marriage therapist. Since you’ve lived apart all your life, living together won’t go smoothly, and a counselor can help out here. 

To make it more effective, apply for more than one session. Your partner doesn’t necessarily have to be present; you can have the session via Skype. 

It might take something from your pocket, but every penny you pay for the counseling is worth it. The counselor can identify and bring up complex topics for discussion. Trust me; these topics would go a long way in making your marriage a happy and successful one. 

Have you ever turned your long-distance relationship into marriage? How did you achieve that? The mildstrings community would love to learn from you. Please share With us in the comments section. If you don’t want to use the comment section, we understand; you can send us a mail directly. If you find this article helpful, please share. 

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