I cheated on my fiance and he found out. Will he forgive me?

by Onyinye Ogbuka
I cheated on my fiance and he found out/mildstrings/twitter

I cheated on my fiance and he found out, my inability to control myself landed me in trouble and I will always regret it. My fiance is everything and more than I could ever want in a man, and I ruined it all by cheating then he found out.

I cheated on my fiance and he found out. My Kunle

I came down from the Uber and strode into my fiance’s house, my soon-to-be husband. I had his keys with me, so I did not bother to knock. I simply let myself in. I kicked off my shoes and went into his kitchen. I was hungry and in need of good food. 

I was so sure I was going to find food in the fridge. My fiance, Kunle, is the homeliest man I have ever met. He is the only one that beats me hands down at making a mean Jollof. I ransacked his fridge and found a plate Egusi soup. Hmmm, nice, I thought to myself. I checked a part of his drawers and found some wraps of Fufu. In less than ten minutes, I had warmed the Egusi and was digging into it. 

Whilst eating, I heard the sound of footsteps outside the kitchen and I thought it was my Kunle. The footstep kept coming closer until it got into the kitchen and I shouted. I thought he was a burglar until he calmed me down and said he was Kunle’s friend. 

I cheated on my fiance and he found out. Lusting after you

Notwithstanding, I had my eyes trained on his body. He was beautiful, and I had never seen such a hot male as this. If the word ripped had a picture, it was standing right in front of me. My eyes trailed down his lower half and I felt myself going wet, the sight of his front was making me imagine crazy things I could never imagine Kunle doing. I had forgotten the morsel of fufu in my palm until he brought me out of my rêverie by clapping. I came back and was embarrassed to have been caught in such a situation. I found out his name was Ayo, he came to stay in Abuja for a while because he had a project here. Also as the best man, he came to assist Kunle with the wedding preparations. It was all perfect timing.

He made himself comfortable, and we were soon talking like we had known each other for a long time. While we talked, I kept looking at him. I don’t know if he realizes that I lust for him. We talked for two hours before my boyfriend came home and he introduced us to each other. 

I cheated on my fiance and he found out. Drive me crazy

I found myself comparing my fiance to his best man. My fiancee was very average while his best man was a woman’s darkest desire.

I left them after we discussed some wedding details. I found myself suddenly dreading my wedding, it was in three months. We had done the introduction, what was left was the white wedding and traditional wedding.

I love my fiance but I don’t know why I kept thinking of his best man. Sex with my fiance is great and I decided it was my fiance’s body I needed to cure this lust.

I went to my fiance’s house and I discovered his best man had gone out. In no time, I was naked with my fiancee, enjoying him, but the person on my mind was his best man. 

Stolen Pleasures

Having sex with his best man had become some sort of fantasy and one I was desperate to fulfill. He had to be a playboy so he won’t catch feelings. I checked him out on Instagram and liked what I saw. He certainly was a playboy. I wondered how my fiance was friends with someone like him. Kunle was so moral and extra. Most times, I was the one that initiated sex because he believes in no sex before marriage. However, I have my way every time because I have a banging body and he cannot resist me.

His best man and I had exchanged numbers the first time we met so I messaged him. I asked him about this and that, beat around the bush a little before coming unto him. He sent an emoji of surprise to me before agreeing with me.

I went to Kunle’s house when he was not around. As expected, I had sex with his best man. It was better than I imagined. We practically lighted up the sheets. 

A fantasy I thought I could quench with just one bout of sex became an addiction that I could not stop. 

I cheated on my fiance and he found out/mildstrings
I cheated on my fiance and he found out

I was sex freaked. I was always having sex with Kunle’s best man. We met in several places to enjoy our illicit affair , from hotels, to Kunle’s house and my house. Somehow, I became hesitant to have sex with my fiance and he chalked it down to stress.

The irony of “she’s worth it”

I wondered what was wrong with my fiancee. She was not as eager as before. Maybe she is tired, some part of me said, another part of me asked if it’s every time she was tired. I was not worried because I trusted her. I love her so much and cannot wait to be married to her. 

She does not know I am planning a honeymoon for us. We had previously agreed on not going for a honeymoon but hey, she is going to be my wife. She deserves the best. The honeymoon was just for one week. That is what I could afford. It’s eating deep into my pocket but I don’t mind. She is worth it as far as I am concerned. 

According to church guidelines, we have to be tested at the church hospital for pregnancy results a week before the wedding.

My fiancee and I went for the test. As required, the test result was delivered directly to the church marriage committee which was headed by the Pastor.

I cheated on my fiance and he found out. Unveiling

I walked into the church premises and beheld the Cathedral. This is where my fiancee and I would be saying I do to each other in a week. I walked into the Pastor’s office and greeted the pastor who offered me a seat. I sat down and waited for my fiancee who decided to come from work.

A few minutes later, my fiancee in all her glory, walked into the office and took her seat. This was the last session we had to deal with and after that was the wedding. “Good afternoon my children”, the pastor greeted

“Good afternoon sir”, My fiancee and I replied.

I am sorry to inform you that we cannot join you in the holy matrimony, your wife-to-be is one month pregnant. The best we can do is the blessing of marriage.

I thought I heard wrong, I asked the pastor to repeat himself, and he did. I looked at my fiancee, she was looking down. Why was she not saying anything? My fiancee, Bisi stood up and ran out of the office.

I cheated on my fiance and he found out. Yes, it hurts

I asked how the hell she could have gotten pregnant, we haven’t had sex in a little over two months. 

I racked my brain but I could not come up with any other conclusion than the fact that I was not the father. Has my fiancee been cheating on me?

I cheated on my fiance and he found out/Pinterest pin/mildstrings

I went home and met my best man. I poured out to my best man and told him my fiancee was pregnant. My best man of his own volition confessed to sleeping with my fiancee.

For the first time in a long time, I felt blinding rage. I wanted to beat Ayo, my best man but I reasoned he was not worth it. He has been screwing my fiancee behind me.

I ordered him out of my house and in a little more than an hour, my best man was out of the house.

I cheated on my fiance and he found out. Have mercy

 I sank into the chair and cried.I sensed someone coming through the door. I opened my eyes and it was my fiancee. She was already on her knees begging

“Baby please, please forgive me. I didn’t meant for it to happen”.

I am on my knees frantically begging my fiance, he was not looking at me and it was dangerous. He has to accept my apology, he has to forgive me, and we have to get married else, I will be the laughing stock of many people. If the wedding does not hold, I would never be able to live down the shame

I had gotten myself into the worst trouble of my life and it was all due to my lack of self-control.

I loved Kunle, he is the best thing that ever happened to me and I had to go flop it by sleeping with his friend. Whatever I felt then must be gone now because all I wanted was Kunle.

A basket of shame

Kunle just picked me up and dropped me outside his house. I knew it was over for me. The wedding was called off and the news spread fast, people were talking and I became a laughing stock.

I had to move to another state. 

My parents were ashamed of my behavior but insisted I carried the baby full term.

It’s been four years and I have not met a man who holds a candle to KUNLE. He got married last two years and I stalked his wedding with my fake social media accounts, he blocked me on all social media platforms.

I have laid my bed now I have to lie on it.


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